Sweetest Hubby!!

I just want to take a few minutes and talk about my husband and how much I appreciate it. He is the sweetest most genuine man in this entire world. He grew up on a farm and loves the simple things in life. I grew up in the city and have to always be hustling and bustling everywhere! Since the day I met him I knew he was my hero, best friend, and the love of my life! Ryan has learned alot in his 21 years of existence and I want him to know how much I look up to him for overcoming everything he has had against him. Because of this I believe he strives to be a better husband and someday will be the best dad our kids could every have!! He is the definition of perfection. He might not have all the money in the world but he has all the love to give to me and that is all I need!! Thinking back it seems like yesterday I walked down the aisle to him! He gives me more then I could ever ask for!! We have a ton of memories ahead and cannot wait until we are on our 54th wedding anniversary like his grandparents are today! Congrats gma and gpa Barras!!

My Birthday Present!!

I finaLLy finaLLy got my puppy!!! I have been begging Ry since the day we signed on our house if we could get a puppy!! I wanted a yorkshire terrier for our inside dog and a bLue heeLer for our outside dog!! Friday Ry called me and said "Hey hurry home from work we are going to pick up a puppy!!" I was ecstatic!!!! Seriously she is the cutest most playful thing ever!! She is a bLue heeLer border coLLie mix and we love her to death!! I am so excited everything is finaLLy coming into place for us!!!