25 Weeks!

I know I have rocked sucked at doing these bump post! The last one I did I was 21 weeks, seriously where is time going? Krew will be here before we freaking know it and we will finally be celebrating our Christmas as a family of 3! ::squee::

(not my best looking picture to date)

How far along? 24 W 5 D
Size of Baby? Eggplant (9 in. 1.7lb)

Maternity clothes? Yes I just went with my mom last night and bought another pair of pants and a top! I am trying to avoid buying anything but my mother always snaps me back to reality.
Weight Gain? 13 pounds!
Stretch marks? None yet, I am getting itchy though!

 Sleep: The past 2 weeks has been SO good! I've been so busy that I crash at night!
 Best moment this week:  We have a birth class tomorrow & I am meeting with the baby shower coordinator Thursday with my mom and sis! Oh, and we are picking up our crib Saturday!!
Miss Anything? Lately I am feeling lucky to carry an healthy baby boy.
Movement: Oh yes, more and more I am starting to notice his sleep pattern and what kind of food makes him go cray!
Food cravings: Cold cereal, Cheese, Mexican Food, and veggies! REALLY trying to make healthy choices. Also, I'm loving cold milk I usually hate milk.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still red meat, I don't think I will ever eat it again after doing some research about the pros & cons of it. Ew.
Gender: BOY!!!

Labor Signs: I had part of my mucous plug come out in the bath tub the other night so I called the on call doctor because it terrified me and she said it can me from multiple things and if I had any cramping, contractions, or bleeding to go in but I should be fine it usually "re creates" itself before delivery. t.m.i doc!
Symptoms: Headaches are coming again, I'm just as exhausted as I was in the 1st tri and my belly is itchy!!

Belly Button in or out? I bet it comes out in the next 2 weeks or so!
Mood: Excited!!


Nursery Update

Krew is one spoiled little man already! The husband and I have been so busy prepping and painting his nursery! It's all we have done the past couple weeks! I love it, I love the time I get to spend with my huzzy while we prepare for this special time. Just the 2 of us. We have been so grateful to have my mom and dad and Ryans "second parents". They have helped us out so much in putting my vision into this little room that a sweet precious baby boy is about to inhabit! Eek 3 months or less and it's so crazy to me I still have so much to do and I'm hoping to have it done by the 1st of October because huzzy leaves for hunting and I don't want to use my dad to my advantage if I don't have too! Although I know he is willing to do whatever. Okay, enough of my ramblings let me show you what's been going on in the Barras household!

Our first project was converting this old dresser of Ryans into a "brand new" one for Krew!

We really did have so much fun doing this together! I have to give huzzy all the painting props he is so detail oriented and it turned out perfect! Not to toot my own horn or anything ::toot toot:: but the whale and block letters look so good!!

The next project was a blue accent wall to try to give a little bit of a boy/ocean theme

At first it was darker then I was hoping it would be but once we painted the other 2 walls from brown to white it faded into a perfect blue color!! At this point I'm really seeing everything come together!

On Sunday Ryan and his "dad' painted a grey and white striped wall! In the beginning I wanted chevron but figured everyone and their mom was doing chevron so I stuck to basic horizontal stripes!
(it looks brown in this picture for some reason but it's a dark grey)

We have a few things left to do such as:
Paint side table
Paint the base boards
Re-Paint the door
Hang a closet door
DEEP clean the shit out of the room (nesting?)
Put the crib up
Settle on bedding
Find a valance/curtain
Pick out and purchase glider
Find lamp
Settle on some whale wall art huzzy and I can agree on
Put the crib up (it came in yesterday!!)
Wash bedding
Start washing baby clothes
Have my baby shower
Pack hospital bag

I am sure there are a million things I am missing and when they pop in my head I really need to start writing them down! I am having a deep cleaner come in for the whole house in October while Ryan is gone hunting then after that I am kicking my feet up and waiting for this little mans arrival!

My mom and dad were SO SO nice in buying us the car seat and bassinet. I've had my eye on this car seat/stroller combo set for quite sometime and it's been back ordered everywhere so when mom and I found them separately for a little more my mom wanted to make sure her baby girl had the car seat she wanted so she picked it up for us! Also, they bought us a precious little bassinet which fits perfect on my side of the bed in the corner! (god bless thier souls)

I love it all! I must say the Britax car seat looks pretty slick in my Benzie! No doubt Krew will be the most hip kid out there! ::swagg::

Ryan has been working night shifts the past 2 nights so I promise to have a bump picture/update tomorrow!


Sunday Social

Linking up this beautiful Sunday for SS with Ashley and Neely!!
1. What is your dream job?
I have always dreamt about owning lots of property and rescuing dogs. I hate the thought of homeless animals. Especially dogs, they are human like in so many ways! I would give them the vet care they need, food, water, stability, play time, and of course the opportunity for adoption! I'd be a non-euthanasia ran animal shelter if you would! Hopefully one day huzzy and I can still make this possible. I think I need to put my love for dogs to good use! We will see what happens but this isn't out of the question!

2. If you had just won the lottery and didn't need to work for money, what would you do with your time?
This goes back up to question number 1. I'd own my own shelter and play with all of the dogs all day. Of course I'd donate A LOT of my winnings to the homeless shelters and the poor and needy but my time would be for saving dogs. Giving them a new chance at a wonderful life!

3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was just a little little kid I wanted to be a marine biologist. I grew up and realized how terrified of the ocean I was. So I changed my mind to being a trainer at SeaWorld. You cant' tell me this doesn't look fun:

4. What piece career advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field?
For fuck sake don't? Kidding.. I'm not really sure some days I still don't have old enough to say I have a "career" but I guess I do. I have a great job with wonderful people, of course we all have our days so the piece of career advice I would give is to not take things so seriously. We are human and we all make mistakes, take your time and put 110% into everyday. If you've done that you can go home feeling accomplished and start again the next day. Take it a day at a time and don't be so hard on yourself. Plus working with all men is not half bad either. testosterone>estrogen.

5. What are your biggest pet peeves in life, blogging, or at work?
Jesus Christ I will be here all day. I'm going to list my 3 biggest pet peeves.
1. People with NO table manners.
2. Listening to other people chew/breathe.
3. Excuses.

6. What are your biggest fears?
I like to think of myself as a pretty "fearless" person. Although, I hate change and I hate failure. Those 2 things make me cringe thinking about them.

iPhone Photo Dump

We have been so busy lately with the nursery, and just life! I love it though husbear and I are taking the time we have together and using it to our full advantage. It's not that I don't want to hang out with anyone or do anything anymore I'm just really soaking in the last few months I have of it just being Ryan and I. I will have to share my husband soon, I'm not a sharer. Of course Krew can have his daddy all to himself once he makes his arrival, I'm trying to soak in the attention I am getting being the "cute pregnant girl" because I know as soon as my baby boy makes his mark I will no longer be the center of the universe. Hey, that's okay but for now I'm sitting back and taking it all in! Here is a photo dump of our life lately! I REALLY need to do a bump post! So many new fun things happening! I'm strapped in and anxiously waiting for the next 3 exciting months of our lives!!

Finally I made his name out of wood blocks! Love love the way they turned out and they look SO good against his new restored white dresser! Hoping the crib comes in soon!

Oh, you bet your ass I made this mustache too. We can't get enough! (;

We are painting the grey and white striped wall this weekend! I will be back with a bump post and nursery update next week! For now, I am kicking my feet back kicking this Friday work days ass then going home to my husband to relish in his goodness!!


Friday's Letters

Dear Friday,
Thank you for showing your sweet face today! I couldn't have asked for a better time for you to come! I'm done with the month of July & so ready for the fun of August!! I love you.

Dear Husbear,
Seriously you are amaze.balls. This little thing you did here
Looks so damn good! You looked pretty good doing it to! Thanks for all of the hard work and dedication you have put into our baby boys little room lately! Him and I appreciate it more then you know and your amazing daddiness is already shining through. I am so blessed to have you in my life and sharing this journey with you! Reminder, our anniversary is at the end of next month! (;

Dear Krew baby,
Your new thing is jumping on my bladder when it is FULL! It's not cool, I love you but not my bladder! We get to see you via ultrasound 3D in about 2 weeks and I can't wait to see your hopefully chunky little face! Grandma and Grandpa are getting more and more excited! I'm so anxious to spend our very first Christmas together as a wonderful family. Me, you, daddy, Chewy, & Gus Gus!!

Dear Mom & Dad,
We fight, we argue, well we argue a lot but we are fighting to stay a family. For that I will fight till death, we don't always agree but we do agree to disagree. I love you both more then words could ever express. You have done so much for Ryan, Krew, and I and we are so grateful and appreciative. Also, get ready for round 2 of mini Sarah! (; Mua ha ha

Dear Olympics,
Seriously been waiting for you since Beijing. I have high hopes for my good ol' USA Track & Field Team to pull through for me! Tyson Gay, Allyson Felix and the men and women's 4X100 relays!!

Dear God,
You have blessed me beyond anything I could have ever hoped for. Thank you.

Product Review Part II

Where did I leave off? Oh, right the most important ritual of my morning/night routine! Moisturize!

Once I have a good moisture on my face I switch over to my "war paint aka: face makeup". I don't feel like I use A TON of makeup products but I do use enough to cover up old acne scars! (i hate you 14 yr old self)

Back to Neutrogena of course, I use this concealer just on my under eyes. My whole life I have had really dark bags no matter how much sleep I get or how much water is in my system. It's my beauty curse but whatever this shit helps!

Derma-Blend- one of my girlfrans mentioned to me how much this helped cover up her past scars and acne and told me I had to get it! I bought the small tube last year and still have quite a bit left! It's awesome, in the Summer it kind of sucks because my face is EXTRA oily and all but it still works better then most. It's kinda $$ but a little goes a looong way!!

I then cover all that up with Clinique powder in Stay Golden. I swear by this stuff, I have been wearing it since 7th grade or so and it is my favorite ever! Whenever I try to switch to something cheaper I break the F out so I just keep to this simple $23 powder. If you haven't tried it. Go Now.

I use this from E.L.F in bliss. My BFF got it for me on birthday and I love it! I am slowly running out so I need to go get more! Luckily the Target here in SL has lots of E.L.F products because I am hooked! It gives a nice pink hue without looking like a clown!

ANOTHER e.l.f product that I was recently introduced too that I love. I spray it on after all of my base makeup is on and before I put mascara on because I squint my eyes like a baby and don't want to look like a clown afterwards. It smells good and so far has not made me breakout. I'd say it helps keep my makeup on average about 2 hours longer! I will take it!

Mascara Mascara, I am in a war between 2:

I love love love the Maybelline One by One. It's perfect for day time, it helps volumize and lengthen my lashes. However, the down fall is after about 9 p.m it starts to flake. Given on the week nights I have my makeup washed off way before then but the weekends SUCK!!

&& my dearest Clinque. Again, it's hard for me to fork out $16 for a mascara but this shit is good. Every time I put the money out for it I LOVE it and tell myself I need to stick to it. It lasts at least 4 months so it's well worth the investment. Now that I think about it that's my favorite kind.

bomb.com right there. it's water resistant so it's perfect for my weirdly overly oil eyelids! i love love love it. i can't say enough good things about it, and since it is water resistant it is still pretty easy to take off! you cant' go wrong with this stuff!

Those are my basics, sometimes I will wear some eye shadow but I have to have the time to put it on. I hate bad eye shadow jobs. When I do wear it it's usually a neutral brown, gold, MAYBE black. Depends on my mood. Any recommendations from your part would be fabulous!! I love hearing reviews on makeup that is out on the market!!



As I sit here and type up this post I am waiting for my sweet husband to come home. He has been gone all day with my nephew at Scout Camp. How cute is this picture of those 2 in their matching Boise State Hats?
Now he is helping one of his buddies from work move some couches because he has a broken hand. Such a kind, selfless man I tell you! He is going to be 1 amazing daddy! I can't wait to see him and his son grow together!

You're probably wondering why I haven't blogged in over a week ::FAIL:: & probably wondering a little about the title of this blog post & my Grandma is the main reason. The family of the past, the family that deserted her when she needed them the most. I know I was there and I know deep down in my heart how proud of me she is. Some people aren't able to live with themselves and some people have no clue what really happened. Therefore I feel very;

capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt, as by a weapon: a vulnerable part of the body.
open to moral attack, criticism, temptation,
Yes, with my blog not being private I am feeling VERY vulnerable. I never discuss my family much on this blog because it is such a sensitive subject, I hide behind most of my real feelings about it. I'm not going to anymore especially on such a deep hidden feeling that I keep so secure to me. Not a lot of people know how special of a bond my Grandmother & I had. It's indescribable, not a lot of people really "get it", maybe that's why I don't talk about, I don't talk about it because I get so god damn emotional, I feel so cheated why did God have to take that 1 woman out of my life? That one so dear and so BIG to me? Why? It will be 5 years next month since she passed; and the feelings are still raw, the wound is still so fresh. Poor some vinegar into it and it stings like hell, I defend and will fight for her till the end of my life. Not a day goes by, some days not even an hour goes by when I don't think of her. When a glimpse of her smiling face doesn't appear in my head. More so now that I am pregnant I feel so close to her spiritually it's almost weird. I feel sad, grateful and happy for the memories, and most of all the want for her approval; which I know I will internally get but never really hear from her until the day we meet again. Okay, now that I just spilled my guts on the most sensitive subject in my life on the world wide web I don't feel better but I do feel as though I want to look back on this time in my life and really soak it in.
I have a "stalker" per say. Yes, a real life person who is out to get me. Out to try to say every hurtful thing in the book about me and my family. It's not okay with me, I have done everything in my power to keep myself far away from her. Blocked her off Facebook, and my husbands. (pathetic?) Blocked her number from texting me, blocked her off Instagram, there is just 1 thing left. This blog. I can't block her and I don't feel as though it is fair to me to make my whole blog private. I have been blogging for almost 4 years now. Why change that because someone doesn't like me? Well I'm not. I am going to continue to "do my thang". Despite her angry, aggressive, sick ways. She is probably reading this now. I hope she is. I have nothing to say to her, I mean her no will ill. Just wish she would leave me alone!! Now that I am starting a family and bringing something so delicate and tender into this world I have no time for people trying to bring me down. I won't tolerate it and thus why I feel vulnerable. I'm pregnant and need to stay sane, safe, and calm for my little one. This being sad after taking sometime to think about this blog I have decided to continue doing this, I will be back Monday with my regular blog posts and part 2 of my product review! I wish you all a wonderful happy & safe weekend! We are praying for those whom lost their lives in the tragic incident in Colorado and pray their family makes it through this rough

Product Review Part I

I love me some makeup, too much makeup, too much nailpolish, too much hair products. So I am going to do a product review and narrow a few of my favorites of each down! I love reading these on other peoples blogs to see what they do and don't like. I have even taken a few of your opinions and put them to use myself! So strap in and hold on!

I am a neutrogena whore. I have been since my breakouts starting in junior high. Their products just work for me. So I have stuck to this baby for ages now. I use the mask once a week and the cleanser every day. I have extremely oily skin so no matter how many times I wash my face, use lotion, use blotting pads etc. Nothing seems to work but this stuff!

Who doesn't love some burt's bees? I picked this baby up at Target about 5 months ago, I used it all gone then bought more about 2 months after and THEN barely bought some again and every time I use it after it's been awhile I slap myself for not sticking to just buying this and using it. It's a gentle exfoliate that I do use everyday. I love everything about it especially that it has a lot of natural products in it. Don't let the "citrus" name fool you it smells more like a pumpkin pie but that's okay with me because I love it that much. Even with the $8 price tag.

My mom got me into Clinque when I was in high school. Which was good because her and my dad still paid for all of my things, but now that I am on my own. Not so good because I am hooked. It is the only lotion, toner, and powder that I can use without breaking out everywhere.

I use this a lot in the winter time when my skin isn't as OILY because of the sun melting my makeup onto my face. I just use a cotton ball and sweep it all over my face and always feel so refreshed after. Sometimes I'm surprised at how much  "extra" chunk is left on my face too! Blech!
There are no words to explain how great this shiz is. It doesn't leave EXTRA oil on my skin and it's really light weight for winter and summer. I use to be hooked on Cetaphil but as my acne has toned down a bit since high school I have switched and won't go back!

Here is what I use before I put ANY makeup on my face. It is my routine and has been my routine for quite sometime. Other then the burts bees once I start using it I shouldn't stop. I have always had really poor skin so once I find stuff that I like and that works I don't go back. Any suggestions or comments on this post are more then welcome! I am always so willing to try new things!!


21 weeks!!

How far along: 
21 weeks!!
How big is baby: 
The size of a spaghettie squash! (8in, 1LB)
Total weight gain: 
12ish LBS
Maternity clothes: 
Just a few bottoms! I can still fit into a lot of my old tops! I am already planning my shopping spree for after baby weight loss!!
Some nights are good and some are bad! I wake up with the sorest hips though!!
Best moment of the week: 
FINALLY getting hubby on board for the nursery!!
Food cravings: 
Mexican food. I think I am going to give birth to a freaking smothered burrito with cheese and onions.
Food aversions: 
Red Meat. Blech.
Cramping, Hip soreness, Headaches
He knows when mama wants to relax! He starts his tae kwon do practices then.
sweetest baby BOY!!
What I’m looking forward to: 
giving birth? okay and my baby shower! (:
What I miss: 
nothing, feeling so very blessed!
Next appt: 
July 19th!

Friday's Letters

Dear Krew,
We are a mere 4 months away from meeting each other. I can't tell you the excitement dad and I are holding inside of us! Our 1st Christmas as a family of 3 is sure to be one to remember! It's still hard for me to believe I will have someone to dedicate 110% of my life too but I am ready now more then ever! Can't wait to be your favorite mama on the sidelines at your football games! xoxo

Dear Husband,
You're my rock. You deserve a whole blog post on your own, everything about you I love. Krew is going to fall so instantly in love with you just as I have! Until he makes his arrival let's live this shit up!!

Dear Puppy Dogs,
Sad sad day when Krew comes. I want to spend all of my time with you but I don't want to all at the same time. You will need to get use to not having all of mamas attention. Please adjust well and nicely so we may all be a happy family. Or else your mutt butts will have to go outside or to Grammys. Never forget how much I do love you.

Dear Niece&Nephews,
I haven't seen your baby butts since Monday. I miss you to say the least. Please remember me when you come home. I will even bring treats. Can't wait to kiss your cheeks!

Dear workweek,
Thanks for being a pain in my royal ass! Having Weds off made yesterday seem like a Monday, and now that it's really Friday I need a friggin' break and a drink! Dayum.

Dear BSU Season,
Make your appearance whenever! Can't wait for our 4 day vacation & to see you stomp BYU real hard!


Photo Dump

What's better then a photo dump? Seriously though.

I have left a lot out of my blog the past couple weeks so I am going to try my best to re-cap through an iPhone photo dump. I never thought I would use my phone as my only camera but I very rarely use my digital anymore. Boo hoo

pretty much nailed the "hair bow" at work one day. yep at work.

babysat this sweet little boy while at work. i promise i do actually work.
GNO out with my bump (below)

We ate, we've shopped, we've picked out nursery colors only to change them!
Saw Magic Mike with my best girlfrans/sisters

Watched fireworks, Swam, Hiked, & have been enjoying SUMMER!!

4th of July

I can't believe it is the 4th of July. Wasn't it just Easter? My life is flashing before my eyes and baby boy is going to be here before we know it! I had a wonderful day yesterday and finished off with quite the tan, ::throws confetti::. I worked an easy peasy 1/2 day work then rushed home to swim with my huzzy & his BFF. It was so hot and I was starting to think I was getting a little bit of heat rash on my leg so we only stayed about 2 hours, huzzy and I went home and took a wonderful nap! We had a bbq with my parents and finished off the night with fireworks with my work fam! As if I don't see any of them enough we all decide to hang out in our spare time. Call us crazy!