Credit Card Debt & Baby Talk!

Okay okay... I have cracked I am so friggen' baby hungry!! Seriously if I open my mouth about baby stuff one more time hubs may just go bonkers! Let me just give you a little background on how this has all hit me SO hard... Of course my niece and nephew do not help any they are the cutest little things with the biggest hearts that are always open for love it's so touching and I swear my niece and I are going to be best friends when she gets older I just love and cherish that little gal more then anyone knows I think she is the one that has helped bring out my motherly instinct which is such a good thing because I was beginning to wonder if I had one... I mean come on look at this face....

So so precious I love her more then she will ever ever know! GEEZEERS!! I can't freaking believe that I have NOT mentioned our best friends had their baby on January 27th weighing in at 8 pds and 9 oz he is so freaking precious and is a spitting image of his dad! Take a loooky:

Your drooling right? I am! Okay okay.... off of my bragging box now it all started out in Tarjayy... yes that damn store! If it doesn't get my bank account it gets my freaking emotions going I mean really ladies do any of us go to Target and not look through the baby section I DON'T!! So hubs and I were in there a couple nights ago doing some exchanges and bummin' and of course I had to stop in the baby clothes aisle to look at outfits for both of the babies in my life! As we came across the diaper section husband wanted to just look to see what the cost monthly would be.. then we moved to formula.. then we moved to the BIG stuff like cribs, strollers, bassinets... all that good stuff! Now before I go any further I must stop and say that husband has NEVER been the type to bring up baby talk he is not a fan of the thought of having babies nor as he ever approached me with some sort of plan or anything, given we talked about having kids before we got married and we both decided on at least 4 or 5 years from now... BUT since we have had such adoring babies in our lives lately it's hard not to think about it so... he hugged me around the waist and told me "I want you to know I wouldn't mind having babies with you right now" OMG my heart fluttered and I almost dropped to my knees, that was a true weak in the knees from your prince charming moment!! So we got home and talked about it a little more and of course a rain cloud came over me as husband told me that he just doesn't feel financially save with TTC yet! Okay woah woah woah hold up here... you just told me one thing but you really mean another? Way to piss me off Barras! Of course there was a little but of an argument and maybe even a night of going to bed without saying good night to each other... bad I know!!

The next day at work I seemed to be in such a funk and I think R caught onto that too! Luckily my best friend was there to talk me through things and my sister in law gave me a lot of advice! Of course I just don't want to have babies because all of my friends and family are I want to have kids because husband and I are truly ready for them and truly ready to devote the next 20 plus years to them and give them everything that we were so grateful to have! Moving right along with the story sister in law and I were going through this on Friday..

Husband doesn't believe in it but after telling him that we looked at EVERYONE we knows... he started to look and chart ours... now I wasn't getting my hopes up too high but I did get into it a little so here is our plan and please please please give me your thoughts and opinions and things that you wish you would have done or things you would have done differently!

Summer 2011- We are going to get a new roof, sprinkler and sod our backyard, get a new cement patio, patio set, fire pit, all the works.

Fall 2011- We want to do a tiny bit of remodeling to our kitchen, get carpet in our 3 bedrooms, stain and polish our wood floors, Go on a cruise, and save for Christmas and have our first appointment with my OB and discuss our options and get a good solid plan on the baby makin! (;

Spring 2012- I will get off my birth control as advised by my doc and I will start tracking my cycles.. I feel like this is going to be hard for me since I have always been so athletic and haven't ever really had a method of tracking because they are sooo sporadic! We also plan on having husbands truck paid off by mid Summer!

We are going to try and shoot for the Sept, Oct, Nov months of my 23rd year so we may hopefully get a BOY!! I think if we have the truck paid off or at least close we could maybe shoot for the month of July! Maybe that's just wishful thinking!! Please share your thoughts on this with me! If you can't tell I am pretty antsy and excited!!

Oh, & I must share that as of today we are 95% out of our credit card debt!! When we got married we were in about $11,000 in debt... now today we are in $3,000 in just 2 short years we have knocked the debt out of our lives and it's such a refresher! I love the feeling!

I just want to take a moment to thank my wonderful loving and LOGICAL husband for wanting to give me and our future children the whole world and every little detail that comes with it! I know I will never have to go without! I love him so much!!

If your still reading this thanks for sticking around haha and share your comments!! (:

Happy Monday!

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R's birthday & wife of the year

Hi again!
Yep I am back with ANOTHER blog post for today! Go Me! This blogpress is really easy to work which benefits you all because you get to read my blog all day! (; So on to Ry's birthday/month! My family has always made such a big deal out of birthday and I love it! Husband isn't as use to it as I am but we literally have like birthday months we try to drag it out was much as possible.. I mean you only live once right? You only turn 23 once right? Yep! So I planned on doing steak sammies with my family and husbands 2 sisters at our house the Sunday before his birthday he has always had steak sandwiches on his birthday and even though they aren't my favorite I cook them... well more like try to cook them I do get all of the bomb presents and birthday cakes though! This year I got him some new cologne, a binocular harness/carrying case for his new binos I bought him for Christmas and also I signed him up for his concealed weapons class that he has been wanting to take forever, and with all of these new shootings going on I didn't think it would be such a bad idea either! So I gave him his cologne on the Sunday we had family over I was awfully bad at taking pictures that night but I was able to get a picture of his yummy "blue & orange" cake. For those of you in the Salt Lake area I HIGHLY recommend Schmidts Bakery for all of your baking needs! I have ALWAYS had their birthday cakes I don't think I can remember a birthday that I haven't enjoined one.. a whole one!

Here is a picture of husbands 2 favorite presents!

We went to Olive Garden on Monday the 3rd which is his actual birthday it was so yummy I love that place! At dinner I gave him a sweet card with his concealed class ticket in it!! He was so shocked that I remembered he wanted to take it!

That next Saturday we got all of our closest friends and family and we went out for dinner to a restaurant called Desert Edge Brewery or as my family calls it The Pub.. my parents have been going there for years so they are basically VIP. My mom and dad rented out the top part of the restaurant for us all to sit so we weren't bothering the other eaters and had a whole spot to ourselves!

Before we went to the restaurant we went and picked up ANOTHER birthday cake for R this one was the and it helped me get rewarded for Wife of the Year.. I mean we were only a week into the New Year and I already got that award... Am I amazing or what? Check out the cake!!

Boise State? Who would have ever guessed? It's pretty awesome isn't it? R loved loved loved it and it didn't taste too bad either! (:

I hope he had an amazing birthday he deserves the world and is so good to me, his sisters, and my family. I love him so much and cannot shower him with gifts enough to show him my love and appreciation!

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A not so secret obsession!

Sorry I have been SO MIA lately! I do have good excuses though I promise.. I have been working my freaking bootie off at work it's crazy I don't think I have ever worked so hard in my life!! We are moving into a brand new building so I have been busy helping with that and trying to have the move go as smooth as possible along with training like 3 new receptionist all this week! I am being rewarded with a NICE bonus that is coming just in time for summer though! I have my pretty little blue eyes set on this...

It's beyond gorg (gorgeous) right? Yes, I know I have AMAZING taste. If I do indeed decide to break down and buy this it will take my WHOLE bonus which I am totally completely fine with and back in my teen lifeguarding days I would not even be posting a decision making post about it because I'd already be carrying it around my dainty little arm.... BUT now that I am older, and maybe a little but more wiser it's getting harder for me to be okay with dropping $400 on a bag! I know when I told my dad this he asked me if I was sick? I think he though his daughter and gotten kidnapped and replaced with a more modest gal.. I mean come on $400 can buy me ALOT of cute summer clothes, shoes, and jewelry! So I guess after this weekend we will see if I ran to my local Nordstrom to pick it up! I am leaning more towards NO since my birthday is 2 months away and I may just get lucky enough that hubs will remember and buy it for me... if your reading this R I BETTER get this for my birthday!! Hence my blog title of the blog I have an OBSESSION for designer purses it's sick and wrong!

Along with the following:

This bike! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I even want to get a little front basket put on for my puggy so we may ride around everywhere together! I already plan on taking my heeler with me when I go on Summer bike rides! Luckily my parents house is pretty close so we can take a ride there and back in the mornings! This makes me that much more anxious for Summer!

Yep, you guessed it I am a Utah Jazz fan.. or more like Deron Williams fan... (hey, boy hey!) So I want to get one of the real jerseys to wear to the games and on game days! I think I could sport it pretty well if I must say so myself! (;

Last but certainly not least I want this...

The Droid Incredible! I am eligible for an upgrade in March so I'm planning on forking out the extra $200 for the droid. Since I am with Verizon I considered getting the iphone but I just cant pass up all of the good reviews on the droid and how fast it is compared to the other smart phones on the market!!

I feel kinda bad as I sit here and post this because I was suppose to post all about husbands birthday that was a month ago before I started posting about mine... but I PROMISE that is the next post... I purchased the blogger app for my ipad so I plan on blogging a lot more as soon as work slows down! I hope you all are having a fabulous week today is my Thursday I plan on having a complete ME day on Friday.. nails, pedicure, tan, shopping ahhh I can't wait!! Well ta ta for now!

In regards to my cockiness please note that 85% of it is sarcasm! (: I'm not really that into myself!!
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Christmas 2010

This Christmas I seemed to be in the spirit a little bit more! I am usually the Grinch! We were so fortunate enough to be able to spend it with most of R's immediate family. His oldest sister, her husband, & my neice & nephew, my father in law, and R's youngest sister & her boyfriend, we were only missing 2 so all in all I'd say that was a success!
We had a yummy dinner of filet minogn (spelling?), jumbo breaded shrimp, garlic potatoes, carrots, veggie tray, malibu & coke errr..., cheesecake, & bread! We went ALL freaking out it was so yummy yummy in my tummy too!!

N & I

I think this is our 3rd year doing jam jams on Christmas Eve! It's a tradition I cant' wait to share with my future babies! Here is my play kiddies for now!
We had a really chill & relaxed New Years, and I was in bed by 12:15 Grandma ish... Kinda? I'm going to try and post husbands birthday parties.. (yes plural) tomorrow! I had an awesome Boise State cake ::shocking:: made for him so maybe I will want to show you it so bad it will make me post!! Have a good Thursday! (:

Viva Las Vegas Baby!!

As I stated in a couple posts back R's birthday is just 8 days after Christmas so it is SUPER hard for me to come up with presents/ideas for him! I figured since Bootah & Boise were playing in the Maaco Bowl Game just a few hours away that I would buy him tickets and we could spend a couple days in Vegas for Christmas and a little bit of his birthday present! Well needless to say it was probably one of the most memorable Christmas' for both of us! We had SO much fun, it was cold but we weren't going to let anything rain on our parade. ::no pun intended:: We weren't supposed to leave until Wednesday morning but since it had been such bad weather and the "whole southern" part of Utah was flooding we figured we would rather be safe then sorry and try and at least make half the drive to St. George so we left Tuesday night as I got off of work! I am so glad we did we were both feeling up to the last 2 hour drive to Vegas so we made it in around midnight our time but 11 o clock theirs so we still had plenty of time to walk the strip. OMG such a bad lousy idea to go walk the strip in our Boise apparel though EVERY SINGLE Utah fan had something to say about Boise State.... because they knew they were going to get their asses handed to them so all they could manage to do was talk crap! It was pretty typical but I had no idea that it would be as bad as it was. Like grow up a little bit Utah fans and lay off the sauce! ;)
 After we walked the strip till 3 in the morning and my Coach shoes were ruined :( ::boo!:: we headed back to the hotel room for some shut eye! (yes, I made it past 10:00 people! Goooo ME!!) Anyways, R was up at the crack of dawn like usual so I figured I'd get up so we could have breakfast and hit up Ceasars Palace!
We walked the strip for quite awhile but we didn't do any serious shopping we did get my neice some CUTE M&M socks and my nephew a bag of Boise colored M&M's! We headed back to our hotel and got all ready and bundled for the game!

Our Boise car flags!

The rain stopped just in time for the game it was so perfect and the look in my husbands eye was priceless! It was nice to see that all of my stress and planning for the trip paid off!!
We were ALL decked out in our Boise gear of course!

This is a panaroma view I took on my sweet new camera from husbear!

Throwin up #1

Most of the Ute fans were leaving 3rd Quarter! Way to stand behind your team Utes!

After the game we were planning on cutting out early to try and beat traffic WELL after much convincing I pulled hubbs with me so we could storm the field! We mains well make the best of it since we went and spent $$$ on the tickets!

The team & cheerleaders storming the field!!

Billy with the Bowl Game trophy!

R with the cheerleadas!

I think after this picture R was SO happy that I drug him onto the field! This is #17 Winston Venable... just so happens that he is husbands favorite player!! ::Best Wife 2010 award::

I had such a fun time on this trip, even though it was short I am so glad we were able to make it down, I know hubbs had a great time and that's all that really mattered to me! I love having him all to myself! (: We left late afternoon the next day to meet up with my cousin and her husband in St. George for lunch, we had to make it back for Christmas Eve or I could have stayed another night in St. Geezyy it's beautiful!


Trying out my new ZaggMate! Check it out at! Happy Wedsnesday!


Yeah you guessed it.......

Bahaha I'm totally freaking kidding you but I'm sure a lot of you believed and fell into the whole::omg is this selfish brat really serious 2 kids at once:: category, thanks bitches! Anyways... I just need you mommies opinion on 1 thing that has been eating away at me since I turned 21 and now that hubs and I are 2 paychecks away from being out of debt I have seriously been considering it a lot more so I need major mommy advice! I am thinking about getting my boobs done!! After getting a few opinions from my family and some close friends I have put it off for almost a year mow since I was planning on getting them for my 21st birthday BUT at some point in my life maybe when I become a little less selfish about my self I want to have lil chitlens so.... Should I wait to have them done till after we are done having kids or should I just go ahead with it? I feel like I should just go ahead with it since we are still at least 4 years out from having babies and can plan on getting them redone after were done and around my 30th birthday! Give me your honest opinions and for those of you mamas that have them let me know if you still love em or regret em!! I will be back tonight with all sorts of fun updates!!(: