15 months

Finally I am getting around to blogging about Krew! Saturday we had his 15 month appointment and boy has he grown!!
(okay ya'll he seriously hates the doctors office)

I am sure by now you are wondering what the green and black glove is on his hand. It's a compression glove and he has to wear it because he burnt his hand (3rd degree) on a candle. I am going to try to compose a blog post just appointments and surgery. 

16 months has FLOWN by. Krew is so healthy and happy and smart! He weighs 21 pounds and is in the 8th percentile for his weight. The doctor told us we needed to try to up his daily caloric intake with whole milk. He is 30 inches tall which places him in the 25th percentile for his height. He is just our tiny dude!

He is talking so so much. He says so many things: mama, dad, maaa (for Grandma) hi, bye, Aunt Dan (for my sister), Ahoy, Jake, Gus, Please, Thank you, George (his BFF at his nannies), car, truck, socks, shoes, outside. & I am sure I am missing some.

He is walking around like a CRAZY man! He doesn't walk he RUNS!! He will hold his middle finger up when you ask him how old he is, and he can bring you both of his matching shoes, throw his diapers away, and LOVES to play outside in the dirt with his tonka trucks!

I feel like this is a total brag about my kid post but I don't even care. I am blown away by how big and smart he is. He gets more fun everyday and I am really looking forward to this Summer with him!

Here are some recent pictures that may or may not have hit my instagram feed. I will try to post more life updates, like our trip to Cali, we sold our house, Krews burn, our Summer plans, etc.
Krew helping his papa blow out candles on his birthday!