Friday's Letters

Dear Husband,
I had an amazing anniversary with you last night. Here is to many more years of bliss and raising our baby boy. I love you so much!

Dear Sunrise,
You made my 7 AM drive to work a little bit sweeter on this Friday! It was nice to see you, I don't remember the last time I was outside around dawn! It was gorg.
Dear Mom & Sissy,
I am real excited for my baby shower tomorrow and can't express my appreciation enough. Thank you for always being here for me and truly being my best friends through thick and thin. Together we could own the world.
Dear Boise State Football Season,
Thank you for being here but it's not cool to take so much of my husbands time. I do like football always have, but hubbs takes it too far sometimes. Still I'm excited to have you here and can't wait to take my little Krew man to his first game.
Dear Boss,
I have been craving f**king krispy kremes all damn week and you came to my rescue. Seriously you are heaven sent. Thanks for everything! A dozen just for my happy pregnant ass.
Dear 3 day weekend,
Move slow like a turtle. Or else.


4 years ago on this day, at this church the bells were ringing and I had no idea what my heart let alone rest of my life was in for. I just knew one thing, I loved the man that would be standing at the end of the aisle waiting to spend forever with me.

I'm such a lucky girl.

These past 4 years have been such a whirlwind and anything but easy; but I think that's what has made them so awesome and yet blissful. Through all of it we have grown much closer as a couple and we truly know who is and isn't here for us who we can and can't lean on in time of need. We have been so lucky and blessed since August 30th of 2008 we purchased our first home, raised two puppies into cute happy doggies, accomplished some home improvements, vacationed, celebrated holidays, found out we were expecting, and now are preparing for the biggest most exciting change in our books to date. I am so grateful to be sharing this journey hand in hand with my dear Ryan.

(top left our wedding, top right is our 1st anny, bottom left is our 2nd anny, and bottom right is our 3rd anny)
I love looking at the picture collage and seeing how much we have both changed for the better, to better our selves, and to better our marriage and our strength as husband and wife and now mother and father! I can't believe it has been 4 years yet I feel like I have spent eternity with this man and I wouldn't have it any other way! Through the good & the bad I have him by my side and nothing warms my heart more.
"I love you. I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I've ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours."

     "I guarantee that we'll have tough times. I guarantee that sooner or later one, or both of us will want to get out. But I also guarantee that if I don't ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life.. because I know in my heart you're the only one for me."
"And we are going to last, and you want to know how I know? Because I still wake up every morning and the first thing I want to do, is see your face."


28 Weeks!!

(i stopped doing my hair A LONG time ago)
How far along? 
28 Weeks!

 Total weight gain/loss: 
23ish pds! Husband recently went on a diet and bought a scale. I try to stay far away from it because I am already self conscious of my weight! I don't go to the doctor again until the 19th of Sept so I'm hoping to be able to stay on track till I hear from my doctor!

Sleep? What's that. If I can manage to stay asleep all night I am usually fine but the second I wake up to pee that's all she wrote! Everything from bad dreams, to anxiety, to leg cramps! Trying to avoid sleeping pills though!

 Best moment this week: 
I FINALLY found a dress that I feel confident in to wear to my baby shower on Saturday! Also, REAL excited for the Boise State vs. Michigan game!

My little man is an active guy already! Especially right before bed prepping mom for late nights! I can't wait!! I never did think I would say that though!

I'm trying to get better with my complaining! I am taking all the symptoms I can because this pregnancy is going to be over before I know it and I don't want to look back and miss it!

 Food cravings: 
Edamame, PB&J sammiches, Cake Batter

 Food aversions:
Red Meat

Labor Signs:
My braxton hicks have taken a back seat this past week!

Belly Button in or out?
It's 95% out!
What I miss:
Running, Drinking, Sleeping on my stomach, and wrestling with hubbs and my nephew!
What I am looking forward to:
The Boise State game Friday and my baby shower Saturday!!

Weekly Wisdom: 
Time is flying I am trying to stay cam and realize how BIG of a moment this is in my life I'm trying to enjoy everything!

I feel like every morning when I wake up is a milestone, for hell sakes I am growing a precious human inside of me! Each week I am closer and closer to meeting him and kissng his sweet face!

Friday's Letters

Dear Hormones,
First off calm your shit down. Secondly, don't take EVERYTHING out on husband he is only here to help. (sometimes) You're not welcome to linger until November.

Dear Krew,
I love love love you. You have given me a whole new aspect on life mama needed it, mama needs you!

Dear work boys,
Thanks for all of your encouragement and always putting a smile on my face when I need it. & a BIG thank you for dealing again with my raging hunger and crazy hormones! Love you all!

Dear Self,
Get a grip on them emotions. For realz. I must say though you're rockin the shit out of your new nerd glasses. Get it girl!

Dear Weekend,
PLEASE take your sweet time I would like to somewhat enjoy you and spend sometime with you. Thanks.


27 Weeks!!

(messy hair don't care, new nerd alert glasses, yes RX!)

How far along?
27 Weeks!
 Total weight gain/loss:
23 f**king pds!!
Sleep has been oh so good! Except when I wake up in a hot sweat from creepy baby dreams! I won't go into detail!
 Best moment this week:
I passed my glucose test! BUT my blood work came back anemic! Boo!
Oh little Krew man how you love to hang out in mamas right rib!
Frequent headaches still, and some soreness from him hanging low
 Food cravings:
Pancakes, Fresh Fruit, & Coke
 Food aversions:
Red Meat ew ew ew
Labor Signs:
Braxton Hicks usually after an active day
Belly Button in or out?
It's 95% out!
 What I miss:
Running & Drinking
 What I am looking forward to:
My baby shower in 2 weeks!
Weekly Wisdom:
It will all be okay!
Passing my glucose test and REALLY watching my hormones when it comes to hubbs I am trying to play nice!

Sunday Funday?

I am taking a break from my nesting self right now. I feel like hiding in a closet, maybe that will make all of my anxieties and fears go away. Some days I get SO overwhelmed with the thought of being a mother, adding a very wonderful title yet stressful thing to my "over achieving" agenda already. An amazing wife to my husband, the dog mama that my dogs deserve, a full time employee, a daughter, a sister, a friend and I do try my hardest to do all of these to my greatest ability. Sometimes I just get so caught up in the thought of having to do it ALL. Of course being a wife and mother are my first and foremost important priorities. It's just weird how quickly things change scary, weird, but good nonetheless. So now that I just spilled my heart on this Sunday I will get to my 3 amaze.balls products I recently and not so recently came across!

THIS Elf blush brush! There are not enough words to explain my love for this. It actually makes me want to buy the whole brush set by Elf. It is soft on my skin and fills in all of the right places. It is small enough to get my cheek bones where I really like to accentuate.

THIS bronzing powder by Elf again! I am so sad Summer is almost over because I usually put my bronzer away in the winter time! Seriously, you guys must run out and try this stuff! It is only $1 for christ sakes! On me it actually doesn't put on too much color just enough to give me a little bit of a sparkle hue! Love love it!!

Rimmel Lipstick in Pink Blush. My sissy introduced this to me last Summer and I still love it. I think it's pretty enough to be able to pull off all year long. You don't want to over do it on this or you will end up looking like a hooker with blue eyeshadow waiting for your sugar daddy. Anyways, this is my new fav it keeps my lips moisturized throughout the day and stays on for quite awhile!


New New New

I've had a revelation. A sweet I can't believe I didn't do this a longfuckingtime ago one, it has to do with the one thing I'm obsessed about.

My hair.

As per my fabulous best friend/miracle hair dresser I have STOPPED using hot tools on my hair. Straightener, curling iron, blow dryer completely! I've also cut my hair washing down to MAYBE 3 time a weeks. Call me gross I don't care I still shower daily. My hair has taken an amazing turn for the better just by not applying heat to it and keeping the natural oils in more. When I do wash it I swear by these products:
Paul Mitchell Super Strong Liquid Treatment. I spray it all over my hair when I get out of the shower, it sort of works as a detangler for me as well so I am not ripping my hair out with the hair brush.
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. I apply a small amount of this to my wet hair, but as soon as my hair air drys it is my best friend. I've always had super wavy kinda frizzy hair so once it's dry I add more of this and it puts in a sleek look to my hair. 

IF I add any heat to my hair I use this prior:
Paul Mitchell Hott off the Press. Basically I have devoted my life to Paul Mitchell himself I even have my hair done at this salon here in SLC where my BFF works. She has introduced me to a lot of new products that I never thought of using before. With less trims, heat, and more care my hair has strengthened itself and grown quite a bit more! I'm in love.
As far as shampoo & conditioner go I have used the best of the best. Pureology, Paul Mitchell, Redken, K-Pack all of it. I don't see a difference between that and the stuff you can buy at the grocery store other then the price tag $$. I am sure some beg to differ but I feel as though hair care is all about the "care" how much you touch it, how much you trim it, how much heat you apply etc. Therefore I saw this
stuff at Costco about a month ago and figured for the $15 price for both I couldn't pass it up and if I didn't like it hubbs could use it. I'm happy to report that so far I LOVE it. It smells so good and I can tell it really does moisturize my locks! One con though if you don't wash the conditioner out very thoroughly you will be stuck with a grease ball. I think everyone should try it you can't go wrong!

Since I have spent less time on my hair lately I've been messing with messy buns, top knots, AND I found my hair does this cute curly sue q thing in the front to where it looks like my bangs are curled but they aren't! Voila!

Tomorrow I am going to post about 3 new beauty products I have fallen in love with since I don't spend as much time on my hair in the mornings anymore I have more time to apply war paint!
I also got new sunglasses at all place Target. Just call me Mrs. Bargain Officer! (;


26 weeks!!

How far along?
26 weeks 3 days
 Total weight gain/loss:
17 pounds
What sleep? My body is sore when I wake up in the mornings!
 Best moment this week:
Sending out my baby shower invites!
Lots I am starting to think he is going to run out of room soon but I still have 3 months to go!
Headaches still, Always hungry
 Food cravings:
My new thing is Lays Wavy chips with ranch
 Food aversions:
Red Meat I will never go back
 Labor Signs:
Braxton Hicks have started but nothing major
 Belly Button in or out?
I think it will be out by the end of the month
 What I miss:
Laying on my belly and running
 What I am looking forward to:
My baby shower in 3 weeks
 Weekly Wisdom:
Time is flying by! I am trying my hardest to enjoy it
Making it past the 15 pds I was stuck between 13 and 15 for awhile but I am starting to gain which means a healthy chubby baby!!


Hormones, Broken Shit, & Idaho

Last week was rough. Lots of stress and anxiety I am happy to report things are better and my hormones are fuckingoutofcontrol back to normalish... We have had our washer and dryer set since we moved into our house 4 yrs ago and before that they were given to us from family and were already about 8 to 9 yrs old. Well our washer was sick. Dirty, Grimy, Loud, Old. Plus, our desktop computer totally took a shit a major stinky shit. So needless to say this mama who hasn't liked to spend money on herself lately had to face the facts I don't "need" a new computer since I have my phone and work computer but I needed a new washer I didn't want to wash my sons clothes in a dirty gross washer. I am happy to report that I am blogging from my new Sony Vaio basically I love it plus my hubbs is sitting right next to me so we are "bonding".
My weekend was good & bad. I have had more rough night sleeps lately then I would really like to face but hey, I am getting use to functionally on very little sleep so that is good in the newborn dept right? I think so too. So to think I wasn't going to be able to sleep in Saturday or Sunday was a little depressing. My sister in law and I drove to my husbands hometown of Burley, ID on Saturday morning for a baby shower and a birthday party!! So I was to bed late Friday after doing laundry and getting the house clean for hubb and was up early Saturday to start the 2 1/2 hour drive to Idaho. The baby shower was wonderful, visiting family is always wonderful the company was good the food was good and the weather was good!

This is my hubbs cousins babe. So precious and those BIG blue eyes kill me! I'm praying Krew gets his mamas bluies! I was practicing for motherhood!!

This is Mickey. Sweetest girl you will EVER meet.

the awesome pirate cake to go with the cute pirate themed party!

The drive home SUCKED. I missed hubby and my tailbone killed me! I am still tired and plan on not having much sleep tonight either! I do have a busy week ahead of me though, I start training my temporary replacement on Tuesday & have my glucose test on Thursday! I came home and started back into my cleaning/laundry/i can't freaking stop cleaning routine and ran into this beauty!
A new washer!

I died. My heart swelled with love.
I maybe shed a few tears and almost kissed my husbands feet.
He knew how bad this mama needed a new washer, and that my heart hurt to wash any of our sons clothes in that old stinky washer! It really isn't that big of a deal and we are fortunate to be able to buy nice things before Krew comes! My anxiety and hormones are through the roof so I make every little broken thing much much worse then it needed to be. I am one happy blessed mama tonight! I will be back in the morning after I clean everything in my house with a new bump post!

I will take a break to watch my home girls in the closing ceremonies! Even my 50 yr old mom is excited does it get more milf? Love her!


Friday Friday Friday!!

Did you know I LOVE Betty White? Mostly from Golden Girls, my Grandma always watched Golden Girls so it's a show I like to watch and think about the good times I had with her. After reading this quote from Betty White I love her that much more. Isn't is so true? Imagine the world if everyone really did just minded their own damn business? I know I'd have a much simpler life!!

It's Friday. Thank you lawwdy!! Last night we had our 3D ultrasound and it was so much fun! My BFF, mom, and husband came and we had some good laughs! I think he looks just like his daddy already!!
He defiantly has Ryans lips and chin and MAYBE my nose but we will have to see. Poor guy if he does I have my dads nose and Jesus is all I have to say! He had his feet up to his head and wasn't budging much but we got a few close shots of his face.
Basically I am one of those bias moms already that thinks my kid is the cutest thing on the planet even though he isn't born yet! It's so amazing how far technology has come, my mom was blown away by how in detail we were able to see our little boy. I just love him so much!

If you know Ryan you know he has EXTRA wide feet. He actually wears a triple E width and has to special order in his work boots and has a hard time finding any shoes that are cute that fit well. I think our baby boy has inherited his dads wide feet. Check em' out:


Double Digits!

99 days people!

We are finally down to the double digits! It's so crazy! I am so excited, nervous, anxious, scared, elated etc. So is husband, I was laying in bed last night thinking how crazy it is that it will not just be the 2 of us anymore, after almost 51/2 years of it just being him and I we feel so lucky to share this journey with our baby. I finally get to pick out cute matching Christmas pjs, I get to play Santa, and the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth fairy! I know the definition of a perfect mother because of course I think my mom was one. Therefore, I will strive each and everyday to make my sons wildest dreams come true as did my mom! I have a 3D ultrasound tonight and I can't wait to see my sweet little man I bet he has his daddy's nose. That's another thing I can't believe I am being blessed with another boy just like my handsome husband. What's better then 1 more best friend just like your first one? Nothing! So 99 days as much as I want you here please take your time I love my husband and plan on living the next 99 days up with him and of course preparing for Krew as much as possible! Also, I don't do this as much as I should thank you God for giving me such an amazing life. I love it all.


Wordless Wednesday!!

My devilish handsome husband.
(2yrs left-4yrs right)
Quick glance at future
Krew Ryan Barras

Tuesday Boozeday!

Ha! I wish! These long Summer days are killing me, I'd kill for a mango majitio. I really would; to ease the stress, ease my aches and pains, and to just have an overall good "buzz"! I'm not one to get wasted but I'd sure go for a nice ol' buzz right now. Now that that is out there I'm really not going to drink I don't believe in partaking in anything that may cause harm to my baby but a girl can dream. Right?

Any who,
I feel the Summer is quickly slowly winding down. School starts here in UT in a couple of weeks and once Sept hits you can count on the feel of fall coming out in full effect! I have so much to do, what seems like 3 months, or 15 weeks, or 100 days is so far away the past 6 months has flown by before my eyes! I can't believe I am 6 months! We finally have MOST of the nursery put together. We still need

  • Curtains
  • Shelf for above crib
  • Artwork
  • Glider/Rocker
  • Closet Door
  • Rug

It doesn't seem like much but with my champagne taste on a beer budget it's difficult. I tell my husband I am only going to go have my 1st child ONCE therefore I am going to go all out. Just like I spent $200 on this Whale Quilt from Etsy. Yeah, $200 for a blanket. Who would have thought I'd be that into something, my baby NEEDED it the nursery NEEDED it. Now I need to find a bumper, sheets, a skirt etc. Add an extra $200 and we are at about $400 for the crib bedding! I love it though, here is a sneak peek:

We finally got the crib in and up in the nursery (with a few paint problems on the headboard) they are sending us a new one so no biggie! Here is hubbs hard at work putting it up on Saturday
As I think I said in previous post my parents were so so gracious in paying for the beautiful crib! It is really high quality and I am so glad my mom shares the same expensive taste with me. Only the best for my little bambino!

We finally have my baby shower planned with the coordinator at The Grand America Hotel. The same place where I had my wedding, it's gorgeous. We picked an amazing room with an even more amazing patio and view into the gorgeous court yard. I can't wait to see it all put together and can't thank my mom and sister enough for putting up with my attitude, picky ways, and o.c.d.
Here is a preview!

This seems like nonsense rambling but hopefully it helped pass the time on this beautiful but smokey day in SLC. I am ready for Thursday so I can see my handsome boy via 3D ultrasound. Even better my BFF is joining us!!


Sunday Social

It's Sunday! Even with my Friday off this weekend still seemed to fly by!! Linked up for another Sunday Social!!
1. What is your favorite fall activity?
Boise State Football.
no doubt.

2. Do you follow a football team? If so which one and why?
If I wasn't willing to follow Boise State Football my husband would not have married me. Yes, he is THAT big of a fan! I am a true Utes fan at heart! ::oh, hey hubbs::

3. What is something fun about fall in your area?
It is so beautiful here in Utah in the fall time we have so many trees and I love long drives through our mountains looking at all of the wonderful colors on the trees from the leaves!

4. What are your favorite fall outfit staples?
Frye boots, Cardigans, Leggin's!

5. What things are you looking forward to most about this coming fall season?
My baby Krew of course!

6. What is your favorite fall holiday? Traditions?
My favorite fall holiday is Thanksgiving. That is considered fall time right? I just get together with my family & eat as much as possible! Anytime I can have LOTS of food and be with my family is an amazing time for me! I bet this year will be even better because I can start my own family traditions with my little one!!

Hope y'all have a great Sunday!

Friday's Letters

As I type this I am sitting in my office at 2:00 yesterday. Waiting for the clock to strike 4:30 so I can get the fuhh cuhh out of work and start my 3 day weekend!! Since I am spending my day today (Friday) painting a last bit and deep cleaning the nursery so we can pick up our crib tomorrow I figured I'd keep you entertained slightly with Friday's Letters.

Dear Ryan Lochte,
Thank you for giving this preggie some eye candy during the sometimes boring Olympic swimming events. I'm a true fan of your sexy body, and please let your mom know I see nothing wrong with one night stands. Who said I wanted to talk anyways? Call me! Maybe? ::smooch::

Dear Summer Heat,
I usually love you. I'm sad to say this year I f**king hate your guts! I'm so hott all the time and I can't even get a good tan out of you! I need to protect my little bun! Maybe our friendship can return next Summer? Don't forget I once loved you..

Dear Daddy-O,
Thanks for being such a gentlemen, I couldn't get through this pregnancy without your constant attention.
You know I love these yummy family bbqs we have. I'm lucky to have you!

Dear Boise State Season,
Bring it on baby! So ready for the teeth clinching games and fun of it all! True football girl fan here! Oh, and fantasy football with my 3 favorite boys? Yes!!


Guest Post: A Girls Kind of Therapy

One of my super cute bloggy/facebook/real life friends started her very own fashion blog. Ya'll know I am not the hippest when it comes to fashion and now that I can't fit into ANYTHING it is making it that much harder to be a cute hip expecting mama! Thank god sweet Mal pulled through with some fashionista advice! She herself was pregnant and has a precious baby girl! Please go visit her blog her style is to die for!

I m so honored to be asked to be a guest on The Birds The Bees & The Barras'
This post couldn't be anymore fitting for this blog. I decided since Sarah is 25 weeks along I would give my advice on what I thought were a Fashion must when pregnant.
It took me a good 27 weeks to face reality and realize my clothes just didn't fit anymore. I had a couple of pieces that I was able to snug my way in which thanks heavens for not having to fork over the money for an entire wardrobe because we all know Maternity clothes are the cheapest. But I did break down and buy what I thought were some necessities!

Maternity Must
1. Leggings: These seems to expand with me which made it comfortable. I was able to throw these one with and baggy sweater and I was out the door. My favorite pair was from H&M which weren't maternity but they worked and still do.
2.Baggy sweaters/tops: Good thing this style is in because what a different it make to have something loose then something tight fitting. However I do love when your little belly can be seen in the little tight tops!
3.Maxi Dress: These things saved me. They were perfect for those days when I needed to dress up or even when I was just wanting to throw something on and run to the store. I am also loving the bold print which make it not so obvious of how big you really are in the your couple of weeks.
4.Skinnies: I did break down and bought a expensive pair of maternity jeans but I am sure glad I did. Because they were super comfy and fashionable at the same time. I plan to use these every pregnancy.
5.Blazer:Blazers were my favorite because I was able to throw them on with anything and they ALWAYS fit.... I was able to stick my belly out of it and be proud!
6.Flats/flip flops: My last months of pregnancy were in the summer and my feet were huge and swollen. I depended on my flip flops and a good pair of flats because really want woman wants to stand in heels while carrying a baby 24/7.. not me.
7:Bold Necklace: My favorite was accessorizing with bright and bold jewelry. It took a little distraction off my huge belly & Swollen feet! 
I think sometimes the big questions is where do I find cute maternity clothes? Some of my favorite places are: 

I hope this post is helpful to some of you cute pregnant ladies! Hang in there it is all worth it when you meet that little one for the first
 Have a fantastic Day and come on by to A Girls Kind of Therapy!