Friday's Letters

Dear Hormones,
First off calm your shit down. Secondly, don't take EVERYTHING out on husband he is only here to help. (sometimes) You're not welcome to linger until November.

Dear Krew,
I love love love you. You have given me a whole new aspect on life mama needed it, mama needs you!

Dear work boys,
Thanks for all of your encouragement and always putting a smile on my face when I need it. & a BIG thank you for dealing again with my raging hunger and crazy hormones! Love you all!

Dear Self,
Get a grip on them emotions. For realz. I must say though you're rockin the shit out of your new nerd glasses. Get it girl!

Dear Weekend,
PLEASE take your sweet time I would like to somewhat enjoy you and spend sometime with you. Thanks.


Heather said...

Amen to rocking out those nerd glasses - you look awesome!


Ashley @ said...

I second your "Dear Hormones" and "Dear Weekend" comments!

Kristal said...

Love your glasses!

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