26 weeks!!

How far along?
26 weeks 3 days
 Total weight gain/loss:
17 pounds
What sleep? My body is sore when I wake up in the mornings!
 Best moment this week:
Sending out my baby shower invites!
Lots I am starting to think he is going to run out of room soon but I still have 3 months to go!
Headaches still, Always hungry
 Food cravings:
My new thing is Lays Wavy chips with ranch
 Food aversions:
Red Meat I will never go back
 Labor Signs:
Braxton Hicks have started but nothing major
 Belly Button in or out?
I think it will be out by the end of the month
 What I miss:
Laying on my belly and running
 What I am looking forward to:
My baby shower in 3 weeks
 Weekly Wisdom:
Time is flying by! I am trying my hardest to enjoy it
Making it past the 15 pds I was stuck between 13 and 15 for awhile but I am starting to gain which means a healthy chubby baby!!

Jessica said...

Mmm chips and ranch! So good. :)
Definitely understand that craving ha

KRISTIN said...

Lookin' great girly!!!

ps. I need your e-mail address!

Sarah said...

Little Mrs. Fawver! There you are! Sending you my email now & I will on ig too! barraslover@gmail.com

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