HAVE to share

No, I am not trying to brag or anything I just really like the way this picture turned out! Enjoy! <3

gettin' paper

Ello lovelies.
I am updating my iPhone 4 with the new IOS5 softeware (thanks to my brochacho Dean). So I figured while I sit here and babysit my baby (iPhone) I mains well do something productive and bloggity blog. I am not sure if anyone even reads this thing but hey, I do it for fun! Some of you may already know that I work at a car dealership. Yes, full of gross super pushy men just tryin' to get a dolla out of you. It's really not like that, it's more like I have 7 dads, 4 brothers, 1 mom, and 1 lil' sis. We are a BIG family and we even fight like one. ::waves to boss:: I started out as a receptionist about a year ago and worked my little butt off to try and get a higher position. Working in a "mans world" can get really tough sometimes, they forget that you have feelings, that you p.m.s, that you don't like to be cat called every hour of the day it's really a rough life! Wow, I feel like this is scattered everywhere! I was in my receptionist position for about 9 months of the 13 I have been there. Yes, it was like a very loooong 9 month pregnancy. As the receptionist you are the dealership "bitch" (if you will) you do everything and don't really get credit for most of it. I proudly like to say that now I am 2nd in command for the title. Mama's proud that I worked my way up in such a short amount of time, I am now ::drum roll:: Financial Assistant. I feel like this is all kind of running together so, in short this is what I do

  • Break down all of the deals. Once you sign your paperwork the deal is brought to me and I make sure all of the needed paperwork is sent to the financial institution.
  • If we (Not saying "I" because I don't make mistakes [;) miss any paperwork such as drivers license, proof of income, proof of home address then I will call the customer and get it handled.
  • I then cap out the deal and make sure the salesmen and finance manager is paid on the deal.
I also, still do a lot of my receptionist duties that are but not limited too:
  • Making sure the vehicle is reported sold to the manufacturer
  • Doing all of the customer incentives like military, valued owner etc.
  • Backing up receptionist on phones when needed.
All in all I have it pretty good. I call my own hours, my boss is THE DREAM BOSS, I have an extremely flexible schedule AND one of my best friends got my old job as the receptionist. Doesn't get much better then that eh? Oh, & I get a good deal on cars, car parts, paint jobs, window tints etc. My Benzie is pretty much souped up because of that place. Like I work there to just pay money to have my car all trickitty tricked out! Hopefully that gives you a quick brief summary on my what I call "big girl" job. It's very very stressful at times but I can't complain! ((:

My Lexie Lou & I.
Yes, my work bff, mini me, little, sister call her whatever, I am sure she has been called worse!

good in the hood

I know I know it's been a WEEK! Right after I blogged about being a better blog I fall off the wagon, I have good news though. Chewy is back to normal! Reason being sister in law is OUT! I am just so glad our little family is all back to normal and functioning how we have been for the past 3+ years! I will save the drama for my mama about sister in laws depature. No really, it will be best for all of us. My mother always taught me "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all." I really need to start abiding by this. So I promise as soon as I am not exhasuted from working all day I will catch you up on my job. Since, duh that is all I know nowadays!


Ya know... this dude

I don't think I have mentioned that he is my idol, hero, & soul mate! I mean c'mon what dog loving lady doesn't want a man that enjoys them just as much as her! Eh? Seriously though here lets get real! My husbands little sister has moved in with us, it has been quite the adjustment for all of us but the one that it is impacting the most is our bordier collie. I am not sure what is going on with her; if its the change in our "pack", the fact that lil' sis took Chewys bedroom, or even the fact that maybe Chewy is feeling just a little left out. I wish I knew.. I wish I could snap my fingers and make her be better. I have been pretty upset about it all day Chewy is a very very obedient pup always has been, shes been easy to train, helped train our Gus and is my protector when R isn't home so what has she been doing as of late?

  • Clingy- just so clingy! She won't let you leave her sight, me especially!
  • In your face, constantly in your face. If her head isn't on your lap then she is jumping on you putting her face in yours.
  • Being a little more aggressive then normal. Nothing major just more fiesty!
I know those may not seem like major things to you all but with how great of a dog Chewy is it is quite out of character! Given, sister hasn't been around dogs growing up so I am trying my hardest to be patient and do what is best for all of us but sometimes it gets very frustrating. For the past 3 years Chewy has been 3rd in the pack now she feels it is unstable. I hate it. I hate that she is out of place, in her own home. Not sure if the rest of R's family sees it the way that I do but I know some of my dog loving bloggy friends will understand me. Give me advice! Feed me all of your knowledge, what can I do? Training? New boundaries set? Re-creating the feel of a pack? I am just not sure. This weeekend I do plan on going and picking up this. Maybe.. it will help.. maybe it won't.

I know I am supposed to be updating with all the fun "exciting" stuff that has been going on, but at this moment Chewy is my #1 priority! Help help help!

"The number one cause of death in dogs today is euthanasia. Why so many dogs gone bad? A dog's temperament is a direct result of the owners ability to understand them and give them what they instinctually need as a canine animal. There are no bad dogs... just uneducated owners."

Oh no she didn't!


I apologize for my leave of absence it has been a little while! I've lost count of how many times I have deleted and re-typed this post. As I was going back and reading my posts from last year I noticed I talked a lot about things I thought you people would be interested in and not enough about what I love and what truly brings me joy in life. So I am starting over, I will discuss everything from, my crazy (and only getting crazier) career, the cute furbabies, my handsome husband, family, and things I like to ramble about. I'm hoping to stick to this for the next year or so! A lot has happened since Feburary 1st, I turned 22, was promoted at work, celebrated my 3rd anniversary, & learned a few life lessons! My cute friend Erin Burk mentioned that I need to get to updating my blog so I am doing just that! Go and check out Erin's blog she just had a sweet baby boy and her family couldn't get much cuter. So..

I am not going to cram it all into 1 post I figured if a few posts get created through this week and into the weekend it may give you bloggy friends something to do at work, while home with your babes, or just those whom would like to follow me. (I am not sure if I am that interesting) Hopefully, I can re-vamp this and you internet friends can get to know the real ME a little better. Until next time I leave you with a Halloween lit pooch!