Oh no she didn't!


I apologize for my leave of absence it has been a little while! I've lost count of how many times I have deleted and re-typed this post. As I was going back and reading my posts from last year I noticed I talked a lot about things I thought you people would be interested in and not enough about what I love and what truly brings me joy in life. So I am starting over, I will discuss everything from, my crazy (and only getting crazier) career, the cute furbabies, my handsome husband, family, and things I like to ramble about. I'm hoping to stick to this for the next year or so! A lot has happened since Feburary 1st, I turned 22, was promoted at work, celebrated my 3rd anniversary, & learned a few life lessons! My cute friend Erin Burk mentioned that I need to get to updating my blog so I am doing just that! Go and check out Erin's blog she just had a sweet baby boy and her family couldn't get much cuter. So..

I am not going to cram it all into 1 post I figured if a few posts get created through this week and into the weekend it may give you bloggy friends something to do at work, while home with your babes, or just those whom would like to follow me. (I am not sure if I am that interesting) Hopefully, I can re-vamp this and you internet friends can get to know the real ME a little better. Until next time I leave you with a Halloween lit pooch!
Ez said...

Welcome back! Cant wait to hear about your recent adventures!


Jessica said...

Glad to see you back!!

Hilary Lane said...

Yay! You're back! I just clicked over the other day, wondering if I just wasn't getting your posts or if you didn't have any. Can't wait to hear about everything that's been going on!

Whitney and Camron Allen said...

I have been checking your blog. So glad you decided to come back to blog land! :)

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