I usually get what I want..

BUT I'm not so sure I can convince husband to buy this for me for my birthday along with all my other 2973409873892 birthday wishes! Your dying to know what it is right? Well... it's freaking sweet COOLEST thing I have ever seen in my life. Okay maybe I am taking it a little too far but seriousfreakingly I MUST have this... I MUST get this!!

I mean seriously since I DO have the cutest puggy in this whole wide world how cute would him & I look strolling around town with this thing? I mean I can probably get this in pink but I'm not sure how much Gussie would really enjoy it! I know he would like the ride just not the pink... So R if you are reading this me and your Gussie son would absolutely LOVE this thing! I mean picture us now... So precious right??? Don't mind the fact that it's $400 :/ we would get good use out of it though!! Happy Hump Day tomorrow!!

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Trulie Scrumptious said...

your blog is so fun! so glad we found it.. my sis and I just started a new blog and would LOVE if you became our newest blog friend and follower!
hope to see you soon! (and I sure hope you got that birthday gift you wanted ;)

Jessica-Lauren said...

haha love this post made me giggle... dont mind if I follow you do you! :) ill stop by often! check out my blog if you like... have a good one :) p.s Hope you get your wish!!

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