Things you never want to forget

There are just somethings in life you never want to forget. For me, one of those is that innocent look your babies give you when they just peer deep down into your soul.

My baby girl is now 1. I can't even believe it, it's like each day I try to soak in the depths of the babyhood she has left. It's fleeting & fleeting FAST! Little Sun Hat sent us the sweetest bonnet that I feel puts her at a stand still. I don't wan't to take it off of her, she looks so small, so sweet, so innocent. I never want that to go away.

I mean do they not just make her look like just like a little baby doll. This will be something I cherish forever & keep for her children and her children's children! Her very first heirloom.

I am going to hold these pictures so close to my heart. This bonnet is made so well, the material is such great quality not to mention the styles they have are the cutest! Go check them out and pick up an heirloom for your little one!

c/o: Little Sun Hats



The movie "My Girl" & hormones/PMS do not mix. I lie here tonight a ball full of emotions. Gratitude, sadness, happiness, loss, excitement all the feels.

To my dear Ryan: you mean the world to me, you are snoring away right now but without that snoring I would have no place to call home, someday I will miss it. You are my heart & my soul. My very best friend but sometimes my very worst enemy. You bring out the VERY best in me, & the very worst in  me. That is why I love you. You support me in every single thing that I do, you tell me how beautiful, smart, & talented I am and you truly  believe that I can move mountains, that alone means the world to me. You're the best lover & the best fighter. You keep score but only to my benefit because you know I don't like to lose. Your sense of humor, although vulgar is my very favorite. The curls you get when you really need a hair cut make my heart patter & the way you father melts me. When I think of you I think of your dad & the huge loss we went through, together we made it. Stronger than ever & I look forward to so many more years with you & more downs then ups! But how are UPS are always that much better. I love you.

My Krew bear, you are the light that brightens my world. You are my adventurous one, my chatter box, my wild child. Always asking questions & always wanting to learn. For now you think we are getting married & that alone makes me the happiest mama! Someday, I will be the saddest mama, when you do find your very own soulmate. However, I will be so proud of the man you have become. You are so kind & gentle with your sister. I can always depend on you when I get lonely & you are always here to shell out the biggest hug when you know my mama heart needs one the most. I love you to the moon & back.

My koko girl, I couldn't have ever dreamt of a daughter more perfect than you. You have every feature of your daddy's, but you have that fire deep down just like your mama. You have the most kissable cheeks & thighs & I know you have so many mountains to climb. Keep that fire burning & never let anyone try to put it out. You my sunshine are the greatest baby girl & I am so lucky you chose me to be your mama! I know you had some extra time with your Papa Barras, we miss him so. Thank you for bringing some of him down with you. Thank you for showing me signs of my own Grandma and thank you so very very much for making me the very best women, wife, & mom. Because I know you're watching. I love your little firey soul more than you'll ever know.

To my God thank you for giving me those 3 things, without them nothing else would matter or exist. They make my world go round & I learn to love more each & everyday.

Mom N' Tot Box Review

Friends! It's has been awhile hasn't it? Well, I'm back! I have so much going on and I cannot wait to share it all! First off I want to share my review with Mom N' Tot Box, I LOVED it!

I chose the sibling subscription box! It was so simple, I let them know their ages, & gender & the box was shipped! We had a blast opening it & my kids love it! I did a full review on my YouTube Channel go check it out & make sure to subscribe. I think my favorite things that came in the box were the cute little wooden camera for Koko and the little shorts for Krew! Also, the crayons are perfect because they are organic and toxic free!

Below is a list of all things included!

The shorts are from Sewing for Sunshine you can find them on IG @sewingforsunshine or online at Sewing For Sunshine. I CANNOT wait to get my babies bums into these!

Shopwrenn is super cute nail polish! I can't wait to take it to my next manicure appointment! They also sell gemstone jewelry. You can check them out at Shopwrenn their rings are GORGEOUS!

Bellascasa is handmade Montessori & educational toys. They provided us with super great & cute black & white pictures perfect for Koko's learning, advancing brain! Very stimulating. You can find them at Bellascas.

Me 4 Kidz I loved loved loved this one, it's the CUTEST little First Aid kit that fits perfectly in my Fawn diaper bag. You can find them at Me 4 Kidz or on Instgram @mr4kidz.

Forever Afters: CUTEST handmade toys that are made to last a lifetime!

Childhoodlist The best handmade crayons, non toxic, & eco friendly. Perfect for my 1 year old who loves to color with my 4 year old, yet she still tries to eat them. You can find them online at Childhoodlist they even have NATURAL play-doh!

Little Wooden Wonders CUTEST handmade natural toys. You can find them on Instagram @littlewoodenwonders

I love that this box is great for ANY age not just newborn to 6 months. It has helped my 4 year old not feel left out when it comes to his little sister! This would serve as an awesome baby shower gift with the 3 month subscription option! I will definitely be renewing for my June Box!!