Things you never want to forget

There are just somethings in life you never want to forget. For me, one of those is that innocent look your babies give you when they just peer deep down into your soul.

My baby girl is now 1. I can't even believe it, it's like each day I try to soak in the depths of the babyhood she has left. It's fleeting & fleeting FAST! Little Sun Hat sent us the sweetest bonnet that I feel puts her at a stand still. I don't wan't to take it off of her, she looks so small, so sweet, so innocent. I never want that to go away.

I mean do they not just make her look like just like a little baby doll. This will be something I cherish forever & keep for her children and her children's children! Her very first heirloom.

I am going to hold these pictures so close to my heart. This bonnet is made so well, the material is such great quality not to mention the styles they have are the cutest! Go check them out and pick up an heirloom for your little one!

c/o: Little Sun Hats


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