5 months!!

Krew Arthur
5 months

Height and Weight: Based off of his 4 month well check weigh in I am going to say he is 15ish pounds!! Holy Moly he has tripled his birth weight! I can't believe my sweet baby boy is already that big! I remember syringe feeding him my breast milk!

Health: He is so so healthy. Every night I go to bed and thank God for blessing me with a happy healthy baby. As we have started foods he doesn't seem to have any allergies.

Sleep: He is in his big boy crib now! I sleep much much better. We use a video/sound monitor for him. He usually goes down around 8:30 and sleep till 5 or 3:30 he will up to eat than go back down till about 8!!

Diet: We still have him on Earth's Best Organic Formula but have been trying new purees for about a month! He LOVES sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, blueberries, and avocados! He just loves to eat! It's so cute! He is a messy little eater too.

Clothes: We only have a few size 2 diapers left so we are going through those than we will transition into size 3! He is in 6 month clothes and a little bit of 9 month but mostly 6!

Baby Gear Love: He is starting to be into light up toys a lot more! He still loves Sophie and is getting more use to cold teethers! (post coming soon)

Crying: He isn't a cryer. At all. If he is hungry he cries, sometimes I think he has night terrors and will cry but for the most part he is calm, cool, and collected.

Likes: His mama... (duh), He is such a happy baby it's hard to say what he doesn't like because other than peas there isn't much!

Postpartum: I think 5 months later it's okay for me to ask what's postpartum? :p

Social: Oh this kid can chat your ear off! About anything too, really. Strike about a conversation with the little guy and you are in for an ear full!

Milestones: He has mastered rolling onto his tummy! He gets so so mad when he can't roll back. He is also sleeping in his room in his crib and it's going great!


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