5 Inches

I am considering cutting my poor hair off 5 inches! Here is picture so PLEASE let me know what you think, I doubt I really do it but at the same time I REALLY want too. BUT I don't want to look like I have no hair! Because that would be no bueno! :/

I love love love it in this picture! Or is my vision blurred by this beautiful bag?! Hmm.. either or let me know your opinion! In other Barras news I'm not sure if any of you others heard of the AMAZING deal SouthWest Airlines had going on for Halloween?? Hubbs and I couldn't pass up the deal so we purchased plane tickets for Denver, CO for the end of Jan as a Birthday/Snowboard/Valentines trip! It should be fun can't wait to whip this puppy out...

Hubbs bought me ALL of the "sick" snowboarding gear a few Christmas' ago and I swear to this day I have shred the mountain like twice! Pathetic I know so now that we are starting to see signs of snow in good ol' SLC I can't wait to get it out again! So excited!! Sorry I have been such a bad blogger! Can't wait to get filled in on what's going on in your life! Oh, & to all my bloggy friends who are just newly PG Congratulations but F you for making me even more baby hungry then I already am! I still love ya! (:

Happy Halloween!

I have been such a weenie when it comes to blogging & I apologize! I think that whole 30 day blog challenge put me in a MAJOR rut! I promise as soon as this crazy week is over with I will get back to some regular posts, we haven't had too much going on just the usual Halloween stuff! Last night we were FINALLY able to carve some punkins with my baby niece and sweet nephew! Here are a few photos for your enjoyment!
                                                      Yup, cutest lil' chitlens in the world!

                                                                  My kitty cat punkin!

                                                                      All of our punkins!

                                                                      Me & my kid knife!

Hunting Widow!

These past 2 weekends I have been a widow to hunting so luckily for me my girls stepped in and we have gone out on the town! I haven't drank so much or stayed up so late since probably high school that kinda sounds bad but it's true! I have had such a fun couple of weekends with some time to myself and girlfriends but I am ready for hunting season to be over with!

Trip Part 3

Mama & Sissy did such a great job during the MARATHON I hate to say this but I don't remember the time they did but it was awesome! My mom is in her 50s and she is still running strong but I think anyone who can conquer a full marathon at her age deserves some major kudos! It was so hot in St. George that day and even though Hubbs, Dad, and I weren't running we were surely getting the heat of it all! Poor puppies were even hot and there were NO gas stations around to pick up a cold drink for 7 miles!! Who does that? Here in SLC there is a 7-11 on almost every corner!
Us waiting for them to come!

Here they are! (:

Poor Gus was trying anything & everything to stay cooL!

After they finished we headed out for lunch and the 45 minutes drive to Mesquite! The nights in the past that we have stayed in Mesquite are always my favorite! We eat, swim, and go out for a steak dinner as a family with no stress from the marathon!
Us before din din!

Siss & I!

The next morning we were up early and headed home! After 4 days away from home I was ready to come back we got hom around 1:00 which was perfect I had time to do laundry and catch up on some sleep and start feeling a lil better before a busy work week!


I know we don't have our own little "family" just yet but trust me this will do for me for a little while longer. Let me just tell you how blessed I feel for everything that I have accomplished in my life this far, I have a more then amazing husband too precious fur babies and an incredible family that I cannot thank enough for the encouragement each and everyday! Here is another picture from our fall session that we had! I am not going to post anymore because we are using them for our X-Mas cards but I mean is this not freaking cute or what? Only I would include my doggies in on the family picture right? See how crazy I am now!!

Trip Part 2

OH MY G!! Our night in St. George was THE freaking best! We only met up with my parents, and sissy for awhile because we had date night with my 2nd cousin Susan and her husband Buddy! They own their own business called Mild to Wild doing Rhino tours through the Red Cliffs, Sand Hollow, and all through St. George I can't even tell you how much fun we had on this ride! Gussie boy was even able to come with us, we started off the ride by stopping and fueling up with gas and picking up sandwhiches for a picnic once we got to the top. As a kid I didn't do much of the off roading stuff like this so it was so exciting for me to get out and get a little dirty! I am mostly going to show pictures because it will be too hard trying to explain everything that we did on the ride! Hope you like them! Go check out their website and if you are ever in the area you HAVE to do this. I highly reccomend it, family or not! Mild To Wild

Yup, Gussie LOVED it! (:

He really thought he was sumfin'

I have a pretty mean aim. I kicked the boyys butts! (: Surprised?

It was gorgeous weather

Anazasi Drawings

My Gussie Son & I have the time of our lives!!

We reached the top just in time for sunset

We enjoyed our picnic up here!

Followed by coLd beers!

I love him to the end of the world and back!

You see see EVERYTHING!!

We stayed the night in Apply Valley where my cousin lives and we had to get up early in time to see my mom and sister come across the finish line! Needless to say we were about 2 hours early and boy it was hott!!

Trip Part 1

I get a BIG FAT F for my blog! I have been such a faiLure with it lately and I am so sorry! I am trying to prepare for the holidays, work, and hubbs has been gone hunting so it's been crazy here at the Barras Household! I am going to slowly try to catch back up. As I promised I will start off with our Vegas/ St. Geezy trip! It was a blast, I got really sick on the way down to Vegas I puked a total of 4 times while driving there, I had reaL bad diahrrea so to say the least the drive was NOT fun! Once we got there I felt a little better we checked into our hotel, I laid down for a bit then took a hot shower. Hubbs talked me into going down to dinner since after all it was Vegas!

This is the only  1/2 decent picture I have of myself that night, my whole body was so incredibly sore and all I wanted to do was sleep BUT I wasn't going down without a trip to the Juicy Couture store DUH!

Hubbs was even sweet enough to buy me a new Juicy Couture purse, I mean come on guys they are my very favorite! I am going on my 4th one after all!

I felt like a  horrible wife for ruining hubbs trip but he was such a sweetie and took care of me, put me to bed, made sure I had everything I needed/wanted, and cuddled with me till I woke up the next day! Well with my luck I woke up the next day feeling 75% better! It just so happened our only night in Vegas and I get struck with nasty food sickness! The next morning we were up and at em' we packed our stuff, headed for breakfast and to walk the strip as much as we could till we needed to leave to meet up with my fam!

We went to get hubbs a big margarita

We visited the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop (as seen on History channel)

I am so glad we at least were able to do that because Hubbs had really been looking forward to it! Can you see the line that there was to get into that place? I must say that I was kinda disappointed with it, I mean there was some REALLY cool stuff in there but there was just a bunch of ppl it was kind of like a museum and Old Man, Rick, Big Huss, & Chumlee weren't even there!

& Of course I had to go to the Sugar Factory!

We stopped in at the Beatles club called Love

After all of our crash running around we finally had to check out of our hotel and head to St. George to meet up with my parents, sister, Gussie and Charlie! I had so much fun in the short time that hubbs and I were there being there with him made up for me being sick I really had a fabulous time, I don't think it would have been the same if I had gone with out him. <3


I hate to admit it but I am a slacker! I swear you need a vacation day right after coming back from vacation! It was amazing and I had a freaking blast but I am glad to be home and trying to muster up the energy to blog! I will be back this weekend to finish my 30 day blog and an update on my vacation with pictures! I have been so sick & lazy lately! So I will leave you with 1 cute adorable pic to get you by with! (: