I changed my mind. Since I want my Day 24 post to be somewhat hearftelt and not full of bullshit and sarcasm I am going to hold off until I have more time! (: So I am going to get back to packing and preparing for our Vegas, St. George (Go Mum & Sissy!) & Mesquite trip!! I can't wait to get the heck out of here! I will return Sunday with pictures, hopefully some more of our family ones and Vegas ones! (: Have a great week/weekend I will think of you while I am lounging poolside with my martini bitches!

Day 23

Something you crave for a lot

I love love love to eat, and lucky for me I have a metabolism like a 6 year old here are a few of my favorites and of course most craved things!!

                                                                Ranch Sunflower Seeds




It's true I eat like a 6 year old too! My dad hates it and always yells at me and I really should he better but when you don't get fat why not eat what you want and like right?!!

Day 22

What makes you different from everyone else

I like to think I am WAY different then a Lot of people especially living in UT (no-offense fellow utaharns)

1. I love love love anything that smells like dog paws.
2. I lotion my whole body everytime I get out of the shower I hate the tight skin feeling
3. I am a planner I plan everything, outfits, dinners, t.v shows, even sometimes my husbands days.
4. I eat icecream like it's going to be taken away from me.

Ya'll know I hate to brag about myself ::insert sarcasm:: so I am going to end there! Plus I have to pack for my trip!

Day 21

Oopps I slipped again last night! I'm sorry my niece and nephew were over for dinner and I was just too exhausted to blog! Plus I had to do laundry and pack a little bit for our vacation that is TOMORROW! (: So I am going to do my 30 day challenge up until Friday then when I return home I will do the rest including Sunday! So...

A picture of something that makes you happy
Ahh... this one is real easy for me. I have 2 pictures I'd like to share! Hope thats ok!

My puppies

My niece & nephew

Of course these are only 2 examples as to what make me happy but they make up a pretty big portion!

Day 20

Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future
Given that I have been happily married for 2 wonderful years now I don't think this one is too much to think about. So I am going to make this post filled with wedding pictures that I don't think you have seen before! (:

The Church
(my grandparents, and parents were both married in)

Hubbs coming out of the backroom more nervous then a chiuahaua

My daddy giving me away

Sis In Law crying and sissy trying not too.

Us with our Priest

Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek at our famiLy pictures that we took on Saturday! We went up Little Cottonwood Canyon, it was SO fun and Kelsey did an excellent job! I can't wait to see the rest we got some super cute ones of us and the furbabies! (: Enjoy!

Day 19

Nicknames you have; why do you have them:

I have been called all the names in the book but here are a few that are dear to my heart!

1- Jughead/ ::blushing:: I can't believe I am really writing about this one. I had such a big head as a baby that my dad named me Jughead sometimes I still catch my parents calling it to me! Thank God it didn't scare hubbs away!

2- Peetree/ Hubbs calls me Peetree from Land Before Time because I am so small. I like it. (:

3- Sissy/ My Parents, Sissy, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins all call me this. I guess it could be much worse!!

4- Sassy/ I got this name from my Godmother. I think it's self explanatory!

So there ya have it but go ahead and call me as you will!

Day 18

Oopps this was supposed to be done yesterday but with our nephews flag football game, a scentsy party, our famiLy pictures, and the Boise State game I had NO time. So here is for yesterday!

Plans/dreams/goals you have

1- Go to Vegas & St. George to root on my mom and sissy
2- Start Christmas Shopping and be finished by black Friday
3- Spend Thanksgiving with my family this year
4- Finish our backyard by May
5- Buy a trailer and go camping more

1- Travel to every continent and visit all 50 states
2. Join the Peace Corp.
3. Build an animal shelter
4. Be able to provide a Christmas for a few families every year
5- Renew my vows with my husband

1- Buy or build our dream home in year 2012
2- Have 2 children before the age of 25
3- Build my parents a retirement home
4- Get my children through college
5- Retire easily with my husband

I'm sure you know this by now

butt my dog Chewy is the cutest/best/sweetest/cutest/best/sweetest furbaby in this whole entire world universe! Here is a sneak peek at her HaLLoween costume that she so graciously let me try on her, she knows how much I love dress up!

Day 18

Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why:

I'm starting to wonder if my blog is starting to become more about other people then myself. Or am I getting less selfish?? Nah... I am just in love with my husband so of course I'd want to switch lives with him for one day. We could see each other from a whole new light, we could feel how the other one feels, walk their steps at work everyday, learn to communicate the way you'd like too, and maybe get a better feeling about what each other goes through on a day to day basis.

Dear Ryan,
I love you to pieces and you know this, but if you could walk a day in my life I think I'd work your butt to the floor. Just like how I beat you in almost everything that we compete in, like the basketball game at the arcade tonight. Do you remember how I schooled you in hoopes. Yup, that's me your sweet wife. I know you like to play things off like you let me beat you but deep down you envy my mad skills and wish you could be like me. Again, I love you and your handsome.

Me your over acheiving, always competeing beautiful Wife

P.S We only have 2 work days next week until our vacation!!


Day 16

This was supposed to be yesterday! I am 1/2 way through this thing and only missed once!! Sorry!! Shame shame! Here is a picture of me and of course my handsome little man! ENJOY!

Family Vacation!!

So, I'm sure as you all have read and watched me count down the days/hours/minutes/seconds until we leave on our family vacation you all know that I am freakin' excited to get the hell out of this city for awhile! Well, sadly plans have changed! ): Just a little bit though there isn't a 1/2 sad face to do so I just did the full one! Sissy has decided that it will be a little too much on her right before the marathon to go to Vegas and deal with walking the strip, the smoke in her lungs from the casino, and an extra day to have to worry about SO plan B. My partner in crime and I will still be happily going.. Who is this you ask??....

Duh, guys who else!? My husband like I have said before he is always here to be my right hand man and I'm not sure if Sin City is ready for us to tear it up but it better be because we are coming! St. George and Mesquite are still on as well! I will have a 4 day vacation with the people I love the most! 4 more working days and I am DONE. I may stay in Vegas and become a show girl. Don't judge bitches.

Day 15

Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play-

1: TI/ No Matter What
2: Eazy E/ Creep N' Crawl
3: The Doors/ Light My Fire
4: Paramore/ Misery Business
5: Rihanna/ Rehab
6: Red Hot Chili Peppers/ Dani California
7: 50 Cent/ Love Me or Hate Me
8:Lady Gaga/ Love Game
9: The Doobie Brothers/ Rollin' On
10: Earth Wind & Fire/ September

Yup, my IPod pretty much kicks your IPods ass. (:

Day 14

A picture of me and my family.

Do I hate to say that the people/things shown in this post are all that I really need? Nope, not one little but I trust these 8 people with my life and if I have no one else then I am perfectly conent with that. I mean look at freaking neice and nephew seriously?! Love everyone shown here in these pictures.

I thought I would throw this one on here to since
A) It says a picture of "YOU" and your family.
B) I'm selfish and everything is about ME
C) My nephew is handsome
D) I can because it's my blog.
E) My nephew is

1 last thing

My husband better get this for me by Saturday! Total sarcasm aside I want it and I want it now!
Considering how I get almost everything I want, I expect to have this in the very near future and I better be able to ride it before snow is on the ground. Sorry but my snotty brat self doesn't come out that often (or does it?) but it's coming out NOW.


I'm just going to come out and say it! I feel like I have cheated on my 30 day blog challenge by writing like not even 4 sentences! I have been so crazy busy lately the only time I have to get on is at night when I can barely keep my eyes open and my husband is begging me to come to bed! I'm so sorry I am really going to try hard to catch up this weekend, until then I will leave you with some pictures of the goofy husband & I. Yes, we always looks this cute!

Day 13

A letter to someone who has hurt me recently:

To Whom This May Concern:
Fuck you, Fuck you, Oh & Fuck you!
Yours Truly

Day 12

I started my blog after I saw how cute my sissy in law's is. You can check that out HERE! I love doing it, it has really turned into therapy for me!

Day 11

Another Picture of you and your friends:

My sissy (my bff)

My best friend Whitney Lynne

My cousin Shawn & I

My nephew & I

Bri & Alex

My sissy in law & Kasey!

Please note my hair is a different color in all of these pics &&& Boise State Won tonight! Have a fab Sunday!

Day 10

Songs I listen to when I am Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad
Let me just start off by saying that I love love love oldies.

When I happy I love to listen to anyting like Jack Johnson, Fleetwood Mac, Doobie Brothers, America, Kansas, Elton John and so on!
When I am sad I think I can just crank on some country music and be in a depressed ass mood. You know what they say when you listen to a country song backwards right? You get your wife back, your car back, your dog back etc. haha I'm so funny.

When I am hyped I love anything rap, lately I have really been feeling Eminem, and of course The Game and 50 Cent

When I'm mad I can put on some Disturbed, Seether, NIN, The Used, or Tool.
I am a music junkie and am down for anything that has a story behind it!

(thanks god it's fucking friday)

Day 9

Something I'am proud of in the past few days is:
Teaching my stubborn, cute, lazy, fat, sleepy, (did I say cute?) puppy how to walk on his leash! He is such a big boy now it almost makes me cry, where has his little life gone away too? I hope he is ready for our trip in 1 week! Because I SO am!

Day 8

Short Term Goals For This Month:

3 very simple and easy ones that I am trying to get better at everyday.

1. Spend more time with my family
2. Not worry about the small things
3. Do 1 good deed everyday.

The End.

Day 7

Someone who has had the biggest impact on my life:
I'm sorry to say but this one is a no brainer! My Dear Hubbs of course! We have been through SO much together and I never thought we would really end up living our happily ever after together! He has taught me life skills that I would have never learned he loves me for me and I never have to put on an act for him. We both speak our minds and always know where we stand with one another, he is my # 1 Fan and I love him so much!

P.S Sorry for the lack of blog comments this week ladies I have been swamped and exhausted! I have the America conert at our State Fair tomorrow and a hair appt on Thursday! Start throwing your hair color ideas my way! Love you all!



After today, I just want to shout out to my family. I am so blessed to have these 4 people in my life they lift me up when I am down, make my smile when I am sad, make me laugh hysterically when I really don't feel like laughing and most importantly they love me for me. There is no better feeling in the world then knowing that NO matter what you have those solid people to really back you up and be your cheerleaders. I sit back and think what I would do without them and I can't even fathom the thought it would devastate me not to be able to run to any of them! Thanks Daddy, Mama, Sissy, and of course my Dear for ALWAYS being here for me giving me the support, advice, and tough love that I need. I would not be where I am without you and love and apprecaite you guys more then I will ever be able to show! 16 more days till our family trip and it could not come soon enough!!

Day 6

I REALLY wish I had a picture of her but I don't and that crushes me! I'm sure I can rack some up from my Aunts but that is if they are willing to give em'! By Grandma is by far my superhero, she passed after a very strong and aggressive fight with breast cancer! She was that 1 person I could run to for anything and is that 1 person that holds every single one of my secrets like a vault! She never ever judged, tattled when sissy and I were being bad, and always picked me up from school when I was "sick" just to take me to a movie with LOTS of popcorn. I don't know how I have made it this far without her & I really hope she is proud of me, I am still holding on to thought of seeing her again someday. Lois is the epitome of class, graciousness, and kindness. I love her so much & I hope she knows how much I really look up to her and strive to be like her! I wish she was still with me today so I had someone to vent to after my hellish day at work, I will pray to her tonight and ask for her guidance with the things that are going on. I want to thank her for giving me a wonderful and loving father and making my 18 years of live simply amazing!

Day 5

A Place I Have Been Is:


We were fortunate enough to have an all expense paid Honeymoon! (my parents are THE best) Of course we picked Mexico, thank god we did because I don't think I would want to go nowa days! Scary! Our next stop is Europe!

Day 4

A Habit I wish I didn't have Is:

I damn the person who invented texting! Sometimes it all I do, I send out about 500 text messages a day! I HATE talking on the phone so if you every try to reach me try it by text message it's pathetic! My parents get so mad at me, especially when I am busy and I don't hear the vibrate alert they start to worry especially if I don't answer the phone! I usually hit ignore then send ya "Hey, What's up?"Yep, it's that bad.

Five Question Friday!

1. Do you feel guilty spending money on yourself?
Yes, all the time! I never use to but now that I have my own bills I have the hardest time. If I was a millionaire I would buy the people I love such outrageous gifts!

2. How well do you know your neighbors?
We know them pretty well we have been to parties and they are retired so they are home all day to watch our puppies and house which is very comforting! (: Thanks Mark & Diane!

3. What age are you looking forward to being?
I'm not looking forward to growing any older really it makes me sad. It's crazy how time flies, and I try not to wish my life away! I am NOT looking forward to 30 I feel like that might be my mid-life crisis stage!

4. Do you get excited when the mail comes? Why?
Hell No I don't. Well except for the 2nd week of the month when my Cosmo magazine comes! All the other stuff is junk or bills!! Boo!

5. What is your earliest childhood memory?
Swimming in my kiddie pool with my little cousins ! My dad would hook the hose up to our washer and put in real warm water! It was the best thing ever!

Day 3

Have I really stuck with this thing? I'm pretty sure this is a blogging record! Day 3 is picture with friends! I don't just have 1 so I will share a few!

(Me & my good friend Kylee)

(My 2 best friends Whit & Jess)

Me & some girlfranns!

Potty Trained? Or something else...

I am such a proud dog mama tonight! Our little Gussie walked around the block on his leash!! If you remember reading in a few posts back we are taking a trip to St. George for the marathon in about 3 weeks and I have been wanting to take Gussie along but he REFUSES to walk on a leash! Maybe because he is a lil' over weight and doesn't want to get made fun of from the other homedogs in the hood? Well we had his 1 year check up over the weekend and he is a whopping 18 pds!!! So, I decided it's time to get his butt in gear for this big trip coming up he HAS to walk on a leash to be able to come he is too heavy for me to lugg around everywhere! After his vet appointment on Saturday I went out and bought him a harness and a leash... we left the harness on him for a few hours and he was fine with it but then we put on the leash! I heard on the show Dog Whisperer that if you let the dog walk around for a bit with the leash hooked on it will help them get use to it faster NOPE not my Gussie Son. He sat and pouted for 2 whole hours, BUT I took him on a walk around the block tonight and he walked the whole way!! (: I am so so proud of him there were times when I had to to tug him a little but other then that he was a freaking champ! I feel like I just potty trained a kid or something!! I am so excited I can't wait to start taking him on walks like I do Chewy he can join along with us now! I rewarded him with a hot dog and now he is passed out in his bedroom, Check it out.

 I am one proud mama tonight! Look how precious he is! 3 weeks till our Sister Vegas Trip!! Whoo Hoo!!

Day of 2

Day 2 of my 30 day challenge is about the meaning of my blog name. I mean there is not in depth meaning its pretty much common sense. My husband was born and raised in Rupert, ID a small farm town of about 5,000 people I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT with a population of 2,298,915!! So there is quite a difference, SLC has big (well big to me) city buildings, subdivsions, a 4-5 laned freeway with a speed limit of 65 and 4 or 5 malls! Rupert is SO different, it's kinda funny to think that my husband would want to marry a mall lovin, bleach blonde, valley girl who dies if there isn't a Starbucks 5 minutes from her house and even more funny to think I married a farm boy who would much rather have a jacked up Chevy truck then a Porche sportscar! I'm glad it all worked out the way it did and my husband knows that you can take the girl outta the city but you can't take the city out of the girl. I am a city girl at heart but sometimes I wish I was that peach pickin, horse ridin cowgirl but I never doubt the fact that my hubbs would want to be a city boy. He loves the farm life way too much! There ya have it, that is how I came up with "A Farm Boy Fell in Love with A City Girl." I would be lost with my lil' farm man that's for sure!

Keeping Up & Day 1

I have decided to join in on the 30 day Challenge that everyone is doing since I have the hardest time keeping up on my blog lately! Please ladies, will time ever slow down? If your answer is no join in on the challenge with me! Here it goes!

Day 1 - A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Day 2 - The meaning behind your Blog name
Day 3 - A picture of you and your friends
Day 4 - A habit that you wish you didn’t have
Day 5- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to
Day 6 - Favorite super hero and why
Day 7 - A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you
Day 8 - Short term goals for this month and why
Day 9 - Something you’re proud of in the past few days
Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad
Day 11 - Another picture of you and your friends
Day 12- How you found out about Blogs and why you made one
Day 13 - A letter to someone who has hurt you recently
Day 14- A picture of you and your family
Day 15 - Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play
Day 16 - Another picture of yourself
Day 17 - Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have
Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them
Day 20 - Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future
Day 21 - A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 22 - What makes you different from everyone else
Day 23 - Something you crave for a lot
Day 24- A letter to your parents
Day 25 - What I would find in your bag
Day 26- What you think about your friends
Day 27 - Why are you doing this 30 day challenge
Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?
Day 29 - In this past month, what have you learned
Day 30- Who are you?

Here is to Day Uno!

(not new at all :/ i am not one for taking pics of myself)

  1. I am the most claustrophobic girL alive! I get panic attacks if I have to sit under freeway over passes for too long! I'd die if I was in jaiL in a tight room or something
  2. I am way too competetive for my own good. So if you try to compete with me every just know that I go for blood.
  3. I honestly was a very sheltered child being in private school and all I didn't know about all the physco odd people that are in this world! Quite sad...
  4.  I have never learned how to manage money. Still to this day hubbs does our finances because I am SO friggin' bad at math!
  5. I am a perfectionist. Things have to be done my way so I usually just end up doing them for myself so I know it's done right. I blame my mother!
  6. I am the least artistic person I hate art and being creative I'd rather go to the store and buy something that someone artsy made!
  7. I HATE HATE HATE HATE with a freaking life passion to cook! OMG! Bleh!
  8. I have a weird freakish like thing with people who have dark hair and blue eyes (much like myself) I will NOT have dark hair because I don't think it's right!
  9. I was born with red hair.
  10. I have OCD about all of my clocks being on the same time.
  11. I brush my hair 5 times  day. 5 people.
  12. I hate snotty bitchy girls I have WAY more guy friends then girlfriends and I prefer it to be that way. Less drama and freaking emotions.
  13. If I found out someone doesn't like me I honestly don't give a fuck.
  14. I suffer from adult ADD straight up legit ADD. It's bad!
  15. Last but not least I have a thing where the scale CANNOT be above 100 pds omg I have major panic full on asthma attacks.
So let's see you jump in on this and continue to do it for 30 days straight! I am really going to try and stick with this!

1 week

Please don't kill me! I am so sorry for being SO MIA lately! I swear my life keeps getting busier and busier! And to think we don't even have kids yet is kinda scary! I had a WONDERFUL Labor Day weekend spent with good friends and my amazing family! I got caught up on some much needed sleep and fall cleaning! Is it time to whip out all my cute fabulous fall decorations yet?!

On another serious note if you haven't heard already Boise State WON! Yep, which means I have a very happy and satisfied husband for the rest of the week! Go Me! (: Our party turned out amazingly and I am starting to feel like I am really turning into the Hostess with the Mostest! Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

The best sugar cookies you will ever scarf down in your lifetime I promise!

Hubbs & I after the BIG win! <3

The Boys!

The 2 cutest Boise fans! (:

BFF's (bros for life)

It runs in the "family"

Me being my jaundice self! :/

The Food table

My Boise nails!

I wish I would have gotten a full picture of our kitchen! It was decked out in orange & blue, I am a not a HUGE football fan but I love to see my husbands face light up when he sees them win! Plus I like to be semi- domesticated and look cute in a Boise jersey for my man! I got the house all decorated cute and made some yummy treats and headed out shoppin with my sissy in law and bff Bri oh and baby! That's being a good wife right?

Is she not the cutest prego girl ever? We were decked in our Boise gear for the boys! It keeps them happy!