Day 18

Oopps this was supposed to be done yesterday but with our nephews flag football game, a scentsy party, our famiLy pictures, and the Boise State game I had NO time. So here is for yesterday!

Plans/dreams/goals you have

1- Go to Vegas & St. George to root on my mom and sissy
2- Start Christmas Shopping and be finished by black Friday
3- Spend Thanksgiving with my family this year
4- Finish our backyard by May
5- Buy a trailer and go camping more

1- Travel to every continent and visit all 50 states
2. Join the Peace Corp.
3. Build an animal shelter
4. Be able to provide a Christmas for a few families every year
5- Renew my vows with my husband

1- Buy or build our dream home in year 2012
2- Have 2 children before the age of 25
3- Build my parents a retirement home
4- Get my children through college
5- Retire easily with my husband

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