1 week

Please don't kill me! I am so sorry for being SO MIA lately! I swear my life keeps getting busier and busier! And to think we don't even have kids yet is kinda scary! I had a WONDERFUL Labor Day weekend spent with good friends and my amazing family! I got caught up on some much needed sleep and fall cleaning! Is it time to whip out all my cute fabulous fall decorations yet?!

On another serious note if you haven't heard already Boise State WON! Yep, which means I have a very happy and satisfied husband for the rest of the week! Go Me! (: Our party turned out amazingly and I am starting to feel like I am really turning into the Hostess with the Mostest! Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

The best sugar cookies you will ever scarf down in your lifetime I promise!

Hubbs & I after the BIG win! <3

The Boys!

The 2 cutest Boise fans! (:

BFF's (bros for life)

It runs in the "family"

Me being my jaundice self! :/

The Food table

My Boise nails!

I wish I would have gotten a full picture of our kitchen! It was decked out in orange & blue, I am a not a HUGE football fan but I love to see my husbands face light up when he sees them win! Plus I like to be semi- domesticated and look cute in a Boise jersey for my man! I got the house all decorated cute and made some yummy treats and headed out shoppin with my sissy in law and bff Bri oh and baby! That's being a good wife right?

Is she not the cutest prego girl ever? We were decked in our Boise gear for the boys! It keeps them happy!
Brittany said...

:) you look great in that jersey! Best wife EVER!!!

Ashley Kate said...

How cute is this!! And the little footballs? Omg... I'm gonna have to try to get fancy and make some of those. Adorable!

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