Early Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas from us here at The Barras Residence!!! I am typing away on my new freaking iPad that hubs bought me for Christmas!! ::squeels::! This thing really freaking rocks and it's probably the best Christmas present I have gotten since my Barbie dream house back in 1993!! Last week he even surprised me with a new Sony digital camera that I have been dying over for ages now!! Why such an early Christmas you ask? Well I only have 2 days of work this week and then we are off to Viva Las Vegas for the Maaco Bowl!! Utah Utes vs. Boise State! You know how hubs is with his Broncos!! Since his birthday is so conviently 8 days after Christmas I figured I mains well get him one BIG gift!! So that I did, wee are off early Weds morning and will return late Thursday night just in time fir Christmas Eve that we get to spend with my niece and neohew!! I am so so excited now that I have this spiffy little gadget hopefully I can get back to my full bloggy ways!! Hopefully I can get another post in before we leave but if not I will be back with some picture updates!! Merry Early Christmas!! (:

Merry Christmas All! (: