September 26th

Up until this past March Ryan and I never really thought of adding baby #2 into the mix. We were so comfortable as a family of 3, and had finally found our groove. Plus building a house and not really having an end in sight living with my parents, put baby #2 on the back burner. Of course, family members and friends kept commenting on how we needed to give Krew a sibling. I agreed to just disagree. R grew up with 3 sisters, all relatively close in age. My sister and me are only 18 months apart. So we both understood the importance of a sibling bond but just shook it off for the most part. We just weren't ready.

Come the middle of April we decided I would have my IUD removed around June more so the end of July maybe, it was no big rush. I had a few running events during the Summer I didn't want out of whack hormones controlling me. For some strange reason I had this CRAZY urge to have it out sooner. Something literally pushed me into the doctors office to have it out at the end of May. My doctor did warn me that my periods would be off and no try to track my ovulation if I was hoping to get pregnant fast. Meh, no rush I said. As always too scared to face reality. Deep down I was hoping I would find out I was pregnant in August early September. Well, it took 5 1/2 weeks for my 1st period to even show up. I was so stressed that I wasn't going to start having a normal period again for awhile. Again, I tried to just brush it off. Another 5 weeks came and went and my periods were still pretty irregular. August passed with no positive test and so did the beginning of September. At this point I was thinking ok, this really needs to happen soon it's like the realization of the age gap in my kids really really got to me. I was beating myself up. Now I know why I had that big urge to get in sooner. Who knew my periods would be that far apart??!

On September 26th I had worked all day but I couldn't help but listen to this gut feeling I had. I WAS pregnant. I had been tired, emotional, and feeling chubbier than usual. I knew in my heart I was pregnant. Ryan was hunting so I asked him to pick up a test on his way home. He happily obliged. I set the test out so I would remember to take it 1st thing in the morning. I didn't sleep well, but that's been nothing new since living at my parents house. So, when I had to get up and pee around 1:30 am I figured I could take it. I prepped myself for a negative but knew deep down it was going to be positive. I peed on the stick and went and laid back down.