He is..

BACK!! I am finally a married woman again!! LOL Ryan has dedicated the last week to his passion for hunting but oh boy were we both ready for him to come home! I have never realized since this year what its like to be without him or how hard it is to maintain everything. Sine has has been gone I have woke up, took a shower, took my dogs to gammys, gone to work form 9-5, went home and cleaned up, went to my parents for dinner, and went out at night to try and maintain our social life. Man oh man, does it suck without him or what!!?
            Friday night my sister and I rented some movies and hung out at my moms. Saturday I went to Olive Garden and shopping with some girlfriends close to $330 later I was done and ready to go home. I got ready to hang out and met up with my friend Krystal we had a little get together at her place and I ended up being the care taker/d.d all night! I know your proud right... Sunday I slept and did laundry.. Monday I just begged and begged for Ry to come home. Tuesday night he came home pretty late around 11:30 so we of course stayed up late and hung out then the next morning he stayed and cleaned up all his hunting stuff and we went to lunch took a 2 1/2 hour nap and then made dinner! After dinner I went and saw my little cousin play softball with my sister, daddy, cousin, 2 aunts, and uncle. She has gotten so big and know my grandmother would be proud. After the softball game I went to Vanessa's house to get a special viewing of  Lisa's GORGEOUS dress! I walked in and thought to myself she was the most beautiful bride ever! She looks exactly like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. So pretty!! Then I went home and hung out with my 2 fav boys.. Ryan and Derrick.  Derrick is Ryan's cousin but I swear they were supposed to be twins. I would look at each one of them from the side and would get kind of creeped out by how much they look alike. All the Barras men are so handsome however, they have pretty bad habits. Like farting as LOUD as possible! And licking their fingers after a meal is done. Well I cant wait till Derrick gets married so we have more get togethers and create many more memories! This week has definetly made me reflect on my appreciate for my husband. Now.. for I swear our 1st date in ages!!

Tis the season..

NO.... not Christmas yet.. In the Barras household its hunting season!! Every October Ry gets his things packed and takes off for what seems like a million years! Being a newlywed and having some attatchment issues I am dreading him leaving!! DREADING!! Its not so much that I am scared to be home alone.. as it just being A LONE.. Not having my best friend to talk to or see when I am having a bad day! He is leaving for a whole week here people!! I am already planning on staying with my mom and dad.. ahh my mom doing my laundry my dad cooking me yummy homemade meals! Does it get better? While I will be here still doing my same thing, Ry and his buddies Bobby B, and Brandon, well and Kenny B of course will be having a good ol' time hunting! After seeing The Time Traver's Wife I am really weary of him going and just nervous I guess. I would be nothing without Ryan and can't imainge my day by day life without him next to me. I feel like I am writing his obiturary or something... pathetic me.. Just note: I will miss him LOTS!! So on a happier note I will leave you of this picture. It reminds me of Ryan to the T and I laughed my ass off when I saw it. Hope you enjoy it as well!!