Resolutions Check-In

I haven't checked in on our resolutions since July! Things have been so busy for us. It feels like life never really slows down. I can't grasp onto reality. Since then here is an update on our 2014 Resolutions!

Save $ for Krews private school tuition. - Family- This is going well. Luckily we still have a few years before we need to start actually paying this out.

Train & complete my 1st FULL marathon. Hoping to get into St. George. - Personal - This isn't going to happen. I have no real excuse. Honestly. Maybe, next year.

Pay-off Ryan's truck. $3,000 left. - Family- CHECK! We did this back in February! We love only have my car payment! 

List & sell our 1st home. - Family - CHECK! This is still so bittersweet to me! We sold back in March!

Train & complete my 1st triathlons. Idaho Spudman. - Personal -
CHECK CHECK CHECK! I can't believe this is done & over with!

Live in the moment more, social media free. - Personal - This has been getting easier and easier to do! I don't care as much to stay in the loop!

Find or build our dream home, the one we will be in for the next 15+ yrs. 
- Family - CHECK CHECK CHECK! I think this is the most exciting goal of all! We are ONE week out from moving!!

MAYBE try for another baby. MAYBE. - Family - This year really got the best of us! Busy busy!

Potty train Krew. - Family - Once we get into our house we are going to his this pretty hard. I am nervous since we are going to California for almost a week in December. Will it set him back any once we do get him trained? Should I hold off until the new year?

It's been a very blessed year for my family.


So much has changed since my last post on our house! We are basically weeks away from completion and so anxious and excited to move in and finally really call it our own! We have had such good luck with our builders so far. Of course as every build goes there have been some bumps along the way but nothing too major!

We have had a ton of friends and some family ask to come and see the process and support us in our new adventure and it has been so fun to share it with them! Every step of the way has been a real dream come true! We have a new closing date of November 3rd and should have the keys no later than November 7th! We can't wait to decorate for Christmas! Here are some pictures and caption updates!

I REALLY don't want to post any pictures of the inside. I feel like that is something I would like to keep private. I will post a few pictures here and there. As for my friends and family come see the inside for yourself!! 

Our shutters go in on Monday and we are waiting on mirrors and one more cabinet door. We have 3-4 walk through's and then we close! 3 weeks people!