1 year anniversary!!

One year ago yesterday I married the man of my dreams! I can't believe its already been a year! Time flies.. Ryan Barras is the most amazing husband and caregiver I have ever met! My love for him is like anything else in this world! I just want to shout out to him and tell him  how lucky I am to have him by my side each and everyday. He always puts my needs before his own and never lets me go without. I know he would go to the end of the earth just go keep me happy! He does a damn good job at it! He never has anything mean to say about anyone and is always looking at the brighter things in life! I appreciate everything he has done and everything I know he will do. I look up to him in so many ways and know he grows into a better man and husband every day! He is my soul mate, best friend, confidant, the love of my love, and future baby daddy! I CANNOT wait for our journey ahead! Now on to our amazing weekend! Saturday morning we woke up and I surprised him with a manicure and pedicure at Skin Works in Sugahood. He wasn't too sure about the mani but he loved getting his feet done! We had lunch and went  home to get ready for a wedding, then that night we had the UFC Fights at our place on his new 52" television which he LOVES!! Then Sunday we had brunch at teh Grand America it was quite pricey $$$ but SO worth it!!
Then we rented some movies and had a VERY relazing afternoon at home! Then went to GoodWood bbq since Ry LOVES bbq and came home and dug into the top of our wedding cake! It was good just not as fresh as I remember!! 
Then today went up to Park City and rode the rides! All in all it has been an amazing weekend!! 1 down 60 more to go!! I am the luckiest girl ALIVE!!


So since I have nailed this whole blogger thing I think that this deserves a blog! As most of you know Dean and Jessica are expecting!!! Which means I am going to be an AUNT!!! I am so excited for the both of them and Peyton! Jessica is like a sister to me and has been here for me through thick and thin. She is one of my best friends and a very good role model! I am so excited to be here with her through this whole pregnancy! Don't get me wrong I love Peyton as if he came out of my own va jay jay but I am just so excited to see this little one turn into the little beast I know it will be!! I know it will be a girl and if its not I am going to be damn surprised! Here is the first item I am working on... I know its soon but I am a perfectionist and the least creative person ever so I am going to need A LOT of time to work on this!
Its a diaper cake!
Since Jessica told me she was preggers I knew I wanted to make her one of these! I hear it is better to do it with cloth diapers so that is what I will do! (Plus the thought of unwrapped diapers grosses me out!) I am so excited to see Peyton with his new little sibling he is going to be an awesome big brother and such a big help to his mommy and Deano! Congrats guys we are very very happy for you! :] Can't wait for the journey and memories we have ahead! NOW... of to find a baby recorder! ;]

1st Surgery

As some of you already know I have been told by my ENT that I HAVE to get my tonsils removed!! AHHH!! Surgery? Me? Scariest thing possible.. Here is a few reasons as to why I am SO stressed out about it!

1) As a child I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy which basically means there is no known cause for why I have or have had seizures. I have experienced 3 severe Grand Mal seizures (however, i dont remeber them).

2) I am allergic to anestheisa. How or Why is still unkown.

3) The anestheisa I get for my surgery may bring my eplilepsy BACK!

I am so dang scared!! I do not want to put the burden of my seizures on my husband or any of my family members nor do I want to have an allergic reaction during the procedure and DIE!! I have so many scary thought going through my head and most of them I am sure are pretty silly!

Why do I have to get my tonsils out you say? Well if you have a weak stomach STOP reading NOW! If not enjoy! :]

I have what is called Tonsil Crypts other wise known as Tonsilloliths. Tonsil Crypts are small pockets that form on the outside of your tonsils. It’s these pockets or tonsil crypts that collect debris, like the mucus from nasal drip as well as food particles. When accumulated, this debris forms what is called tonsil stones. When all of this collects in the tonsil crypts, you will not only get symptoms as sore throat and a raspy voice, but also halitosis or bad breath! (So sorry honey!) So there you have it. My 1st and hopefully last surgery!! (Well for the exception of my new boobies!) Coming to you March 2010! LOL Hope you all enjoyed and I will be expecting flowers!