1st Surgery

As some of you already know I have been told by my ENT that I HAVE to get my tonsils removed!! AHHH!! Surgery? Me? Scariest thing possible.. Here is a few reasons as to why I am SO stressed out about it!

1) As a child I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy which basically means there is no known cause for why I have or have had seizures. I have experienced 3 severe Grand Mal seizures (however, i dont remeber them).

2) I am allergic to anestheisa. How or Why is still unkown.

3) The anestheisa I get for my surgery may bring my eplilepsy BACK!

I am so dang scared!! I do not want to put the burden of my seizures on my husband or any of my family members nor do I want to have an allergic reaction during the procedure and DIE!! I have so many scary thought going through my head and most of them I am sure are pretty silly!

Why do I have to get my tonsils out you say? Well if you have a weak stomach STOP reading NOW! If not enjoy! :]

I have what is called Tonsil Crypts other wise known as Tonsilloliths. Tonsil Crypts are small pockets that form on the outside of your tonsils. It’s these pockets or tonsil crypts that collect debris, like the mucus from nasal drip as well as food particles. When accumulated, this debris forms what is called tonsil stones. When all of this collects in the tonsil crypts, you will not only get symptoms as sore throat and a raspy voice, but also halitosis or bad breath! (So sorry honey!) So there you have it. My 1st and hopefully last surgery!! (Well for the exception of my new boobies!) Coming to you March 2010! LOL Hope you all enjoyed and I will be expecting flowers!

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