Sunday Funday

I am copying sweet lil' Mrs. G on this and wishing everyone a fantastic weekend!

1. Have you ever snooped around someone else's house?

No! I would hate if someone snooped around my house so I would never snoop around anyone elses'!
2. Can guys and girls be friends?
Yes I for sure think so! Since I was raised Catholic in a very mormon state I did not have a lot of girlfriends growing up since I did not attend young womens, singles ward etc etc. So I do have a lot of guy friends and husband it more then confidant with himself and our marriage for me to hang with them Plus girLs are just plain freaking bitchy so less drama!

3. Can you curl your tongue?

4. Have you ever stolen anything?
No way! Being raised in a strict Catholic household and attending private school I knew better!

5. Would you rather talk on the phone or text?
I hate hate hate talking on the phone! I don't really have much time to text though so if people wanna talk to me I think they mostly call me!

6. Memorial Day plans?
Laying out by the pool and spending the whole day with husband since he has been working non stop! (cha-ching)

7. What do you do to relax?
I like to get facials with my mom and sis! <3

8. Do you do anything to honor those that have died fighting for our freedom?
We have the boyscouts put a flag in our yard.

Whoot Whoot for 1 more day off! Hope you all have had a wonderful safe and warm weekend! Tomorrow I will be getting my tan on!


My dear Aunt Bing passed on this afternoon and I'm not quite sure how I feel yet? I'm sad, confused, angry, and just grateful I guess? Death is such a scary thing to me its hard for me to grasp the fact that once you are gone your gone. I thought I would blog about this while my emotions and thoughts are still with me. You could call it the grieving process most definitely. With "Annie Bing" (my dads aunt) being my 2nd Aunt it didn't really matter I was still pretty close to her you could say. My Grandma Lois who I was so close too and still am passed away from breast cancer my junior year of high school. The time when I probably needed her the most, Bing was nothing like my Grandma she was much more vulgar, narrow minded, and straight forward these traits aren't bad considering she grew up in the 1940's era. The last time husband and I went to see her she told us she was in need of a new night gown, for some reason I felt the need to run out and buy her one immediately so we did and she was so grateful and appreciative of it. For the past couple of weeks I have been telling my husband that we really need to get out and see her because I knew she didn't have much more time here on plant earth.  We have been so busy and so involved in our own life that we have not had the time to go out and see her. I think back and think of "How busy were we really?" Too busy to see my elderly Aunt? NO! NO! NO! You are never ever ever too busy to spend time with family and the ones you love! I' am angry with myself that I didn't just carve out an hour of my night to go and visit her for which would have been THE last time. However, I think of my faith and religion and believe that God didn't want it that way. He wanted me to see my Aunt Bing in the state that she was in. Coherent, Appreciative and Happy. over a night gown! The night before my Grandmother passed I remember seeing her in such bad shape and that is the last memory I have of her. God did not want me to have to relive that again. I feel at this point in my life that its a lesson learned. Never be too busy for your loved ones, and always appreciate the little things that are given to you. I like to think you always take one thing away from the bad situation the Lord puts you in. So thank you Aunt Bing for being so appreciative and grateful for what you had that day in your nursing home room it made me realize that I need to appreciate those around me and the things I have that much more because I do not know when they are going to be taken away from me. I think this is all I am going to write for now I am going to go talk to my mama and let some of my feelings out I think I am having post trauma from when my Grandma passed? I don't really know what else you would call it? Thanks for listening to my lame vent! 


I thought I would join in on this fun fill in the blank Friday! Fridays are sLoow at work and husband is home working on our chain link fence so I am doing anything and everything to help this day go by fastterr!! I found this via She is a pretty rad chick and I enjoy reading her blogs! So here we go:

1. One fashion trend I regret is: those really high white shoes like the Spice Girls use to wear! Yes, I wanted to be a Spice Girl at the age of 6! (who didn't though right?)

2. The one thing that completes almost any outfit is: SHOES. Shoes shoes and more shoes. Buy a nice pair of black flats or heels and just take good care of them getting them polished, resoled they will last you a lifetime! I love Michael Kohrs, Cole Hahn, and Nine West!

3. I would describe my personal style as: My own I never really try to follow the trends I wear what I like and what I feel comfortable in.

4. My fashion muse is: Nicole Richie I just love this lady!

5. If I could own one designer peice of clothing it would be a pair of Jimmy Choos. Oh how I desire these shoes everytime I walk into Nordstrom I could stare at them for hours. The pair I want is $850.00 poor husband will never be a millionaire I will spend it all first!

6. I would love to raid the wardrobe of: My moms! She has the most amazing collection of vintage Dooney & Bourkes some expensive shoes and some nice Ann Taylor suits and cute summer stuff from J. Crew!  
(I guess I could raid it whenever I wanted too.. she doesn't have a choice!)

7. Today I am wearing: A white V-Neck T with a navy blue balzer with the sleeves rolled up some Big Star jeans and silver heels!

Happy Freaking Friday!


Yep ladies that's right! I'm actually bloggity blogging about The Hill on time!! ::crowd cheers:: Lets start off with this!
(Heidi in the Jungle)

Is this what inspired her to do that CRAZY jungle/animal/hot dog carnival party for her neigbors kid?! Umm... doesn't his mom and dad live right next to you guys? Meaning they may have just about as much money as you do? Heidi if you want a child and family that bad you are going to have to reevaluate your marriage with Spence!
He is effing CRAZO!

Okay Mr. Pratt calm down before you give yourself a corinary!! Check out those veins.. I'm sorry but the way Spencer was yelling at Holly was so unexectable! If ANYONE and I mean ANYONE said those mean, nasty, and hurtful things about my mother or my sister they would be DEAD! Seriously... and Heidi just sat there almost like she had nothing to say with NO expression on her face because she has had too much freaking botoxx!! Ahhh! I almost freaked when she didn't stick up for either one of them! Go Spencer your so classy, intelligent, and kind. Good on ya!


Once again I just love her. Her style totally rocks and I think she is such a sweet girl as long as you don't get on her bad side. Oh K-Cav we would get along so well. (Call me!)

One more thing!

Go check out her new clothing line it is the bomb diggttyyy!!! Love it and her and I have no mastered the whole french side braid with your bangs and I love it! It keeps my bangs out of my face and is fun and flirty for the summa!!!

Chow Peeps!


Over at Kelly's Korner, it's Show Us Your Life - Baby Names! I thought it would be pretty fun since I usually smack husband very unexpectedly with new baby names every other day or so! Yeah, I am crazy like that and have to have my whole life planned out. I am a huge "planner" its almost sick! Husband doesn't know how it works since I am so spontaneous at the same time. Go figure? I have always been SO against telling people our baby names because I HATE copy cats and stealers but whatever I'm over it. With all the gals I know that are prego its hard to keep in my cute baby names too!! So here ya go:

1. Krew Arthur Barras
I love the name Krew always have & Arthur for Ry's Grandma who his is SO close to.

2. Ryan Scott Barras
Ryan after husband of course and Scott after my daddy who I love so dearly.

and for girl names we have:

1. Lois  Barras
Lois after my Grandma she was my best friend and a BIG motherly figure in my life. Its old fashioned but I love it and we think we would just call her Lo for short.
(Husband says "Lo Blow" but that wont be happening)

2. Brooklyn Barras  
Brooklyn? Really? ha ha ha Yes husband has even said to me "You know everyone will call her Brooke right?" Brooke is husbands ex girlfriend who has caused much unnecessary drama at the start of our relationship. I don't care, she has been a part of making us who we are and making us so strong as a couple I love love love the name Brooklyn plus I think it goes so good with Barras.

I think thats all other then the ones I throw out there like Tenley, Chandler, Eli, and Bailey. We are a few years out from having little ones but when we do at least we will have names checked off our list! Hubbs doesn't mind talking about it either so we are good!

Happy Monday girlfranns.


(kinda blurry she is a wiggle worm)

Seriously I think I am the luckiest Aunt in this whole entire world. This lil' lady is a drama queen but can light up in room and make you smile on a very bad day!

I love these babies more then the world knows!!!!

Mothers Day

Words cannot express how much this woman means to me so I am not even going to try but since she did bring me into this world and still gives me all the things my spoiled little hands can get ahold of I felt I needed to give her a little shoutout! So here is to you mom for all of the late nights you spent up with me as a baby, waiting for me to get home when I would miss curfew, all the track meets you would volunteer for and sit through, and for all of the morals and values you have taught me.
I only aspire to be a mother like you. You are so hardworking, caring, loving and selfless. Thanks for putting your 2 girls and husband before yourself. I coudln't imagine my life without you and am so grateful for you each and every day! I love you so much and appreciate everything you have done to help me reach my dreams!
(I better stop before I tear up!)

Park City

Having the amazing husband that I have he planned us a little 1 night getaway to Park City! We headed up after work grabbed some dinner at a new place called Maxwells where I had some delish bomb dig spinach ravioli then we headed to The Peaks hotel! It was amazing and so relaxing! We like to take these kind of trips at least once a month to make sure we are on the same page and to reconnect. I love this man more then words can express and through the years of being with him I have finally came to the realization of who I am.

(this was the 1st night we met! Look at our baby chubb!)
 I have rid of all of the bad people, feelings, and emotions and I honestly feel like I am a whole new person and I owe it all to him. I don't dwell on the past, I don't get as irritated at little stuff, I have finally learned to just let things roll of my shoulder. I am in such a great place in life and I finally know who the people are that I can fall back on and I know they will be there to catch me. I am so blessed to have amazing parents and a bigger sis who will be here for me through thick in thin even though we have our days! We are very grateful to have such an awesome relationship with husbands older sister, our brother in law, and our neice and nephew. I honestly have no idea where I would be without this man and cannot thank him enough for the amazing life he gives to me and for how hard he works for us and for our families. I can finally rest my head at  night and be happy and content with myself. In return this makes me more kind, compassionate, and empathetic towards everyone. I'm always in a good mood and I'm always trying to do the right thing even for complete strangers! So here is a shout out to the man of my dreams, soul mate, best friend, and confidant and our family for ALWAYS being here for us and helping us see the real meaning of life.
(Park City... exuse me I was sick)
It only gets better from here!


Well... believe it or not I am kinda sorta in a weird dysfunctional way BABY HUNGRY!
Last Saturday we babysat our 2 month old baby neice! I think she was with us for a total of 7 1/2 or so hours! Yep she came over said her ta ta's to her mama and dad! We started out by just playing she would talk to me, smile at me, laugh at her goofy Uncle Chop Chop, and of course EAT! Here is how our night went:
  • 6:30-8:30/ Played, Talked, Smiled, Laughed and ate once.
  • 8:30-10:30/Slept sound asleep
  • 10:30-11:00/ Woke up crying and screaming, fed her, she stopped crying.
  • 11:00/ Started crying.. Uncle Chop Chop changed her diaper (he insisted on doing this? Idk why?) Maybe because while she was crying I would hold her and she would be okay. So Sweet! While Uncle Chop Chop was changing her she PEED! On our COUCH! We laughed and of course told her how cute she is and that she can do anything at Aunties!
  • 11:15-12:00/ Happy in her swing sleeping in and out and ate.
  • Midnight- the time mama arrived/ Cried, Slept, PEED on our COUCH AGAIN! I think she had a tummy ache because she ate too much or something IDK?!

-She is just so cute and even with the crying! Her smile and faces could make anyones day! Seriously love this girl and can't wait to have all the adventures with her as we have had with nephew P!

How could you not be baby hungry with this sweet, caring, adorable, handsome, so tender of a husband?

She was so perfectly content on her belly with Uncle Chop Chop!


For all of us Hillzies out there I found Tuesdays episode kinda boring! I mean other then the fight with Stephanie it was just kinda bland! I need more DRAMA! I am really surprised by how well Audrina and Kristen are getting along! Oh! and don't you think her and Ryan Cabrrera are such an adorable couple?
I do!
Okay now seriously Stephanie you really need to GIVE UP the drama! I have never liked her.. I mean I know I shouldn't just not like her because she is Spencers sister but I just DON'T like her! In all defense to Kristen she pinned the nail right on the head by saying she had no room to talk with the 2 or 3 DUI's (or whatever) she has had! Boo Hoo Stephanie your brother is rude to you. He is rude to everyone and you really shouldn't care that much because no one likes him anyways! Yeah of course he is family but I don't think she should just let him treat her that way! He is only doing it to make himself feel better!!

(Guys give it up NOW, please & thank you!)
H's for HEIDI! Are you freaking kidding me here people? Do they even make bras that BIG?!!! AHHH!! Share some of that wealth over here girlfrann!! If I had a lot of money I would start a fund for girLs who are self consious with their small ta ta's and I would donate money! If its going to make you feel better I don't know why not? BUT Heidi has taken way OVERBOARD!!

As for Ms. Kristen Cavallari and the rumors about being on crack leave the poor girl alone! She has admitted to trying cocaine in high school but said she did not like it and has not done it sense. Why would someone who has done something before and is possibly still on it admit to something like that? Yeah she is skinny! So what! There are a lot of skinny girls in America it doesn't mean they are all on crack! What is America coming too? First they judge women for being too fat or too skinny now if you do have a nice body your on drugs?? What a great example to set to young women everywhere!

Keep rockin' your shit girL!!

That's my update on The Hills! Obvi. I love it!!
Peace out homies


I will do my Hills recap later tonight I PROMISE!! :] For now enjoy... 
 Just Thursday

Outside my window.. the sun is out and it looks a lot hotter then it really is! brrr...

The time is.. 20 minutes after 9

                               Today I feel.. so tired I can't wait for the weekend so I can sleeep!!!

I am thinking.. about my handsome husband

At the moment, I am thankful.. for my blackberry that keeps my mind busy 80% of the day!

I am going.. to get my hair done this weekend!! woot woot!

I am wearing.. brown leggins and a long BKE shirt!

I wish.. it was SUMMER!!!!!

I am reading.. our sales report at work.

I am working on.. getting my backyard finished so we can have bomb dig bbqs!

I am hoping.. that our 5 year plan works out!

I am space heater!

Around the house.. have my couches cleaned and wood floors polished

I bet you didn't know.. I eat just about as much as my husband does and he weighs 2x as much as I do ::omg did I just say that on the worldwide web?::
One of my favorite.. things to do is snuggle up in bed with my husband and puppies and watch a gooood movie!!