Over at Kelly's Korner, it's Show Us Your Life - Baby Names! I thought it would be pretty fun since I usually smack husband very unexpectedly with new baby names every other day or so! Yeah, I am crazy like that and have to have my whole life planned out. I am a huge "planner" its almost sick! Husband doesn't know how it works since I am so spontaneous at the same time. Go figure? I have always been SO against telling people our baby names because I HATE copy cats and stealers but whatever I'm over it. With all the gals I know that are prego its hard to keep in my cute baby names too!! So here ya go:

1. Krew Arthur Barras
I love the name Krew always have & Arthur for Ry's Grandma who his is SO close to.

2. Ryan Scott Barras
Ryan after husband of course and Scott after my daddy who I love so dearly.

and for girl names we have:

1. Lois  Barras
Lois after my Grandma she was my best friend and a BIG motherly figure in my life. Its old fashioned but I love it and we think we would just call her Lo for short.
(Husband says "Lo Blow" but that wont be happening)

2. Brooklyn Barras  
Brooklyn? Really? ha ha ha Yes husband has even said to me "You know everyone will call her Brooke right?" Brooke is husbands ex girlfriend who has caused much unnecessary drama at the start of our relationship. I don't care, she has been a part of making us who we are and making us so strong as a couple I love love love the name Brooklyn plus I think it goes so good with Barras.

I think thats all other then the ones I throw out there like Tenley, Chandler, Eli, and Bailey. We are a few years out from having little ones but when we do at least we will have names checked off our list! Hubbs doesn't mind talking about it either so we are good!

Happy Monday girlfranns.
Meant to be a mom said...

I love all your names. Isn't it fun to have your top 4. I love it! But I too hate stealers and if I have a short list of names and my friends know it than they better not steal!!! I'm just saying!

Annie said...

Cute names! Youa re lucky that you and your hubs agree...we have the hardest time coming to an agreement on names!!

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