Cheer to the freakin' weekend!

Thank you Monday for smacking me in the face. My unborn child & I hate you!! Anyways, we had a marvelous weekend spending time with friends, eating, and watching Supercross. Let me tell you something, I have never liked mustard until I indulged in 2 HUGE corndogs with mustard and ketchup at Supercross. Is it lunchtime? Now on to our weekend; as soon as I put my key into my car on Friday there is no stopping me!
Haste La Vista Boss!!

Friday Hubbs helped his good friend fix some things on hiS car. How did I get so lucky in marrying such a handyman? Seriously I think that dude could fix anything! While they were doing that I snuggled with a real cute puppy dog!
This little thing is so snuggly, and warm, and has the best puppy breath ever! Again, she didn't make me puppy hungry like I usually am. Maybe that's how moms are when they have newborn babies, they aren't baby hungry until the kid is grown? I have 2 crazy dogs of my own to chase around!

Saturday we slept in, got some lunch and headed up to SuperCross. We have friends who "tailgate" you could say. Motorhome, firepit, beerpong, bbq the whole nine yards! Let me tell you being the only pregnant chick in a crowd of 30 21 and over peeps was rough. "Hey you want a beer" is all I heard. Or maybe all I wanted to hear? ::jokes::
This was right before I froze my freaking bum off! Not joking my whole body hurt so bad from shivering, and sitting in that damn bleacher for 4 hours!
I swear SLC needs to win some sort of Academy Award for our sunsets. They are so breathtaking!
I never knew SuperCross was SO awesome until I watched the dudes take the jumps full speed and soar into the air! It kinda sorta brought out the evil kanevil in me and I may or may not want to act like a boy and do it! The smell of the exhaust was a little much and some of the people were so rude but other then that it was a fun night!
Sunday I put this baby swing/rocker together all by myself. Yes, hubbs was impressed with my skills! Honestly, I impressed myself I pretended I was in Hunger Games. (did I just admit that?)
We had a nice bbq dinner at my parents house and I finished out the weekend downing a large bananna cream shake by myself. I only have a 4 day work week this week since my sissy is graduating! Should be great!

Can anyone else relate? Eh?


Baby B will be my parents very first Grandbaby! They are over the moon excited & I am very fortunate as much as they drive me crazy to have them in my life! My mom calls me on a daily basis to check in on me and make sure I am doing okay. My dad makes sure that whatever Summer activitves I am pertaking in that I am safe. I think if he could wrap me in bubble wrap for the next 7 months he would, he has full on admitted that he wants a BOY. If we do have a boy it will be his pal he has just my sister and I so I do think he deserves to get his little guy pal! I better cover my bases on how I told them because I DO NOT want to forget how excited & genuinly happy they were I know I will never forget the smile on my fathers face. For once I think I have made him proud! (:

Meet Mama Collins. This is her with my puggy that she calls "baby gussie". Let me tell you now the love she has for this dog is like nothing you've ever seen before. She calls ME just to talk to HIM. Sometimes I feel like he is loved more then I am. It's great though I know she can't wait to be called "Bammy" from a real human being!

Meet Papa Collins, The funniest, sweetest, caring, loving, most enjoyable man to be around EVER. He literally lights up a room when he walks in. Having a bad day? Oh just call him and he will clue you in how fortunate and lucky you are then crack a joke for your sake and make your whole day better! God I love this man! See that shit eating grin? I have one just like it and I hope if he does get his baby Grandson that he will get it as well! I don't even want to know the tricks this man will show my mini Scotty! Oh & please note: He is the BIGGEST UofU fan ever!!

So the Monday after finding out 3/19 we took a little trip to see my parents. I wish I would have gotten more pictures that night but I was too nervous/excited to clue them in. I bought a red bag with white tissue paper just to throw them off here is what was inside..

Yoou guessed it Boise State baby gear! This is how it went down:

Me: Mom, Dad I got you a gift
Mom: No you didn't I a NOT opening it
Me: What the crap? Okay physco
Mom: It's a sick joke I know it's a joke
Me: Just because I think life is a joke doesn't mean I am out to get you both. (Maybe I am a little)
Me: Dad please open it.
Dad: ::shit eating grin:

As my dad is scrambling to open the gift my mom steps beside him.

Dad: Boise State? What the hell am I going to do with this?
Mom: Baby stuff?
Me: ::totally thinking I was birthed by lunatics::
Mom: Are you going to have a baby?
Me: Yep November!
Dad: Really? ::teary eyed and shit::
Mom: Seriously Ryan?
Ryan: Yeah seriously!
Mom & Dad: ::hug:: We are SO happy!

The rest of the night we all baby talked till we were blue in the face! It was such a special moment and one I will forever cherish! I think all of our true colors and personality shown through in that ordeal. Maybe I won't joke so much? Psh.. nahh who am I kidding?

Happy Friday!
I am in for a busy weekend with a bbq, Supercross, Sleep, Sleep, & Sleep!

10 Weeks & Bump Picture!

They have spotted a whale somewhere west of Salt Lake City! Yep, it's me and I am feeling something like a beached whale! I am not "pregnant" looking just more like "damn that girl needs to lay off the doughnuts and potatoe chips looking." I've never dealt with excess chub in my life so it's been rough adjusting to my growing waist line, double chin, arms, legs, and anything else you can imagine a snickers a day goes too!

And now for this week’s progress:

How Far Along? 10 weeks 1 day!
Size of Baby? According to my What to Expect app s/he is a lime! Beergarita anyone?
Maternity Clothes? I have NEVER loved my Tom's more! I bought a beband which I have on in my picture above and I can still fit in my pants also bought a pair of maternity leggins! Wowza who says you have to be pregnant to where these comfy things?
Weight Gain? 5 pounds at my last appt 4/17. I refuse to buy a scale for my own home use.
Stretch Marks? Nope! Gender? 90% of the population says BOY hubbs and I say GIRL!
Sleep? I have never slept so good in my life! Seriously! I do drag my ass in the mornings though!
Food Cravings? Yellow Peppers! ::heart is burning::
What I Miss? Sleeping on my stomach, A cold cocktail with friends, the GYM!!
Symptoms? If it wasn't for my every growing baby waist and my friends/family treating me like I am handicapped I would forget I was pregnant! I feel THAT good!
Belly Button? Still in!
Best Moment of the Week? Every moment is great to me! I can't believe I am going to have my very own baby to spoil this Christmas! My parents are even more exicted!!

Gender Reveal

Reveal Reveal Reveal! Our gender reveal party is on May 23rd and I seriously couldn't be more excited! We find out the 22nd and hubbs and I are going to have our technician put the gender in an envelope and we will go out to dinner together and open it! The few hours we get to spend knowing what our sweet pea is as a couple will be so worth it. My mom is a little upset that she isn't going to find out until the party but that's life. Husband and I want to be the first ones to know and be able to share those special moments just the 2 of us. Is there something wrong with that? After all, this is OUR baby? This is OUR news to share. Am I being selfish or is she? Or is it just a weird conflict? Anyways, here are some ideas I have had floating in my head about the invitations which I am going to send out this weekend! I will post the one I actually went with as soon as they all go out!

I obviously have a thing for little birdies! The color combo I am going with is coral and light blue, I can't wait to see everything pulled together! We are going to do a small veggie tray, fresh fruit dip, and chips plate nothing to fancy shmancy! I also have the cake I want picked out and ready to be baked as soon as we find out what part our little one is growing! Seriously, no one ever told me all the fun you can have with your first baby! Now May will you please come quickly!

Our month seems pretty booked to me. Maybe it's because I'd rather sit on the couch with candy and slurpees and watch good movies though. But hey, it's Summer and I need to get my butt in gear!
Happy Tuesday!
I am rockin' my messy hair don't care look, cheetah print flats, & a small baby bump! ((:

Spring has Sprung!

I am going to admit it, right here right now. Maybe when I am holding my sweet baby I can look back and laugh at myself but right now I am having a really hard time with being pregnant during the Summer! Everyone wants me to do these outrageously fun things with them. Tubing, Jetski, Hiking, Sky diving, drinking, concerts etc. I don't feel like Summer is Summer without a few frozen coladas? Anyone with me? I will say before I was pregnant I wasn't much of a drinker and NOW it's all I can think about it! I am trying to fill up my Summer with fun "mom things" like picnic with hubbs, shopping, the gym, and I really just can't wait till the pools open! Here are some pictures of the weekend which was eventful and uneventful at the same time!

I racked in some awesome gifts from a great work friend who is leaving to San Fransico soon! I felt like I had a mini shower all from 1 person! I love it! I need to get cleaning & rennovating the rooms to make way for the new baby!

My friends got a pupppy who is 6 weeks old and all she wants to do is cuddle! I am all for the free cuddles and nummy puppy breath but for once in my life I am NOT puppy hungry! Just baby ready! (:

My Gus Gus man was jealous after his mama snuggled the new puppy so he had to have snuggle time himself! How do you think he will like it when baby consumes 100% of my time? I think he will like his Grandpa a whole lot more!

Yesterday afternoon hubbs & I picked up some sandwiches and took them to the park and had a picnic! It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to do more of it when we have a little one to play with too! I am so in love with the hot sun that has resided in the sky in SLC lately! I have no complaints! I will be back tomorrow with my 10 week bump or lack thereof and survey post! Happy Monday Funday!

2nd BIGGEST day of my life!

Yesterday 4/17/2012 was the day I have been waiting for, for almost 6 weeks now! Forget Vegas I was anxious for 11:30 a.m on this day! We FINALLY got to see our little baby & hear that sweet sweet heartbeat! It was beating like a lion & we couldn't be MORE excited! People told me that I would cry when I heard it but I didn't. Not a single part of me wanted to cry, I was all smiles & so was my wonderful husband! It was the sweetest, most calming thing in this entire world. Knowing that our little peanut was sustaining life inside of me, depending on me, & growing was the MOST amazing thing I have ever experienced. I think I will say this again when we find out the gender (more on my reveal party to come) but I looked into my husbands eyes as he was staring at the ultrasound & I could see so much joy, and love, and happiness in his eyes. Just like the day I married him. 4 years later we are preparing to welcome a new family member! It's weird to say family of 3 but music to my ears! We finally have something to look forward to other then doting on ourselves!

I can't stop staring at this beautiful little thing my husband & I have been so blessed to create. Is it a he or she? My husband and I are dead set on a girl, my family and friends think it's a BOY. We will find out on May 22nd and celebrate with a Gender Reveal party with family on the 23rd! Until then I have another ultrasound on May 2nd & it can't come fast enough! Bring on the party planning! I will post with ideas soon! I was moved back a week at my appointment so I am due 11/20 husband thinks I will be 11/22 on Thanksgiving! Also will be taking my 10 week bump picture this weekend!

9 weeks

I don't have much of a belly yet so I am not going to take bump pictures till maybe this weekend or after I go to my doctor appointment on Tuesday! I got crafty after seeing this chalkboard on pinterest, I have chicken scratch so I decided to go with the markers instead of chalk. It was a little harder but I think cuter! Love it!

Now here is a survey for your viewing pleasure:
  • How far along?  9w 5d
  • Total weight gain:  I haven't weighed myself since finding out I was pregnant. I have always been totally paranoid about my weight. My weight before getting pregnant was 105 so that is my post body goal!
  • Maternity clothes?  Just a beband so I can wear my cute jeans comfortably! I am loving dresses though!
  • Stretch marks? None. Crossing my fingers I get lucky!
  • Sleep: I love sleep. I wake up maybe twice a night anxious but it doesn't take my long to get back to sleep! I wish I could pass out on my tummy again though!
  • Best moment this week:  I have been a sickly little thing and I don't want to take anything so I'm going to have to say I haven't had a great week.
  • Miss Anything? FOOD & Pepsi! I am so so picky as of late NOTHING sounds good!
  • Movement: None yet.
  • Food cravings: Anything salty!
  • Food aversions: Meat. Ew ew ew.
  • Gender: We do not know yet!
  • Labor Signs: Oh my no!
  • Symptoms: Back pain, gas, headaches, bloat
  • Belly Button in or out? In
  • Wedding rings on or off? On.
  • Looking forward to: Our 1st appointment on Tuesday & hearing that sweet heartbeat.


Easter is my favorite Holiday! Of course, I always seem to get sick crippled when my favorite things come around once a year! This Easter was none the less a very good one well spent with family just how I like it. I can't belive this is our last year as a family of 2 for Holidays! I can't wait for Thanksgiving & Christmas as they will mean so much more to us then before! Here are a couple pictures of the way we celebrated!

Exactly 4 years ago husband proposed to me in the most clever tricky way! Plus again, my FAVORITE Holiday! We look oh so young! (Yes, I am an instagram whore)

The CUTE little ducky we bought for our CUTE babe!

Us at husbands sisters house with our niece and nephews! I LOVE being a part of this sweet little family bond we have!

"Peep Kabobs"

I don't like Peeps or anything. SMH.

Hoppy Easta Peeps!

shopping for who?

New shoes for me? No baby.
New toys for me? No baby.
New clothes for me? No baby.

All I think about is baby baby baby! I don't even like to shop for myself anymore! I just want to buy little blankets/toys/shoes anything and everything I can get my hands on this early into my pregnancy! Hubby doesn't mind either our countertop is being cluttered with all things baby as we don't want to put them away we just like to stare! Once we find out the gender shopping is on like donkey kong!

Viva Las Pregnant

This past weekend hubby & I enjoyed a nice trip to Las Vegas! I know, Vegas pregnant? That was my thought exactly! We had planned the trip about a month before we found out that we were expecting and had our hopes up on a nice relaxing trip! That it was! We planned this for my birthday which was Saturday, March 31st. ::throws confetti:: & our 5 year "dating anniversary", Yes, we are that cheesy couple that celebrates such special holidays! We planned on leaving Friday morning sometime around 7 a.m or 8 as per usual our bad luck got in the way! My tire was low and luckily my smart handy man hubby decided we should have it checked before taking off because of the harsh roads and 4 hour drive he'd rather be safe then sorry. Thank God he did, the tire place we initally took it too said there was a nail too close to the wall of the tire to just patch it. It requried a whole new tire! Keep in mind I just bought tires for my Mercedez a mere 4 months ago, I was so close to relaxing on my vacation I could taste it. Or was that the bagel I scarffed beforehand? Anywho, we called almost every tire shop nearby and NO ONE could have a tire in within a reasonable hour for us to get back on the road. Miss priss pregnant was close to a total mental bitch fit. I called my work, I work for a car dealership with a parts & service center and what do you know.. my boys came to the rescue! They had my tire in and isntalled within 45 minutes and we were good to go! The drive SUCKED. I was hungry, hott, miserable, & tired! Once we got there we checked into our hotel room. We stayed at the Flamingo everything is PINK and so perfect for my birthday festivities!!
If you are visting Vegas soon I highly reccomend this hotel! It is newly renovated & we actually updated to a deluxe room for only $10 more a night! Bliss I tell you! We got checked in and I changed into some good prego walking shoes & we hit the shopping town! We were right in front of Ceasars Palace so it worked out perfect for the Forum Shops! We shopped till we dropped had dinner at Margaritaville & called it a night around 11p.m.

The next day we woke up on my birthday and headed for a yummy breakfast & to shop a wee bit more! We of course had to get something for our little bambino! Since it was such a special occassion we decided to announce our pregnancy on Facebook I mean after all it was the best birthday gift I've ever received! We bought these adorable Tiny Toms & a Carlos shirt perfect for my hubby & posted both pictures with awesome captions on Facebook for all of our friends & family!
"5 years ago today God blessed me with the most AMAZING birthday present of all! 5 years alter we are expecting our first baby Barras! we are SO excited!!"

"preparing for daddyhood. baby Barras coming in November! i am SO excited" per husband!

We have been overwhelmed with heartfelt comments & over the top excitement from all of our friends & family. I never knew someone so little could bring this much happines and joy to those around me! I cannot wait to explore this jounrney with my wonderful, supporting, loving, caring, handsome, funny, inspirational, hardworking husband!!

Sunday we enjoyed a nice Krispy Kreme & headed for Home Sweet Home! I sure missed my furbabies!!

Life is changed for the better forever!

On 3/15 my life was changed forever!
Yes, I am pregnant! My husband and I are so overjoyed and are expecting to welcome our little one into the world this November! We couldn't be more surprised or thrilled! Ever since I saw those lines my feelings, thoughts, movements, sleep habits, eating habits, & the way I view life have been changed in a way I could have never imagined! I know I know, you are dying to know the deets so here it goes.

02/04: first day of my last period
02/10: last day of my period.

On my birth control I normally have my period on the 10th of every month. I took my Nuvaring out early because I was having the WORST stomach cramps and just felt horrible. Started my period, ended my period and waited. I waited to start my period again before starting on my birth control.

03/04: ready for my period
03/06: 2 days come & go
03/10: thinking I could start since I normally did on the 10th
03/12: planing on testing
03/13: chickened out.
03/15: sister in law MADE me test. POSITIVE!!
03/16: tested again & another POSITIVE!

So there you have it! Was it planned? Not so much, are we ready Yes! Are we excited? Over the moon! I had no idea I was pregnant other then my missed period. I wasn't planning on telling anyone until my first appointment which is on April 17th. I will be 10 weeks along by then. However, the excitment & anticipation got the best of us! We first told a few friends, my parents, & my work. Our support system has been unreal and our family & friends are SO ready to join us on this amazing powerful journey! My parents are going to be 1st time Grandparents & I think it's safe to say that they are ready too! I want to document all of these amazing things going on in our lives so that night when I am rocking my sweet angel to sleep I can remember how special & real this all is/was! I will be posting on how we announced to the "Facebook World", my vacation to Las Vegas as a pregnant birthday chick, our newest baby items, & of course our baby celebrations down the road!