Gender Reveal

Reveal Reveal Reveal! Our gender reveal party is on May 23rd and I seriously couldn't be more excited! We find out the 22nd and hubbs and I are going to have our technician put the gender in an envelope and we will go out to dinner together and open it! The few hours we get to spend knowing what our sweet pea is as a couple will be so worth it. My mom is a little upset that she isn't going to find out until the party but that's life. Husband and I want to be the first ones to know and be able to share those special moments just the 2 of us. Is there something wrong with that? After all, this is OUR baby? This is OUR news to share. Am I being selfish or is she? Or is it just a weird conflict? Anyways, here are some ideas I have had floating in my head about the invitations which I am going to send out this weekend! I will post the one I actually went with as soon as they all go out!

I obviously have a thing for little birdies! The color combo I am going with is coral and light blue, I can't wait to see everything pulled together! We are going to do a small veggie tray, fresh fruit dip, and chips plate nothing to fancy shmancy! I also have the cake I want picked out and ready to be baked as soon as we find out what part our little one is growing! Seriously, no one ever told me all the fun you can have with your first baby! Now May will you please come quickly!

Our month seems pretty booked to me. Maybe it's because I'd rather sit on the couch with candy and slurpees and watch good movies though. But hey, it's Summer and I need to get my butt in gear!
Happy Tuesday!
I am rockin' my messy hair don't care look, cheetah print flats, & a small baby bump! ((:

Lauren said...

I say do it how you you want! Nick & I didn't actually find out until we cut into the cake with everyone else! It was so exciting to find out all together. We went back & forth as to whether we would find out before the party, but in the end we just decided to wait it out with everyone's included!

Jessica said...

I love the coral and blue combo! So cute. Have fun with it ;)

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