2nd BIGGEST day of my life!

Yesterday 4/17/2012 was the day I have been waiting for, for almost 6 weeks now! Forget Vegas I was anxious for 11:30 a.m on this day! We FINALLY got to see our little baby & hear that sweet sweet heartbeat! It was beating like a lion & we couldn't be MORE excited! People told me that I would cry when I heard it but I didn't. Not a single part of me wanted to cry, I was all smiles & so was my wonderful husband! It was the sweetest, most calming thing in this entire world. Knowing that our little peanut was sustaining life inside of me, depending on me, & growing was the MOST amazing thing I have ever experienced. I think I will say this again when we find out the gender (more on my reveal party to come) but I looked into my husbands eyes as he was staring at the ultrasound & I could see so much joy, and love, and happiness in his eyes. Just like the day I married him. 4 years later we are preparing to welcome a new family member! It's weird to say family of 3 but music to my ears! We finally have something to look forward to other then doting on ourselves!

I can't stop staring at this beautiful little thing my husband & I have been so blessed to create. Is it a he or she? My husband and I are dead set on a girl, my family and friends think it's a BOY. We will find out on May 22nd and celebrate with a Gender Reveal party with family on the 23rd! Until then I have another ultrasound on May 2nd & it can't come fast enough! Bring on the party planning! I will post with ideas soon! I was moved back a week at my appointment so I am due 11/20 husband thinks I will be 11/22 on Thanksgiving! Also will be taking my 10 week bump picture this weekend!
Lauren said...

so exciting! the heartbeat was the best part of every appointment!

Samantha Lynne said...

Congratulations :)

Jessica said...

Do you mean due 11/20? :)

Isn't it amazing?! Just wait til you see that little bean in person!!

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