Baby B will be my parents very first Grandbaby! They are over the moon excited & I am very fortunate as much as they drive me crazy to have them in my life! My mom calls me on a daily basis to check in on me and make sure I am doing okay. My dad makes sure that whatever Summer activitves I am pertaking in that I am safe. I think if he could wrap me in bubble wrap for the next 7 months he would, he has full on admitted that he wants a BOY. If we do have a boy it will be his pal he has just my sister and I so I do think he deserves to get his little guy pal! I better cover my bases on how I told them because I DO NOT want to forget how excited & genuinly happy they were I know I will never forget the smile on my fathers face. For once I think I have made him proud! (:

Meet Mama Collins. This is her with my puggy that she calls "baby gussie". Let me tell you now the love she has for this dog is like nothing you've ever seen before. She calls ME just to talk to HIM. Sometimes I feel like he is loved more then I am. It's great though I know she can't wait to be called "Bammy" from a real human being!

Meet Papa Collins, The funniest, sweetest, caring, loving, most enjoyable man to be around EVER. He literally lights up a room when he walks in. Having a bad day? Oh just call him and he will clue you in how fortunate and lucky you are then crack a joke for your sake and make your whole day better! God I love this man! See that shit eating grin? I have one just like it and I hope if he does get his baby Grandson that he will get it as well! I don't even want to know the tricks this man will show my mini Scotty! Oh & please note: He is the BIGGEST UofU fan ever!!

So the Monday after finding out 3/19 we took a little trip to see my parents. I wish I would have gotten more pictures that night but I was too nervous/excited to clue them in. I bought a red bag with white tissue paper just to throw them off here is what was inside..

Yoou guessed it Boise State baby gear! This is how it went down:

Me: Mom, Dad I got you a gift
Mom: No you didn't I a NOT opening it
Me: What the crap? Okay physco
Mom: It's a sick joke I know it's a joke
Me: Just because I think life is a joke doesn't mean I am out to get you both. (Maybe I am a little)
Me: Dad please open it.
Dad: ::shit eating grin:

As my dad is scrambling to open the gift my mom steps beside him.

Dad: Boise State? What the hell am I going to do with this?
Mom: Baby stuff?
Me: ::totally thinking I was birthed by lunatics::
Mom: Are you going to have a baby?
Me: Yep November!
Dad: Really? ::teary eyed and shit::
Mom: Seriously Ryan?
Ryan: Yeah seriously!
Mom & Dad: ::hug:: We are SO happy!

The rest of the night we all baby talked till we were blue in the face! It was such a special moment and one I will forever cherish! I think all of our true colors and personality shown through in that ordeal. Maybe I won't joke so much? Psh.. nahh who am I kidding?

Happy Friday!
I am in for a busy weekend with a bbq, Supercross, Sleep, Sleep, & Sleep!

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