Easter is my favorite Holiday! Of course, I always seem to get sick crippled when my favorite things come around once a year! This Easter was none the less a very good one well spent with family just how I like it. I can't belive this is our last year as a family of 2 for Holidays! I can't wait for Thanksgiving & Christmas as they will mean so much more to us then before! Here are a couple pictures of the way we celebrated!

Exactly 4 years ago husband proposed to me in the most clever tricky way! Plus again, my FAVORITE Holiday! We look oh so young! (Yes, I am an instagram whore)

The CUTE little ducky we bought for our CUTE babe!

Us at husbands sisters house with our niece and nephews! I LOVE being a part of this sweet little family bond we have!

"Peep Kabobs"

I don't like Peeps or anything. SMH.

Hoppy Easta Peeps!

Bethany said...

Love the peep kabobs - so cute!

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