Viva Las Pregnant

This past weekend hubby & I enjoyed a nice trip to Las Vegas! I know, Vegas pregnant? That was my thought exactly! We had planned the trip about a month before we found out that we were expecting and had our hopes up on a nice relaxing trip! That it was! We planned this for my birthday which was Saturday, March 31st. ::throws confetti:: & our 5 year "dating anniversary", Yes, we are that cheesy couple that celebrates such special holidays! We planned on leaving Friday morning sometime around 7 a.m or 8 as per usual our bad luck got in the way! My tire was low and luckily my smart handy man hubby decided we should have it checked before taking off because of the harsh roads and 4 hour drive he'd rather be safe then sorry. Thank God he did, the tire place we initally took it too said there was a nail too close to the wall of the tire to just patch it. It requried a whole new tire! Keep in mind I just bought tires for my Mercedez a mere 4 months ago, I was so close to relaxing on my vacation I could taste it. Or was that the bagel I scarffed beforehand? Anywho, we called almost every tire shop nearby and NO ONE could have a tire in within a reasonable hour for us to get back on the road. Miss priss pregnant was close to a total mental bitch fit. I called my work, I work for a car dealership with a parts & service center and what do you know.. my boys came to the rescue! They had my tire in and isntalled within 45 minutes and we were good to go! The drive SUCKED. I was hungry, hott, miserable, & tired! Once we got there we checked into our hotel room. We stayed at the Flamingo everything is PINK and so perfect for my birthday festivities!!
If you are visting Vegas soon I highly reccomend this hotel! It is newly renovated & we actually updated to a deluxe room for only $10 more a night! Bliss I tell you! We got checked in and I changed into some good prego walking shoes & we hit the shopping town! We were right in front of Ceasars Palace so it worked out perfect for the Forum Shops! We shopped till we dropped had dinner at Margaritaville & called it a night around 11p.m.

The next day we woke up on my birthday and headed for a yummy breakfast & to shop a wee bit more! We of course had to get something for our little bambino! Since it was such a special occassion we decided to announce our pregnancy on Facebook I mean after all it was the best birthday gift I've ever received! We bought these adorable Tiny Toms & a Carlos shirt perfect for my hubby & posted both pictures with awesome captions on Facebook for all of our friends & family!
"5 years ago today God blessed me with the most AMAZING birthday present of all! 5 years alter we are expecting our first baby Barras! we are SO excited!!"

"preparing for daddyhood. baby Barras coming in November! i am SO excited" per husband!

We have been overwhelmed with heartfelt comments & over the top excitement from all of our friends & family. I never knew someone so little could bring this much happines and joy to those around me! I cannot wait to explore this jounrney with my wonderful, supporting, loving, caring, handsome, funny, inspirational, hardworking husband!!

Sunday we enjoyed a nice Krispy Kreme & headed for Home Sweet Home! I sure missed my furbabies!!
Annie said...

I love Vegas...preggers or not! How fun :)

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