Life is changed for the better forever!

On 3/15 my life was changed forever!
Yes, I am pregnant! My husband and I are so overjoyed and are expecting to welcome our little one into the world this November! We couldn't be more surprised or thrilled! Ever since I saw those lines my feelings, thoughts, movements, sleep habits, eating habits, & the way I view life have been changed in a way I could have never imagined! I know I know, you are dying to know the deets so here it goes.

02/04: first day of my last period
02/10: last day of my period.

On my birth control I normally have my period on the 10th of every month. I took my Nuvaring out early because I was having the WORST stomach cramps and just felt horrible. Started my period, ended my period and waited. I waited to start my period again before starting on my birth control.

03/04: ready for my period
03/06: 2 days come & go
03/10: thinking I could start since I normally did on the 10th
03/12: planing on testing
03/13: chickened out.
03/15: sister in law MADE me test. POSITIVE!!
03/16: tested again & another POSITIVE!

So there you have it! Was it planned? Not so much, are we ready Yes! Are we excited? Over the moon! I had no idea I was pregnant other then my missed period. I wasn't planning on telling anyone until my first appointment which is on April 17th. I will be 10 weeks along by then. However, the excitment & anticipation got the best of us! We first told a few friends, my parents, & my work. Our support system has been unreal and our family & friends are SO ready to join us on this amazing powerful journey! My parents are going to be 1st time Grandparents & I think it's safe to say that they are ready too! I want to document all of these amazing things going on in our lives so that night when I am rocking my sweet angel to sleep I can remember how special & real this all is/was! I will be posting on how we announced to the "Facebook World", my vacation to Las Vegas as a pregnant birthday chick, our newest baby items, & of course our baby celebrations down the road!

Hilary Lane said...

Congratulations!! I knew this post was coming! How exciting for you guys!

Mrs.W said...

Congrats!!! Having a baby is absolutely the best thing ever! I wish you all the best for a happy & healthy pregnancy!!

Bethany said...

yay!! congrats!! so exciting!

Jessica said...


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