2 years and going strong!

 Here is a recap in pictures of our little journey together! We have had our tough times but they have only made us so much stronger! I love you Ryan Daniel more then words can ever explain! Thanks for being my best friend through everything! I don't think I will have time to blog tomorrow so here is to 22 + more wonderful years! (sorry for the blurry small pictures)

1st night we met!

Our engagement

Our first kiss as husband & wife

Our honeymoon

Our 1 year anniversary!

2 year anniversary

I can't wait to see what other exciting and challenging things God has in store for the 2 of us!


I'm not too sad that it is Sunday! I have a busy but fun work week ahead of me, a 3 day weekend and the BIG Boise State Game on Monday with good friends!

1. If you accidently knick a car in a parking lot..Do you leave a note or do you get the heck out of there?
Yes, of course.

2. Love your body or plastic surgery?
No one can  honestly say that they love their body I'm sorry but if you do your high on drugs. I am still selling myself to hubbs about getting my boob job for Christmas! Wish my luck!

3. What about your favorite blog(s) continues to drive you back?
Things that I have in common with other people, young married couples, or even new moms! Love it all!

4. What percent of your blog is BS just to make your life seem more interesting than it really is?
0% I mean, unless my sarcasm is considered bullshit to some people I am sure it is.

5. If you had to give up one type of meat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Steak without a doubt. Love it!

6. How often to you eat out?
Too often! Probably 3 times a week I think it is cheaper and easier for just the 2 of us!

7. Skinny jeans or boot cut jeans?
Boot cut! My booty and hips are too big for skinny jeans! Altough my sissy can pull them off really well. That bitch!
8. If you caught your spouse cheating would you forgive, divorce, or plan your kill?
I would divorce and I would forgive. Obviously he doesn't really want to be with me in the 1st place if he feels he needs to reach out to other women.

Weekend Re-cap

I definetly need to say that this weekend has been by far the best weekend of the whole Summer! Yes, given it is my anniversary & I have done so many fun things BUT I think it has just been nice to have my husband ALL to myself with no one else around, no cell phones, no NOTHING! Friday night we were lazy & just hung out at home we made a yummy salmon dinner and lounged on the couch! It was nice to relax and just chill, we went to bed around 11ish to rest up for our busy fun Saturday!

Saturday we woke up layed in bed for awhile, showered and hit the road to Park City. From where we live Park City is only about a 30-45 minute drive! They have good eats, and good shopping and we did both! Ya'll would be so proud of me I didn't step a foot in the Coach store! Not one! Yep, me I didn't do it! ::pat myself on the back:: I hit the Abercrombie & Fitch store full on and the Vans, Nike, and Oakley store! It was so nice! We ate at a yummy restaurant called Red Rock Junction they have one here in SLC too but hubbs felt like a good brew so that is where we chose! We sept about 4 hours up there and we were tired, full, and ready to come home! We came home sat down and rested for awhile and went on our anniversary dinner. We were going to go to a seafood/oyster bar but I didn't feel like dressing up and using my best manner so we went to Outback Steakhouse! I got a yummy juicy steak with some garlic mashed potatoes and hubbs got the lamb! We had a few drinks and came home for a relaxing bubble bath and massages! All in all it was pretty fabulous!

Us conquering the streets of Park City

Today we have done a bunch of cleaning and we went to my dad's side family reunion it was a ton of fun and I got to hang out with my cute cousins!

My baby cousin Allie & I!

Me, Sissy & Allie
(excuse my doubLe chin)

I am going to leave the sappy anniversary lovey dovey talk out! My husband knows how much I love & appreciate him and if he doesn't he should! I am a very luck and I am blessed with so many things. Right now my life couldn't be any better! Now, we are planning a BIG family trip with my dad's side to DisneyLand for Christmas! Bring on the old memories & new ones! Hope you guys have a great week! I don't think I will be able to blog much I am going to be so slammed at work since I'm taking on 1/2 of our HR Directors duties! Yep, movin on up!

Anniversary Weekend

How the FREAK did I forget to mention that it is our anniversary weekend! Our actual anniversary is on Monday BUT we are celebrating it today since it is Saturday! My husband knows me so well and bought me these purty beauties!
Yup, I'm lucky! One of the reasons why I married him right? I am SO your tennis shoe girl I think I own like 1 pair of high heels and I fall on my face everytime I wear them plus I have been asking for a pair of Air Force 1's for quite sometime now! These are pretty close to perfection. I will back tomorrow with more pictures, an ode to my husband, and a weekend recap! Hope your having a wonderful weekend too! :]


-I don't think I have ever mentioned this in a post before, but my mom and sissy are HUGE runners. I use to be a sprinter in high school but I can't do the whole distance thing. Although I can kick your trash in a 200 meter or even 50 meter sprint. (just ask my hubbs). Every year we make a venture down to St. George, Utah for the big marathon that they have there! I have been doing this since I was a little girl but now that our family has extended it's a different last year my sister's boyfriend C joined us! It was a fun trip except my hubbs was out hunting and couldn't be there so techically I was the 5th wheel! This year however, it's just the Fantastic 4 again! Me, mama, papa, and big sissy and boy am I excited! The marathon is October 2nd and my sisters birthday is the 20th of October so genius, smart (alcholic?) me decided to take a little detour and go to Vegas to celebrate sissys birthday and the 2nd ran marathon! Sissy and I are leaving on the 29th and were going to spend the day and night in Vegas then the next day we will meet up with my mom and dad in St. George, after the marathon is ran we head down to Mesquite for the seafood buffet and swimming! Sissy and I are staying at

 Treasure Island

Can't wait to swim, shop, and drink the night away! Lucky for me Sissy isn't a big drinker so I will have a babysitter! I'm so excited and I am going to HIG my Sissy all to my freaking self! We are going to have so much fun and it's going to be just like old time! Although I am going to miss my honey but he will be out hunting doing what he loves. Remind me why we want to have kids again? None of this stuff would be as fun I don't think! Wish us luck I am not counting down the days 33 to go!


Top 2 Biggest Indulgences

How the hell am I going to narrow this down to just 2 things? I don't want to do the tyical indulgences either, what's a gal to do?

1. A Bubblebath & Candles

2.  Handbags

Mini Remodel

Our anniversary is in 1 week! 2 years together and one hell of a time! We have had our ups and downs as every couple but it has been SO worth it! I love him more and more everyday! Instead of doing something BIG like going out of town or staying the night in the hotel that we did on our wedding night ($400!!!!) We decided to do a little remodel and to our front room, something we have been wanting to do for quite sometime now! So I got some before & after pictures and you will have to let me know what ya think!


This is what we had before. Our 52" LCD on our kitchen buffet! (may I just say LCD's kick Plasma's ars) ;] So we bought a swivel wall mount that can swivel in almost in direction and we have had the surround sounds speakers that you can see in the picture for quite a while so we hung those up too! Here are some after pictures of our new "entertainment shelf, wall mount, and surround sound! Just in time for Boise Football!

Notice the speakers now hung on the wall! I love this shelf that we got it came with the 3 shelfs and of course I had to buy the DVD sorters! Yes, I even put our DVD's in alphabetical order! I plan to make some modge podge Boise Bronco letters to put on top of the shelf!

Here is a look at the other 2 speakers we hung! Now our TV is blasting but hey, my hubbs is in heaven and is so stoked for football season. So if he is happy I am happy! :] Thanks for our besties A & B for helping us well A anyway! :]

Weekend Re-Cap

I'm gonna make this short & sweet & picture filled! Friday I took off a half day to go to the lake with my sissy and go boating! It was SO much fun I didn't get out on the wake or jet ski's I just sat my happy ass on the boat and tanned BUT my sis tore up the wake that's for damn sure! I only got 1 picture because I was too  busy hogging all of my sisters attention!

JordaneLLe Resevoir

Friday night hubbs & I went out to dinner just the 2 of us it was so nice to have one on one time! It's hard to catch him when he isn't working! Then we were going to go to a late movie but guess what we did! Grocery Shopped! ::gasp:: Yep, us 21 & 22 on a Friday grocery shopping and going to bed at 10! Someone remind me when I became so grammyish? Please & Thank you! Saturday night we slept in and cleaned for our little bbq party! (let me just say if you weren't there you missed out!)

We had a fabulous turn out and had so much fun! Here are some pictures of our night:
My hubbs was beyond GONE at this point!

BFFs Fo Life

They LOVE each other. Can ya teLL?

And this is how I finished my night!

Yep, hubbs went to sit down on  his camping chair it collapsed and he is passed out on the grass. We had to squirt his face with the hose to get him to stand up to take him inside! I almost just left him there! It was pretty funny, these are the times that help remind me not to grow up so fast, take things slow and let them come as they will! :] We had a fabulous night, no responsibilites, just the way we like it!


I have no real excuse for my frequent absences through the week. I know you guys can't get enough of me so I will start trying to pick back up on this. I have been so crazy busy at work like it's unreal I go to the bathroom and people freak out thinking I left. Yep, that's how popular I am. ::sarcasm::
 So my goal this week is to blog once a day! I will post pictures of our totally awesome weekend later tonight when I am home and can upload pictures! As for now I saw THIS and thought I would join in on the fun!
If you really knew me

  • If you really knew me you would know that I can speak to dogs.

  • I am NOT one to wear my heart on my sleeve. If you mess with me or anyone close to me game over. I am not one for apologies.

  • I am the baby of the family and expect everyone to treat me that way.

  • My husband is truely my best friend and I really don't care if I have anyone else.

  • I was a very sheltered child. I didn't believe nor think there was really evil in the world.

  • I like to find everything out the hard way.

  • If you realize this right off hand you will get a long with me. It's MY way or the HIGHWAY. period.

  • When I fill up my gas tank it has to be an even dollar such as $24.00
  • I have a thing where I can't sleep near the bedroom door!
  • My sister is my other 1/2
  • I am addicted to hair bleach.
Join in so we can all learn about you! My 2 year anniversary is coming up this weekend and I can't wait!! Hope you guys have a wonderful Monday! :]

baby talk!

As I posted earlier this week hubbs & I had the official "baby talk". I mean of course we discussed it before we were married and mentioned things like baby names and hair color every now and then but we have never really had an official plan. We both have always been very "anti-kids" now that I sit down and actually plan out my life I don't think it's the kids part as much as it is the "freedom" part. We like our freedom and we do as we please ALWAYS. That's just the way we like it, but when we are 50 are we always going to want to do our own thing? NO! Of course not, we are going to want a stable household with kids and grandkids! So, as we have seen our friends grow up, and go in different directions with kids and what not it has really made us re-evaluate what we truly want out of life and when. The decision has been made to wait 2 more years. If you know me well enough you will know that I need everything planned out to the T. Date, Time, Outfits EVERYTHING I am a planning FREAK! So, our game plan is to:

  1. Put our home up For Sale in 1 year 1/2. We want something newer, bigger, and of course out of Kearns!
  2. Make sure our jobs are completely stable.
  3. Start TTC
  4. Purchase our next home that we will be in until our kids are in High School or so.
  5. Have our kiddies back to back so they are very close in age.
See, that is what I am talking about with lists. Does anyone else have a list of how their life needs to go in order? Hubbs thinks I am crazy but happily goes with it! I know things aren't going to work out EXACTLY as planned but I like to think so and will try my hardest for it all to happen! Call me a freak but I want to be 110% sure we can support ourselves before we bring another human being into our live! Crazy to think that I have my sweet husband for the rest of my life! FOREVER! & I am so lucky to be the one he chose to be his baby mama! I Now, where is my 2 year coutdown ticker?!


SunMonday! Last night I thought I would get a little wild and glitter paint my fingernails! Now please note that I don't usually like glitter on my fingernails I have to keep it professional for work! But this color actually isn't too bad! Let me know what you think! It's just a cheap brand from the store and I love it!
I thought I would take a picture of my nails and wedding ring since I have had a few requests for a picture! There ya have it! It has pink sapphire around the band! I FREAKING love my wedding ring! It is so orginal and I don't see anyone else with one like it! My husband did a fantastic job picking it out and pin pointed my personality to the T!

I just wanna shout out to my wonderful loving and so caring husbear he was rewarded about a $150 raise a month at work and was told he was one of the Top Performers! He is always working so hard and taking on extra hours to give us such a wonderful amazing life! Being with him I never have to stress about money or bills really because he always pulls through! He is such a supporting man and our future children will be so lucky to have such a wonderful role model to look up too. I love him for all that he does for me and the future we have together! Seriously so blessed to have married such an amazing guy! We have our moments but they only make us stronger! We are creeping up our 2 year wedding anniversary and they have been the best 2 year of my ENTIRE life! I'd say they beat out that one Christmas that I got my barbie dream house! That was pretty epic! So here is to my husband, supporter, rock, best friend and confidant!


freaking years!
Happy Anniversary Mama and Papa! I love you guys SO much! I can't express my love and appreciation for the 2 of you! Your both amazing in so many ways! Thank you so much for staying strong and solid and giving me the best childhood a girl could have ever ever ever asked for! You show me the meaning of true love and how to be there for each other through thick & thin. Your the definition being your lovers best friend! I appreciate all the love and support that you show to me and mostly to husband! I am very proud to say I live my life and marriage just like the 2 of you!

Sunday is my Funday

 not really but whatever!!

1. What kind of athlete has the best body?
I'd have to say a soccer player!


2. Are you a planner or a procrastinator?
I an 100% a planner! I have my lists and all!

3. Diet or regular (soda)?
Regular a Pepsi (or spinner in the Barras household) on ice PALEASE! :]

4. What's your one "must have" for Fall?
A scarf!

5. What's your favorite fast food restaurant?
Chic Fil A!

6. What do you think is the sexiest profession for a guy?
Sexiest Profession? Honestly.. a stay at home dad! Weird? If hubbs wasn't such a workaholic and could handle staying at home I could def be fine with supporting us!

7. Did you wear braces?
Yes, I am sure glad I did I hate crooked teef it's a pet peeve fo sho!

8. Would you rather have a guy that's super sexy or kind?
Lucky me I got both!
LINK up and show me whatcha got!

Excuse Muah...

Excuse me for the temporary absence! I have been SO crazy busy it's not even funny! These last few weeks of Summer are FLYING by right before my eyes and I am having a hard time keeping up! So here is my FUN weekend recap! Friday night one of my best girlfriends and I went and saw Jack Johnson in concert.
It was SO fun to get out just the 2 of us. No husbands, no kids, nada, just us, a beer, and some bomb ass nachos!
Jack was amazing live and did a great job at entertaining the crowd! Here are some pics to follow our amazing fun night!

In case you people are wondering. YES I am a hat collector!

We had LOTS of fun!
(Excuse my arm fat that is rather disgusting!)

Yesterday/Last Night we had the privelage of having a sleep over with my neice and nephew! Their parents took off on a anniversary night in Park City! I had so much fun with them and given my neice is only 5 months but she was such an angel! She even let her crazy Auntie paint her little toesies! Check em' out!

So freaking cute right? This little girl is damn adorable and such a good babe she melts my heart every time I see her!

Me & my main man played in the water while Uncle and baby took a nap! We had a good time making a river down the gutter. I didn't get many pics because I was too busy running around Our best friends that I mentioned in the post HERE slept over as well! I don't think in that post I mentioned that A is actually nephews Uncle too! Confused? I hope not! It was a GREAT weekend! Now I need to go help hubbs put together some stuff for our surround sound! I will post pics of the mini remodel laterz! Hope ya had a fabulous weekend! :]


This is a new thing in the bloggy world The Blessing Box but it is such a good idea. Hopefully it can be a little reminder of those things to be grateful and appreciative of. This week I am so blessed with:

  • A more then handsome and loving husbear who ALWAYS strives to do the very best that he can for our family.
  • My sweet puppy doggies who greet me at the door every evening with their tails going 100 MPH!
  • My big sissy for ALWAYS having my back no matter what silly thing I have done.
  • My sister in law for the bond that we have been able to have.
  • My sweet neice and nephew and the light they bring into all of our lives.

& of course the usual stuff like food, water, cookies, hair bleach, stuff like that!

Let's see what you are blessed with this week!


Top 2

I am back in on joining with Top 2 Tuesday and this week's topic is:
Favorite 2 Tips
I don't even like to share my dirty secrets/tips they are MINE for a reason. BUT since I have shared a lot about my own life and have made some awesome friends from my bloggy I will go ahead and put my selfishness aside ::claps: for ya'll.

1. I curl my hair with a straightner. If you are like me and like the curls to be a lot looser with a straighter bottom curl them with your straightner and take it curled through your whole hair at a medium speed! Try it!
2. When you feel like cracking at work, in confrontation, anything just close your eyes and count to ten and think about what your mom would say about the way you react! I put a lot into thinking "Would my parents be proud?" it helps me a lot! (did that make me sound like I am still on my mom's tit?)

So there you have it! Link up and let me know what you think and go try out my curling tip :]


On the Bachelor Pad?
I freaking loved it. I am so pathetic and love reality t.v drama. Tenley though.. kinda got on my nerves I think she was a LITTLE dramatic when it came to Michelle. Yes, Michelle is physco and Tenley should have considered teh source before going in the bathroom with that crazy chick! AND....

Did anyone else think Elizabeth's hair matched her horrible,nasty,orange spray on tan? Yep. I did and it bugged me the whole show I am starting to think that this lady is more crazo then Michelle.

HELLO  Mr. Jesse Beck

Husbear even watched this with me! He was eyeballing Gina so I dibbs Jesse! ;] I can't wait for next Monday I am rooting for Tenley the drama queen and Jesse! ::wipes drool::

The End.



P.S Husbear & I had baby talk tonight! EEEkkkk!! (more on this lata!)

Now time for:
The Bachelor Pad!

Nail Polish Sunday (Sportin' Sunday)

This week I am sporting:
OPI Purple Opolis

I just painted and I am not sure how I feel about it yet I'm not a HUGE purple fan so I may have to sleep on it! It is kinda darker then the picture but I REALLY don't feel like changing them again tonight. If I can't sleep on it I will update the color I switch too!

What color are you sportin' this week?

Boise State

If you don't know already Husbear is a HUGE Boise State fan. (HUGE being an understatement) He was born in Idaho and has some sort of freaked out craze for the Broncos'. Not sure if you rememeber reading THIS we have lost some friends over the rivalry. Living in UT and all it's pretty fun to see how worked up some people can get about it. I mean I only enjoy this and like to watch the games because I know how much R likes it and enjoys it when I get into it too. So in no way am I one of those fat girls who "acts" like they know everything about football and just "loves the game". Honestly I don't, I put on a smile and cute outfit for my hubbs as I know he would be my cheerleader for something I throughly enjoy! So for those who can't admit that Boise is a good time and that they do deserve to be in the MWC here is to another GREAT football season! ;]

I am planning a HUGE small party for hubbs with his closest friends who are indeed Boise Fans too! I am going to make some yummy football rice krispies
ands LOTS of blue and orange decor! I hope hubbs enjoys it because I have been having a blast planning it all! Invitations will be coming in the mail by the end of the week I will be sure and get a picture up as the decorations come in and of course get one on game day! :]

Who are you rooting for this football season?

Weekend Re-cap

I am not to sad that it is Sunday already. After a hard week of negative thoughts I am excited to start this week with positive thoughts and lots of support from the ones I love most. In life there is no reason to be down, sad, or angry it's all about embracing it and moving forward and that is what I plan on doing. I have a wonderful life and I need to be grateful for everything that I do have. I had yet another awesome weekend with my fam, and friends! Since our 2 yr anni is fastly approaching instead of going on vacation somewhere husbear and I decided to do some home improvements that we have been wanting to do. So Friday night we headed out to find a new entertainment shelf for the corner of our front room. We are putting our 52" on a wall mount, using the shelf for odds and ends! It's going to look so good and the surround sound that we are installing will be perfect for our kick off footbaLL party! (more on that later)

We bought the shelf and all the bells and whistles to go with it then we headed out to dinner with our besties seen here:

They are expecting in Jan and we couldn't be more excited for them and do plan on having our children close together so when they have their 2nd or 3rd we will be starting! After dinner they came over to help husbear and I set up our new shelf. Well, the girls mostly sat on the couch while the boys worked. ;]
It was fun and we always have good talks and laughs!

Saturday day was spent doing laundry and cleaning the house. Sissy, C, Hubbs and I headed out to Rocky Mountain Raceway for VIP service. We had a bbq buffett dinner (which was pretty good) followed by free beer and a good time betting on what car was going to win!

Husbear & I chowin.

Sissy & I acting excited!

Today we are lounging around in our PJ's then heading to mama and papa bears for our usual Sunday dinner! I can't believe Summer is almost over I am kinda excited my house looks dang cute for Halloween! It's one of my 2 fav Holidays!

I am back.

It has been too long since I last blogged I am back with a better attitude and lot's to catch up on! Thanks for all of the support and sweet comments for my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, week I had! I promise no more negative nancy! I am going to start off with GTKYS of course!

1. Do you think mustaches are sexy?
Ew no not at all! I think some men can pull it off really well but for most men it makes them look like a creep!

2. What's the last concert you've been to?
Last concert we went to was Brad Paisley. (were not big concert goers I HATE crowds!)

3 What was your favorite 80's sitcom?
Golden Girls of course!

I swear my Grams had me into this coming out of the womb! I love re-run days!

4. Were you named after anyone?
My middle name is after my Aunt, BUT my chitlens will def have meaning to there names!

5. When you buy new clothes, do you wash before wearing?
Yes, ALWAYS. Ew nasty if you don't! You don't know who's nasty body touched them!

6. If you didn't blog, what would you do with your spare time?
I don't know? I try to get everything I like to do in during my spare time. Bloging is therapy!

7. What is your favorite department store?
(hands down)

8. If you were to get Laser Hair Removal..where would you get it?
My armpits! I hate hate hate shaving there I am so OCD I have to shave everyday a little bit of hair freaks metheF out!

Face Lift

No I am no Heidi Montag

and no I am not talking about myself... I gave my blog a little makeover! I thought the name of my blog was kinda lame and of course a no brainer so I changed it to something more personal and suiting! I hope you guys like it! I still wish I knew how to change the font and stuff but I am learning if you have any tips please let me know! :] I will be catching up with all your blogs this weekend and I'm sorry I haven't joined in on any of the fun themed days that are going on!

Husbear and I are going to get a scoop of bubble gum icecream to cheer me up!

Ta Ta.