I am back.

It has been too long since I last blogged I am back with a better attitude and lot's to catch up on! Thanks for all of the support and sweet comments for my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, week I had! I promise no more negative nancy! I am going to start off with GTKYS of course!

1. Do you think mustaches are sexy?
Ew no not at all! I think some men can pull it off really well but for most men it makes them look like a creep!

2. What's the last concert you've been to?
Last concert we went to was Brad Paisley. (were not big concert goers I HATE crowds!)

3 What was your favorite 80's sitcom?
Golden Girls of course!

I swear my Grams had me into this coming out of the womb! I love re-run days!

4. Were you named after anyone?
My middle name is after my Aunt, BUT my chitlens will def have meaning to there names!

5. When you buy new clothes, do you wash before wearing?
Yes, ALWAYS. Ew nasty if you don't! You don't know who's nasty body touched them!

6. If you didn't blog, what would you do with your spare time?
I don't know? I try to get everything I like to do in during my spare time. Bloging is therapy!

7. What is your favorite department store?
(hands down)

8. If you were to get Laser Hair Removal..where would you get it?
My armpits! I hate hate hate shaving there I am so OCD I have to shave everyday a little bit of hair freaks metheF out!

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