-I don't think I have ever mentioned this in a post before, but my mom and sissy are HUGE runners. I use to be a sprinter in high school but I can't do the whole distance thing. Although I can kick your trash in a 200 meter or even 50 meter sprint. (just ask my hubbs). Every year we make a venture down to St. George, Utah for the big marathon that they have there! I have been doing this since I was a little girl but now that our family has extended it's a different last year my sister's boyfriend C joined us! It was a fun trip except my hubbs was out hunting and couldn't be there so techically I was the 5th wheel! This year however, it's just the Fantastic 4 again! Me, mama, papa, and big sissy and boy am I excited! The marathon is October 2nd and my sisters birthday is the 20th of October so genius, smart (alcholic?) me decided to take a little detour and go to Vegas to celebrate sissys birthday and the 2nd ran marathon! Sissy and I are leaving on the 29th and were going to spend the day and night in Vegas then the next day we will meet up with my mom and dad in St. George, after the marathon is ran we head down to Mesquite for the seafood buffet and swimming! Sissy and I are staying at

 Treasure Island

Can't wait to swim, shop, and drink the night away! Lucky for me Sissy isn't a big drinker so I will have a babysitter! I'm so excited and I am going to HIG my Sissy all to my freaking self! We are going to have so much fun and it's going to be just like old time! Although I am going to miss my honey but he will be out hunting doing what he loves. Remind me why we want to have kids again? None of this stuff would be as fun I don't think! Wish us luck I am not counting down the days 33 to go!
Jagged Little Life said...

I just move to Vegas from Salt Lake. I was actually thinking about training for the St. George Marathon this year.. but that did not exactly happen haha. Have fun lady :)

Anonymous said...

Treasure Island is pretty cool. Especially their outside show!

Kevin Michael said...

Wooh!!! I've never been a long-distance runner, my sports have always required short, fast bursts.

Have a great time in Vegas. And remember, when you end up doing cocaine off the ass of a transexual midget hooker, it's just Vegas, Baby. =)

Caitrin said...

Aww that will be so much fun! I leave for Vegas in a week and a half and I CANNOT wait!

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