I have no real excuse for my frequent absences through the week. I know you guys can't get enough of me so I will start trying to pick back up on this. I have been so crazy busy at work like it's unreal I go to the bathroom and people freak out thinking I left. Yep, that's how popular I am. ::sarcasm::
 So my goal this week is to blog once a day! I will post pictures of our totally awesome weekend later tonight when I am home and can upload pictures! As for now I saw THIS and thought I would join in on the fun!
If you really knew me

  • If you really knew me you would know that I can speak to dogs.

  • I am NOT one to wear my heart on my sleeve. If you mess with me or anyone close to me game over. I am not one for apologies.

  • I am the baby of the family and expect everyone to treat me that way.

  • My husband is truely my best friend and I really don't care if I have anyone else.

  • I was a very sheltered child. I didn't believe nor think there was really evil in the world.

  • I like to find everything out the hard way.

  • If you realize this right off hand you will get a long with me. It's MY way or the HIGHWAY. period.

  • When I fill up my gas tank it has to be an even dollar such as $24.00
  • I have a thing where I can't sleep near the bedroom door!
  • My sister is my other 1/2
  • I am addicted to hair bleach.
Join in so we can all learn about you! My 2 year anniversary is coming up this weekend and I can't wait!! Hope you guys have a wonderful Monday! :]
Rebekah said...

That's so funny about the gas tank! I just have to have mine end with a 0. I can't stand when I go a penny over. Kills me every time.

Brittany said...

love this! You're fabulous!!! I HAVE missed you!

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