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I am back in on joining with Top 2 Tuesday and this week's topic is:
Favorite 2 Tips
I don't even like to share my dirty secrets/tips they are MINE for a reason. BUT since I have shared a lot about my own life and have made some awesome friends from my bloggy I will go ahead and put my selfishness aside ::claps: for ya'll.

1. I curl my hair with a straightner. If you are like me and like the curls to be a lot looser with a straighter bottom curl them with your straightner and take it curled through your whole hair at a medium speed! Try it!
2. When you feel like cracking at work, in confrontation, anything just close your eyes and count to ten and think about what your mom would say about the way you react! I put a lot into thinking "Would my parents be proud?" it helps me a lot! (did that make me sound like I am still on my mom's tit?)

So there you have it! Link up and let me know what you think and go try out my curling tip :]
Mrs. G said...

Thanks for sharing!! I have tried curling my hair with my straightener, and it just Maybe it's the type of straightener?? I dunno... maybe one day. =)

Danielle said...

Thanks for sharing! Cute blog! I'm your newest follower, Stop by mine sometime :)

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