On the Bachelor Pad?
I freaking loved it. I am so pathetic and love reality t.v drama. Tenley though.. kinda got on my nerves I think she was a LITTLE dramatic when it came to Michelle. Yes, Michelle is physco and Tenley should have considered teh source before going in the bathroom with that crazy chick! AND....

Did anyone else think Elizabeth's hair matched her horrible,nasty,orange spray on tan? Yep. I did and it bugged me the whole show I am starting to think that this lady is more crazo then Michelle.

HELLO  Mr. Jesse Beck

Husbear even watched this with me! He was eyeballing Gina so I dibbs Jesse! ;] I can't wait for next Monday I am rooting for Tenley the drama queen and Jesse! ::wipes drool::

The End.
Mrs. G said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Bachelor Pad!!! I think Elizabeth is a LOONEY! She is possessive and manipulative, and I hate girls like that.
And I agree, Tenley did kind of over-react, but I'm glad Michelle is out of the house. Hopefully Elizabeth will be next!
I'm surprised that I don't hate the "villans" as much as I did whenever their season was on. They seem nicer and not as 'he-man/bully'ish. But I think it's the show's job to create a bad guy each season, soo yeah. :)

♥ H ♥ said...

Oh my! God did good when he created Jesse :)

I missed it!! I'll have to watch in online.

J and A said...

So funny! I know I used to love Tenley and I was like smarten up! I am also still lovin' Kiptyn! But I'll take a Jesse too! Elizabeth drove me batty the whole show!

brae&joey said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEE the Bachelor Pad as well! Elizabeth is a fake and she is too possessive! I almost think she is worst than Michelle. Tenley did over react but I would have been shitting if that girl cornered me in the bathroom too! Michelle is just physco!

And Jesse is a HOTTIE!
I am rooting for Tenley and Jesse too!

Kristin said...

Tenley is so sweet but definetly dramatic and a little annoying at times! I heart Kiptyn!!

Tickled Pink said...

I agree! And I totally had a hard time remembering who some of the girls were.... I think they have changed their looks.. Like Elizabeth? She looks totally different to me!

Brittany said...

I'm already obsessed with this show :)

Gahh, Jesse is SO hot. I could stare at him all day. haha.

Tenley is cute and sweet but you're right, a little over dramatic. Michelle is a wacko though.

Annie said...

I also LOVED every minute of it. NOT a fan of Elizabeth or her terrible hair color. She looked much better as a brunette.....

And YES, Jesse sure is eye candy...mmmmm!!

Hilary Lane said...

I loved it!! I actually don't hate Craig M as much as I hated him in the Bachelorette. And I really like Jesse K & Elizabeth together, but MAN is she manipulative!! I'd like to see more of that Peyton girl who said absolutely nothing the entire time. And I think what's-her-face & Jesse B need to sloooow down. I think they'll kick themselves out of the competition if they don't quit humping all over the place!

Jenny said...

Came across your blog and it is super cute! I am now a follower!

I loved the bachelor pad! It sucked me in with a quickness!!!! And Elizabeth got on my nerves!

Jesse Beck is HOTT!!!!

I just love it! =)

Hope you will come read my blog!

Actually its private due to work but send me and email and I will add you!!

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