Mini Remodel

Our anniversary is in 1 week! 2 years together and one hell of a time! We have had our ups and downs as every couple but it has been SO worth it! I love him more and more everyday! Instead of doing something BIG like going out of town or staying the night in the hotel that we did on our wedding night ($400!!!!) We decided to do a little remodel and to our front room, something we have been wanting to do for quite sometime now! So I got some before & after pictures and you will have to let me know what ya think!


This is what we had before. Our 52" LCD on our kitchen buffet! (may I just say LCD's kick Plasma's ars) ;] So we bought a swivel wall mount that can swivel in almost in direction and we have had the surround sounds speakers that you can see in the picture for quite a while so we hung those up too! Here are some after pictures of our new "entertainment shelf, wall mount, and surround sound! Just in time for Boise Football!

Notice the speakers now hung on the wall! I love this shelf that we got it came with the 3 shelfs and of course I had to buy the DVD sorters! Yes, I even put our DVD's in alphabetical order! I plan to make some modge podge Boise Bronco letters to put on top of the shelf!

Here is a look at the other 2 speakers we hung! Now our TV is blasting but hey, my hubbs is in heaven and is so stoked for football season. So if he is happy I am happy! :] Thanks for our besties A & B for helping us well A anyway! :]
Josh said...

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Brittany said...

I want your tv! :)

I think it was smart that you saved your money for something you really needed/wanted! :))

Happy EARLY anniversary!

Kevin Michael said...

I want that TV Setup! Damn. I'm jealous!

Meant to be a mom said...

Very nice. I think it looks great. Much cleaner and I bet those speakers sound awesome when your watching a movie.
I love that alphabetized the movies. :)
You did a great job.

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