P.S Husbear & I had baby talk tonight! EEEkkkk!! (more on this lata!)

Now time for:
The Bachelor Pad!

Stephanie Hartman said...

Dang I forgot that was comming on I was so ready to see real Housewives I forgot about the Bachelor Pad I'll have to watch a rerun lol. Baby talk awww I Love talking baby talk with my hubby..

Mrs. G said...

omg I LOVE THE BACHELOR PAD!! it is so 'drama-packed'. =) since i dont have much drama in my life, i totally need a dose of that show every Monday. =)
BABY TALK!? OMg Sara... you can't bring it up, and then not talk about it. =(
Oh, and I love the new look!!!! =)

Brittany said...

yay for 100!

I forgot to wat the bachelor pad..

How was it?

SemperWifey said...

Ugh! I missed it!! : ( Was it any good?

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