I'm sorry I have been so slacker status the last couple days! It has been a super hard week for me and the gloomy rainy weather here in the SL hasn't help my mood ANY! (more on my crappy mood later) On to something more positive that cheered me up a bit!

Thanks to Ms. Katie I was awarded this!
I like to think my blog is interesting and fun to read so thanks for the motivation to keep at it! Here are a few more  bloggys that I love to catch up with!
Mrs. D - She is my friend in "real" life and is so sweet & will have the most gorgeous babe eva!
Mrs. G- I love to read her blog we have a lot in common!
CMAE- Love her, her blonde hair, and her puppy!
Mrs. Goodson- She is a good mama and has the cutest boy I love to see new photos of him!
Ms. Jenn- Her and her man are adorable!

So there ya have it! Thanks again Jersey Blonde keep doin' your thang!
J and A said...

Love the new look, I've been away, I know, but it looks great girl. xo

Katie said...

thank you thank you!! so glad I found your blog! :) your too cute

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