Weekend Re-Cap

I'm gonna make this short & sweet & picture filled! Friday I took off a half day to go to the lake with my sissy and go boating! It was SO much fun I didn't get out on the wake or jet ski's I just sat my happy ass on the boat and tanned BUT my sis tore up the wake that's for damn sure! I only got 1 picture because I was too  busy hogging all of my sisters attention!

JordaneLLe Resevoir

Friday night hubbs & I went out to dinner just the 2 of us it was so nice to have one on one time! It's hard to catch him when he isn't working! Then we were going to go to a late movie but guess what we did! Grocery Shopped! ::gasp:: Yep, us 21 & 22 on a Friday grocery shopping and going to bed at 10! Someone remind me when I became so grammyish? Please & Thank you! Saturday night we slept in and cleaned for our little bbq party! (let me just say if you weren't there you missed out!)

We had a fabulous turn out and had so much fun! Here are some pictures of our night:
My hubbs was beyond GONE at this point!

BFFs Fo Life

They LOVE each other. Can ya teLL?

And this is how I finished my night!

Yep, hubbs went to sit down on  his camping chair it collapsed and he is passed out on the grass. We had to squirt his face with the hose to get him to stand up to take him inside! I almost just left him there! It was pretty funny, these are the times that help remind me not to grow up so fast, take things slow and let them come as they will! :] We had a fabulous night, no responsibilites, just the way we like it!
Brittany said...

BAHAHAHA! ohh no he didn't! That is too funny!

I hope he's okay, but that picture is priceless!

End of the night pictures are the BEST!

Anonymous said...

My fiance's brother in law actually has slept outside on more than one occasion when he passes out.

Hilary Lane said...

We did the grocery shopping & a movie thing on Saturday night - so don't feel bad, you aren't the ONLY "old" couple out there, haha. And while we were at it, we ran into another married couple that we know doing the same thing, so we don't feel SO bad about it.

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