Nail Polish Sunday (Sportin' Sunday)

This week I am sporting:
OPI Purple Opolis

I just painted and I am not sure how I feel about it yet I'm not a HUGE purple fan so I may have to sleep on it! It is kinda darker then the picture but I REALLY don't feel like changing them again tonight. If I can't sleep on it I will update the color I switch too!

What color are you sportin' this week?
Katie said...

I REALLY like that nail polish color! Im such a nail polish junkie its not even funny!

I will post my Jersey Shore post this week!! I have so much smack talk I want to write about them, I think itll take me awhile to write lol plus I wanna add pictures and stuff of them and the shore.. make it good! lol
But by the end of this week I promise!!! :)

Brittany said...

I love purple.. I think its cute! I got a color from F21 and its super deep dark purple.. except like any cheap polish it flaked off right away! I wish I could find it in a better quality polish!

p.s. love the new name on your blog!!

~jacquelyn said...

i'm rocking OPI's "princesses rule" its just shimmery and neutralish... it helps with doing hair since my polish chips so bad, being in and out of the shampoo bowl :) hope the color grows on ya!

Shelley said...

I love purple but that looks more like hot pink, which is super pretty!

Kelsey Bendixen said...

Way cute polish! Im not sure what color mine is, but it's from Sephora. AND IT SUCKS!! Don't ever buy polish there. I even put a top coat and it was chipping off that same day. I'm pissed I paid 18 bucks for 1 bottle!!

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

OOOh i love that color! I'm wearing a metallic silver right now!


Kristin said...

where do you buy OPI besides Sephora? I can never find any! :(

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