Krews 1st haircut

Saturday July 13th my little dude had his 1st hair cut and man did he need it! He has been sporting quite the mop since his birthday. R and my mom have been on me about cutting it. As his mama the thought always made me so sad. My little babies 1st haircut means he isn't such a little baby anymore. ::insert sad face::

So I grew the balls and made an appointment at our local Cookie Cutters. I had the best experience there. Krew sat in a little blue car, watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, had the hair dresser apron on and just looked too cute for words. I of course couldn't snap enough pictures. Allow me:

He sat so still and was such an awesome trooper through the whole thing!
My favorite picture. This boy is always goofing off and making his mama smile!
Cue the tears. As soon as we left and Krew was playing in the back seat with his balloon he held with such pride, I lost it. I haven't cried like that since the first weeks he was home with us. I was emotional all weekend and still am today. I can't believe I have a 9 month old baby. He is so perfect in so many ways and has made my like 100 times more worth living!

Dear Krew,
We are quickly approaching your 1st Birthday and mama has BIG plans. Seems like things are moving right along for us as a family of 3. We go on vacation in 1 week and I can't wait to spend the time with you! I love you so much. You will ALWAYS hold a piece of my heart. You are the best thing in my life. My little buddy.


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You guys,
I have been so wrapped up into my new AWESOME job, these hot temperatures out west, and my sweet little almost 9 month old baby boy! I have barely had time to sit down let alone blog. So as a little update here are a few things I want to note:

A. My son is getting so ginormous. I hate it but love it.
B. I LOVE my new job & believe it came to me at the perfect time.
C. Can't wait for my lake vacation in 25 days.
D. I am obsessed with my baby.

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