4 months!!

Krew Arthur
4 months

Height and Weight:
We had his 4 month well check Tuesday & dude is 14.4 lbs and 24 1/2 inches long! The doctor was extremely impressed with his weight gain as he has almost tripled his birth weight! He was not a happy camper after his set of shots, he fevered all night and was over all fussy yesterday! I think his day with his Aunt & Grandma has helped him to feel better today!!

Health: Thank the sweet Lord for blessing me with a healthy baby. I am crossing my fingers that we make it out of this cold/flu season with only the small cold he caught from me back in December! We only have about another month maybe 2 of cold weather here in Salt Lake. He seems to always have a stuffy nose but I think he may be getting use to the dogs he is always around!

Sleep: We all sleep really well! Krew is still in his bassinet next to his mama but is quickly growing out of it! We had about a week where he wouldn't sleep anywhere but next to me in bed. That didn't make well and mama was really tired so we put him back in his bassinet. He sleeps 5-6 hours gets up to eat, than goes back down for another 3-4. I am SO not ready for him to be in his crib yet.

Diet: We still have him on Organic formula. He is eating 5-7 oz each feed about every 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Once this little dude is hungry you best feed him and you best do it now.

Clothes: He is rocking size 2 diapers, and 3-6 month clothes and SOME 6 month clothes. (i hate to admit he is that big)

Baby Gear Love: Sophie is still a hit and he loves his O'Ball rattle! The activity mat we have for him is also starting to become his favorite past time, and I hate to admit this but the dude loves the tube!

Crying: He honestly doesn't cry unless he needs something. Hungry, Tired, Sore, Bored etc.

Likes: The t.v, watching his puppies fight, his crib mobile and he has started to laugh. If you blow raspberries you will usually get a pretty good giggle out of him!

Postpartum: I think I am over my baby blues. (post to come soon) I still have about 10+ pounds to lose and plan on doing it before the first of June. My hair is still falling out and my body hates the Mirena. Some days I would just love to wake up at 7 am but be able to fall right back asleep until 11 or noon!

Social: Oh man. Krew is a social butterfly already, he will tell you stories all day long. He loves to coo and to hear a response from you!

Milestones: Krew is almost rolling over! Plus we get to start solid foods!! ((:

Dear baby boy,
You have captured your mamas heart. I love you so much dear son, talk about how fast time goes. If I could bottle up all of our special moments and keep them forever I would. I feel as though my heart is going to explode with love and I am so proud of how far you, me, and Dad have come. Summer is approaching and I can't wait for all of the fun things we have ahead as a little family! Love you so much dudee.


Here is a re-cap of the Barras life via instagram (surr_burr)
I've been rocking hats a little more than usual lately, all do to the fact that I am too lazy to wash my hair!
My 2 baby boys! I love this picture. Our little Gussie is starting to come around so much more and loves his brother Krew!
We took Krew swimming! He loved it! He didn't cry or anything he kinda just kicked his feet around and would 1/2 smile as we took him around the pool! Can't wait for Summer!
Can you say OCD? We traveled to Idaho this weekend to visit Great-Grandpa Barras again. I am a freak when it comes to Krew he has to have everything just so!
Mama needed a Rockstar to kick off the trip. I hate falling asleep and leaving the driving up to Ryan.
Cheyenne (5 months) Krew (4 months)
He look so big to me and was such a gentlemen to the ladies!
Dudes morning nap yesterday before we left. This kid loves naps!

Krew & Great-Grandpa Barras

Ryan, myself & Grandpa
Idaho was fun and I am lucky we are able to travel up to visit with Grandpa his health is declining so it's good to see him when we can! Krew is so lucky to have such an awesome role model to look back on!

Mornin' & Happy Friday!! ::throws confetti: It's snowy here in SLC which just makes this post that much better as I am so ready for Summer!! If you've been around this part of the blogger world you already know that Easter to me is like Christmas to most! I started on Krews Easter basket 2 months ago. Judge away! I have always loved this time of year, the birds chirping, the warmer mornings, the SUN!! Okay, I am making myself jealous. Can you say seasonal depression? Anyways, I figured I could share with my bloggies a little of what I am going to put into Krews basket. Of course I like to put stuff in that he "needs" and not just junk that will never get used. Here we go!

(left - right)
1. Baby Gap Swim trunks
Okay so we've already given him 1 pair because we were too excited to go swimming with him. He loved it! You can find both trunks .here.
2. Carters Cotton Zip-Up Jam Jams
We call pajamas jam jams at our casa, I love the cotton ones because they are light enough I don't worry about my little guy getting too hot. I have purchased some in 6 month size. I can't believe it!! The zipper is super easy for middle of the night diaper changes! I love Carters they are inexpensive and cute! .here.
3. Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover
This matches his nursery theme! I had to have it! Plus he is cute right? Honestly though once Krew gets bigger to sit in the tub on his own I don't want to worry about his little noggin' hitting the hard faucet! What kid doesn't like rubber duckies in the bath? I remember I loved them! .here.
4. Toms, Sunnies, & Hat.
I decided to get Krew a pair of Toms in a size 4. He will eventually grow into them and I don't feel like you can ever have too many things for those days where your baby just isn't a baby anymore! I found them at Nordstrom. As for the must have Summer time accessories, I am really wishing Krew fit into flat brims but not quite yet so a regular baseball hat will do! You can find both .here.
5. Books Books & more Books!
What child can have too many books! There is no such thing! I like to stock up often on new books to read to my little munchykin. Of course, I picked Peter Rabbit & Dr. Seuss. I just found these at my local Costco!!
6. Food Goods
Seriously my baby will be 6 months at the end of April so what better time than now to get him some cute plates & utensils for when we introduce solids! (i am asking for the baby bullet for my birthday) I am really excited to see what he does and doesn't love and even more excited to be able to make my own! He is on Earth's Best Organic formula as of now so I think I will keep up with feeding him organics for the first year or so. You can find all of these goodies .here.

lions, tigers, & bow-ties oh my!!

happy hump day lovies!

i figured now that it has taken off a bit i would like to introduce you to my bow tie line inspired by my little man Krew!

i am also starting baby girl headbands!! check it out and message me for more details! loves you all!!


Valentines Day & Le Weekend

I had the most amazing Valentines Day this year, yeah I wrote a blog post on how cliche' I think it is, but my boys sure made it worth remembering this year! From the time I woke up till I went back to sleep was so special!

(follow moi on instagram surr_burr)
-left to right-
this was krew last night on his tummy he is so close to rolling over!
#1 with the ladies, that is little dude on valentines day before our mommy & me class at the gym. such a stud.
omg, now i'm hungry. tuna and chicken stuffed avacados were a hit!
that cheetah bag is my new prized possesion husband surprised me with it on valentines day. i was shocked, i've mentioned it a few times for my birthday next month!
that's us. we went to to a steak house and the hot springs with friends saturday night. it was fun but i missed my little man.
cute krew chillin' in bed with mom on friday night. we both hit the sack close to 9.

As far as today goes, it's a Monday and a Holiday and in the car bidness you don't ever get a day off so I am here with a 1/2 smile. The boys are at home enjoying time together which is real sweet but man I wish I could be in bed with them right now!
It's a hat, pink lipstick kinda day for me! Cheer to a busy week for the dude and I than we are off to Idaho to spend some more quality time with husbands ailing Grandfather. (prayers appreciated)

Fridays Letters


Dear Friday, i love you. #enoughsaid. Dear Krew, I had such an awesome day with you yesterday squirt! Can't wait for many many more! Dear Summer, get here and get here now. I am so sick of the bitter cold. Dear Dad, Happy Birthday. Love you to the moon & back. Dear husband, let's try to sleep in tomorrow. Dear SLC, your winters can go F themselves! Dear Summer, please come. please!!


Love Day

Happy Valentines Day ya'LL.
(i secretly wish i was southern)

Husband and I aren't huge on Valentines Day. The way we see it is, if we have to have a special day to show each other our love and appreciation for each other than we aren't doing something right! In my opinion it should be a daily thing. An I love you is so quickly taken for granted, your loved one could be taken at any moment so reach out to those you love most and tell them how much you love them on a daily basis!

Today I have lots planned with my little dude. Each holidays means so much more and is so much more special now that I have another person to celebrate with! I am one lucky mama! First we are off to The Little Gym here in SLC to try out a mommy and me class! I have high hopes for this and have looked forward to it all week! Hoping to make it a weekly thing! We may stop by a few places to see some of our favorite gals and than we will deliver Valentines to Krew's cousins!! His Aunt Lexi and I spent last Saturday making suckers! We found the idea .here.


I hope everyone has a good day today single or not you have someone whom you love and that loves you!!!



3 month Necessities

3 month

I love seeing other moms posting their idea of necessities and it helps me get an idea on what is up and coming for the next months with baby Krew so I figured I could do one and hopefully help some of you mamas out that are coming up on the dreaded 3 month mark. I say dreaded because all of a sudden my baby woke up and he was an infant. No more newborn. Just the other day I packed away all of his preemie and newborn clothes and husband put it away in the shed until our next little boy. (if God so grants) Feel free to email or comment me if you have any questions. I am no "baby expert" by any means but this is what has helped us get through the past month!
(left to right)

1. Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper
This is really nice because it is so portable so we can take it from Grandmas next door to the babysitters than back to Grandmas plus Krew loves that he can lie down and still be able to see everything! He must be in on all the action 24/7!
You can find it .HERE.

2. Adidas Baby Walker Shoes
These baby Adidas are the cutest freaking things ever. I actually got them at Nordstrom but you can also find them .HERE. They keep Krew's feet warm and they match with a lot of his clothes! Plus the velcro totally helps!

3. Fisher Price Whale-of-a-Tub
Little Krew seriously loves tubby time! He splashes around everywhere and I think it generally helps him to just relax at night. He likes to soak in the warm water! This tub is perfect and easy to set him in! .HERE.

4. Avent Natural Bottle
We switched from the Dr. Browns kind after Krew needed the next size up! These seem to do the job on cutting back the air in take for him. They are a bit pricey but isn't all baby stuff? You can find them .HERE.

5. Carters button up front pajamas
I love the pjs that button or zip up the front directly from one leg! They are so easy for middle of the night diaper changes when you are so flippin' tired you wished you had the money for a night nanny! Anyways, you can find them .HERE.

6. Vulli's Sophie the Giraffe
Not only is she cute but Krew LOVES her. Well so does our dog sometimes she gets mistaken for a dog toy! Oops! You can find her .HERE.

7. O'Ball Rattle
This ball. He loves it! It's so easy for him to grasp and he also likes to kick it around in his chair I would recommend getting one with rattles. He likes to make the sounds!

8. My Little SnugaBunny Swing
We actually had the Mamamroo for starters but Krew hated it. I don't know what he hated about it he just wouldn't sleep in it .ever. So we bought this swing for him instead and he takes most of his naps in it and sometimes just chills out in it for a half hour or so at a time!
You can find it .HERE.

I know a lot of gals that are first time mamas or have a bun still cookin'! I hope this helps you as blogs like this have helped me out a TON. I say try everything once, you will quickly learn what your baby does and doesn't like. & remember you are doing the very best you can with your little one! That makes you such an awesome mama! Keep it up!!


Le Weekend

Hello Monday. ::sigh:: Hello bloggieters! Goodbye snow.

I am so sad the weekend is over and that it is Monday once again, sometimes life can seem like someone turned the repeat button on! Also, I think I am dealing with a little bit of seasonal depression. It is so dang cold here in SL and it seems like every other morning I wake up to a little bit more snow. I am so over it, my dad is sick and Krew has a stuffy nose. I swear in the Winter time it is always something needless to say I am ready for Summer! Here is a recap on our short weekend:

Linking up with http://www.samisshenanigans.com/ for the Weekend Update!

(left to right)
Krew being all handsome with his bowtie.
My bestie & I before our sledding adventure!
Lip suckers I made for Krew to give to his cousins and babysitter friends!
Kissing Krew, I can't get enough of this little guy!
Krew in his diaper on Saturday morning after peeing on the couch twice. I think he thinks it's funny!
Krew playing with his OBall rattle. He looks just like daddy here.
Oh, hey again bestie. We went tubing up Soldier Hollow it was so fun!
The final Valentine I need to just mail out 3 to Idaho!
My FB status last night about the Grammy's.
:Sir Elton John on the Grammy's just made my weekend! Taylor Swift however, LAME!! Ya'll I can't stand her!!"

Friday's Letters

T.G.I.F peeps!!
Linking up with Ashley Slater for Friday's Letters! I haven't done a link-up in awhile! I am getting back into the groove of blogging finally!

Dear Krewbie, please be gentle on mom tonight and tomorrow morning. It's my night because daddy has to work tomorrow. Let's start our weekend off right.
Dear husband, thanks for kicking ass at work all the time. I enjoy my trips to Target. (; Also, you know what's on my birthday list! Hey hey!
Dear friends, I can't freaking wait to go sledding on Sunday. I am like a little kid on Christmas!
Dear weekend, don't be rough on me like you were last time. I had a hard time kicking through this week because you kicked my ass!

birthday wish list.
my little man rocks bow ties.
need i say more?
seriously can't handle his cuteness!!



I want to stay connected to my bloggy world and friends! I was tagged ages ago by Miss Kallee Mae over at Kallee Mae:. This was during my blissful newborn stage where I never wanted to put my baby down so I did nothing but snuggled him stage. I figured she was kind enough to reward me with it so I have been meaning to actually take time to do this. Here you have it and thank you little pretty Kallee!!
Here's how it works:
The Liebster award is given by bloggers to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

What is a Liebster?

The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.
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  • No tag backs!!
Eleven facts about dis baby mama:
 1. My biggest fear in life is to not live the life I was given to the fullest.
2. I wish I was a natural blonde.
3. My son changed my life in ways I will never be able to repay him for, I can only try my best.
4. I LOVE food, but LOVE to workout. It doesn't get me anywhere.
5. My dogs are my best friends.
6. My dream is to someday own a dog shelter.
7. I secretly want to be a baby boy clothes designer.
8. My mom is my favorite parent. (sorry dad)
9. I am think if I am over dramatic it makes my stories cooler.
10. I die for country music..
11. The pillow I sleep with is like 10 yrs old. It's a comfort thing. (kinda, gross. eh)
Eleven questions Kallee asked me:
 1. What's the most unusual thing about you?
I like to laugh at my own jokes. Okay, I LOVE to laugh at my own jokes. Sometimes, if they aren't funny I will laugh even harder to try to get the person to laugh with me. Err...
2. What food could they not pay you enough to eat?
I am going to go say Tofo. Just the name makes me queasy!
3. If you could have any job in the world what would it be?
Honestly I would love to be an OBGYN just to deliver all of the sweet babies in the world!
4. Is there anything you cannot say "NO" to?
Does Krew count? He can't even talk yet and it seems I cannot get a grip on myself with him!
5. Has any book or movie made an impact on you?
I can't say yes, but I can't say no. I am sure there has been a movie/part/quote that has made a bit of an impact on me but nothing worth noting.
6. What is the most annoying thing that someone could do to you?
I think the most annoying thing someone could do to me would be to talk badly about me behind my back. I am the upfront type a girl so you have something to say please say it to my face!
7. Have you ever had your heart broken?
Yep, BIG time. My best friend from pre-school to about 11th grade broke my heart into pieces right as my Grandmother was dying. Yeah, it was the best time of my life. I wasn't ready for a serious thing with him yet so he said F you B and fled after 17+ yrs!
8. What do you look for in a guy/girl?
Honestly, humor and honesty. Someone who can make me laugh but be extremely blunt and honest with me. Hence, my husband!
9. What was your most embarrassing moment?
Seriously? I can't name just one. Recently I slipped on the ice at work and face planted in front of ALL of our salesmen. Yeah, that was pretty embarrassing!
10. What is the weirdest thing about you?
Me? Weird? Well... I sometimes like to see how far I can push the envelope to see how uncomfortable I can get someone to feel. I have some pretty awesome stories!!
My eleven for my bloggy friends:
1. If you could travel anywhere in the world where and why?
2. If you could take back something in your past what?
3. What is your favorite Season?
4. Favorite Actress and why?
5. Favorite form of technology?
6. What is it your favorite animal?
7. If you could meet one person in the world who and why?
8. What is your best "feature"?
9. What kind of music do you love or hate?
10. How many siblings do you have or wish you had?
11. What is what random thing about your self?
I tag the following ladies! (I know it's only 9)
1. Ashley
2. Becky
3. Allie
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5. Halleigh
6. Randi
7. Vanessa
8. Mandi
9. Callie

My life as of instalate

Seriously, If I am not the biggest instawhore I don't know who is! I love posting pictures of my little man, and you are just THAT lucky that I will share them with you on this foggy morning here in SLC. I am sipping chugging a TRIPLE shot iced white mocha enjoying all of my blessings from God! Here are some pictures from our crazy 3 day weekend:

(left to right)
1. It was finally above 30 degrees here in SLC last Thursday so Krew and I ventured out with our puppy dogs for about an hour. It was fun, he finally met the sun!
2. Yesterday I took the day off with hubbs (3 day weekend whoohoo!) and we shopped for Krews Easter pictures and started his basket! If you know ME you know I am CRAZY for Easter!
3. My little hardcore thug in his Run DMC shirt. Seriously, can't resist buying him clothes, he doesn't need them. I need to rehab.
4. Oh, that pretty lady. That's my bestie and we had a killer fun weekend! I am so thankful to have such an awesome friend who always has my back.
5. Little dude in his sunnies rockin' the shit out of them of course. Just like his mama. Oh, and Sophie. He loves her.
6. That's me with my new tattoo on Superbowl Sunday. I got it on Friday it reads Krew Arthur which is of course that one little soul who turned my whole life around and makes every morning so much more whorthwhile. Also, can this kid rock a bowtie anymore than he already does?
You can find me on Instagram under surr_burr.