Valentines Day & Le Weekend

I had the most amazing Valentines Day this year, yeah I wrote a blog post on how cliche' I think it is, but my boys sure made it worth remembering this year! From the time I woke up till I went back to sleep was so special!

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-left to right-
this was krew last night on his tummy he is so close to rolling over!
#1 with the ladies, that is little dude on valentines day before our mommy & me class at the gym. such a stud.
omg, now i'm hungry. tuna and chicken stuffed avacados were a hit!
that cheetah bag is my new prized possesion husband surprised me with it on valentines day. i was shocked, i've mentioned it a few times for my birthday next month!
that's us. we went to to a steak house and the hot springs with friends saturday night. it was fun but i missed my little man.
cute krew chillin' in bed with mom on friday night. we both hit the sack close to 9.

As far as today goes, it's a Monday and a Holiday and in the car bidness you don't ever get a day off so I am here with a 1/2 smile. The boys are at home enjoying time together which is real sweet but man I wish I could be in bed with them right now!
It's a hat, pink lipstick kinda day for me! Cheer to a busy week for the dude and I than we are off to Idaho to spend some more quality time with husbands ailing Grandfather. (prayers appreciated)

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