3 month Necessities

3 month

I love seeing other moms posting their idea of necessities and it helps me get an idea on what is up and coming for the next months with baby Krew so I figured I could do one and hopefully help some of you mamas out that are coming up on the dreaded 3 month mark. I say dreaded because all of a sudden my baby woke up and he was an infant. No more newborn. Just the other day I packed away all of his preemie and newborn clothes and husband put it away in the shed until our next little boy. (if God so grants) Feel free to email or comment me if you have any questions. I am no "baby expert" by any means but this is what has helped us get through the past month!
(left to right)

1. Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper
This is really nice because it is so portable so we can take it from Grandmas next door to the babysitters than back to Grandmas plus Krew loves that he can lie down and still be able to see everything! He must be in on all the action 24/7!
You can find it .HERE.

2. Adidas Baby Walker Shoes
These baby Adidas are the cutest freaking things ever. I actually got them at Nordstrom but you can also find them .HERE. They keep Krew's feet warm and they match with a lot of his clothes! Plus the velcro totally helps!

3. Fisher Price Whale-of-a-Tub
Little Krew seriously loves tubby time! He splashes around everywhere and I think it generally helps him to just relax at night. He likes to soak in the warm water! This tub is perfect and easy to set him in! .HERE.

4. Avent Natural Bottle
We switched from the Dr. Browns kind after Krew needed the next size up! These seem to do the job on cutting back the air in take for him. They are a bit pricey but isn't all baby stuff? You can find them .HERE.

5. Carters button up front pajamas
I love the pjs that button or zip up the front directly from one leg! They are so easy for middle of the night diaper changes when you are so flippin' tired you wished you had the money for a night nanny! Anyways, you can find them .HERE.

6. Vulli's Sophie the Giraffe
Not only is she cute but Krew LOVES her. Well so does our dog sometimes she gets mistaken for a dog toy! Oops! You can find her .HERE.

7. O'Ball Rattle
This ball. He loves it! It's so easy for him to grasp and he also likes to kick it around in his chair I would recommend getting one with rattles. He likes to make the sounds!

8. My Little SnugaBunny Swing
We actually had the Mamamroo for starters but Krew hated it. I don't know what he hated about it he just wouldn't sleep in it .ever. So we bought this swing for him instead and he takes most of his naps in it and sometimes just chills out in it for a half hour or so at a time!
You can find it .HERE.

I know a lot of gals that are first time mamas or have a bun still cookin'! I hope this helps you as blogs like this have helped me out a TON. I say try everything once, you will quickly learn what your baby does and doesn't like. & remember you are doing the very best you can with your little one! That makes you such an awesome mama! Keep it up!!

Schnelle said...

I have the same swing, bassinet, and giraffe, and I love everything that Carter's makes! That bassinet is the best! We keep it in our room and she sleeps in there (until we move her into her crib).

Jordan and McKenzie said...

Sarah! We must have the same great taste...I registered for a lot of these exact same items. The whale tub, I can't get over its cuteness. Also I picked out the same swing and rock n play! Glad to hear you're loving these items! :)

Kristen said...

so cute! i love these series, thank you for letting me know about them!!

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