Mornin' & Happy Friday!! ::throws confetti: It's snowy here in SLC which just makes this post that much better as I am so ready for Summer!! If you've been around this part of the blogger world you already know that Easter to me is like Christmas to most! I started on Krews Easter basket 2 months ago. Judge away! I have always loved this time of year, the birds chirping, the warmer mornings, the SUN!! Okay, I am making myself jealous. Can you say seasonal depression? Anyways, I figured I could share with my bloggies a little of what I am going to put into Krews basket. Of course I like to put stuff in that he "needs" and not just junk that will never get used. Here we go!

(left - right)
1. Baby Gap Swim trunks
Okay so we've already given him 1 pair because we were too excited to go swimming with him. He loved it! You can find both trunks .here.
2. Carters Cotton Zip-Up Jam Jams
We call pajamas jam jams at our casa, I love the cotton ones because they are light enough I don't worry about my little guy getting too hot. I have purchased some in 6 month size. I can't believe it!! The zipper is super easy for middle of the night diaper changes! I love Carters they are inexpensive and cute! .here.
3. Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover
This matches his nursery theme! I had to have it! Plus he is cute right? Honestly though once Krew gets bigger to sit in the tub on his own I don't want to worry about his little noggin' hitting the hard faucet! What kid doesn't like rubber duckies in the bath? I remember I loved them! .here.
4. Toms, Sunnies, & Hat.
I decided to get Krew a pair of Toms in a size 4. He will eventually grow into them and I don't feel like you can ever have too many things for those days where your baby just isn't a baby anymore! I found them at Nordstrom. As for the must have Summer time accessories, I am really wishing Krew fit into flat brims but not quite yet so a regular baseball hat will do! You can find both .here.
5. Books Books & more Books!
What child can have too many books! There is no such thing! I like to stock up often on new books to read to my little munchykin. Of course, I picked Peter Rabbit & Dr. Seuss. I just found these at my local Costco!!
6. Food Goods
Seriously my baby will be 6 months at the end of April so what better time than now to get him some cute plates & utensils for when we introduce solids! (i am asking for the baby bullet for my birthday) I am really excited to see what he does and doesn't love and even more excited to be able to make my own! He is on Earth's Best Organic formula as of now so I think I will keep up with feeding him organics for the first year or so. You can find all of these goodies .here.

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