4 months!!

Krew Arthur
4 months

Height and Weight:
We had his 4 month well check Tuesday & dude is 14.4 lbs and 24 1/2 inches long! The doctor was extremely impressed with his weight gain as he has almost tripled his birth weight! He was not a happy camper after his set of shots, he fevered all night and was over all fussy yesterday! I think his day with his Aunt & Grandma has helped him to feel better today!!

Health: Thank the sweet Lord for blessing me with a healthy baby. I am crossing my fingers that we make it out of this cold/flu season with only the small cold he caught from me back in December! We only have about another month maybe 2 of cold weather here in Salt Lake. He seems to always have a stuffy nose but I think he may be getting use to the dogs he is always around!

Sleep: We all sleep really well! Krew is still in his bassinet next to his mama but is quickly growing out of it! We had about a week where he wouldn't sleep anywhere but next to me in bed. That didn't make well and mama was really tired so we put him back in his bassinet. He sleeps 5-6 hours gets up to eat, than goes back down for another 3-4. I am SO not ready for him to be in his crib yet.

Diet: We still have him on Organic formula. He is eating 5-7 oz each feed about every 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Once this little dude is hungry you best feed him and you best do it now.

Clothes: He is rocking size 2 diapers, and 3-6 month clothes and SOME 6 month clothes. (i hate to admit he is that big)

Baby Gear Love: Sophie is still a hit and he loves his O'Ball rattle! The activity mat we have for him is also starting to become his favorite past time, and I hate to admit this but the dude loves the tube!

Crying: He honestly doesn't cry unless he needs something. Hungry, Tired, Sore, Bored etc.

Likes: The t.v, watching his puppies fight, his crib mobile and he has started to laugh. If you blow raspberries you will usually get a pretty good giggle out of him!

Postpartum: I think I am over my baby blues. (post to come soon) I still have about 10+ pounds to lose and plan on doing it before the first of June. My hair is still falling out and my body hates the Mirena. Some days I would just love to wake up at 7 am but be able to fall right back asleep until 11 or noon!

Social: Oh man. Krew is a social butterfly already, he will tell you stories all day long. He loves to coo and to hear a response from you!

Milestones: Krew is almost rolling over! Plus we get to start solid foods!! ((:

Dear baby boy,
You have captured your mamas heart. I love you so much dear son, talk about how fast time goes. If I could bottle up all of our special moments and keep them forever I would. I feel as though my heart is going to explode with love and I am so proud of how far you, me, and Dad have come. Summer is approaching and I can't wait for all of the fun things we have ahead as a little family! Love you so much dudee.
KRISTIN said...

He is so stinkin' cute!!!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad he's only been sick once!! Hope that's it. What a cutie.

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