Love Day

Happy Valentines Day ya'LL.
(i secretly wish i was southern)

Husband and I aren't huge on Valentines Day. The way we see it is, if we have to have a special day to show each other our love and appreciation for each other than we aren't doing something right! In my opinion it should be a daily thing. An I love you is so quickly taken for granted, your loved one could be taken at any moment so reach out to those you love most and tell them how much you love them on a daily basis!

Today I have lots planned with my little dude. Each holidays means so much more and is so much more special now that I have another person to celebrate with! I am one lucky mama! First we are off to The Little Gym here in SLC to try out a mommy and me class! I have high hopes for this and have looked forward to it all week! Hoping to make it a weekly thing! We may stop by a few places to see some of our favorite gals and than we will deliver Valentines to Krew's cousins!! His Aunt Lexi and I spent last Saturday making suckers! We found the idea .here.


I hope everyone has a good day today single or not you have someone whom you love and that loves you!!!



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